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    No.1 Beef Noodle Menu and Delivery in Burnaby

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    Location and hours

    4741 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G
    Sunday - Thursday
    09:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.Menu 全日菜單
    09:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.Breakfast Menu 早餐菜單
    Friday - Saturday
    09:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.Menu 全日菜單
    09:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.Breakfast Menu 早餐菜單

    No.1 Beef Noodle

    4.7 (200+ ratings) • Chinese • $
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    4741 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G
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    The A1 Special Home Style Beef Shank Noodle Soup 私房牛肉麵 is one of the most popular things on the menu at this evening go-to. • $ • Chinese • Asian • Seafood • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • A1 Special Home Style Beef Shank Noodle Soup 私房牛肉麵
      • F14 Crispy Salty Peppery Chicken 鹽酥雞
      • E2 Shanghai Style Pork Dumpling 小籠包
      • F2 Hainanese Chicken 馳名海南雞
      • F18 Deep Fried Squid Tentacles 炸魷魚鬚
    • 限定-禮盒套裝
        • 豬腳禮盒(900g)/Pork Knuckles Presentation Box(900g)
        • 土鳳梨酥禮盒(10個)/Pineapple Cake Box(10pcs)
      • NEW~夏日限定-絲瓜系列/Taiwan Sponge Gourd
        • L44 Stir-Fried Taiwan Sponge Gourd w/ Ginger /薑絲台灣絲瓜
        • L45 Stir-Fried Taiwan Sponge Gourd w/ Dried Shrimp/開陽台灣絲瓜
        • J15 Taiwanese Style Ginger and Clam Soup/薑絲蛤蜊湯
        • L43 Stir-Fried Taiwan Sponge Gourd w/ Clam/蛤蜊台灣絲瓜
      • NEW~精緻客家豬腳系列/Pork Knuckles
        • Z1 精緻客家豬腳套餐(含2小菜)/Pork Knuckles w/rice combo(incl. 2 daily side dishes)
        • Z2 陽春麵配客家豬腳/Pork Knuckles w/Plain Noodle Soup
        • Z3 陽春-麵線配客家豬腳/Pork Knuckles w/Thin Vermicelli in Plain Soup
        • Z4 乾拌麵線(含2小菜)配客家豬腳/Pork Knuckles w/Dry Thin Vermicelli (incl. 2 daily side dishes)
        • Z5 蛋炒飯(含2小菜)配客家豬腳/Pork Knuckles w/Egg Fried Rice(incl. 2 daily side dishes)
        • Z6 白粥(含2小菜)配客家豬腳/Pork Knuckles w/White Congee(incl. 2 daily side dishes)
        • T15. (午市便當)三杯豬腳/[Bento Box]Three Spice Pork Knuckles with Basil
      • NEW~台式福州魚丸系列/Taiwanese style Fuzhou Fish Balls
        • A21Taiwanese style Fuzhou Fish Balls Noodle Soup/台式福州魚丸麵
        • A22Taiwanese style Fuzhou Fish Balls & Wontons Noodle Soup /台式福州魚丸餛飩麵
        • A23Taiwanese style Fuzhou Fish Balls & Beef Shank Noodle Soup/台式福州魚丸牛肉麵
        • A24Laksa Fuzhou Fish Balls Noodle Soup /喇沙福州魚丸麵
        • J14Taiwanese style Fuzhou Fish Balls Soup/台式福州魚丸湯
      • 每月精選/Monthly Special
        • L39 三杯客家豬腳/Three Spice Pork Knuckles with Basil
        • 🆕L24 咖喱豬皮蘿蔔魚蛋(辣)/Red Curry w/Fish Balls Fried Pork Skin & Diced Raddish🌶️
        • B14 五香茄丁肉醬麵(辣)/ Egg Plant w/ Five Spice Meat Sauce on Noodle
        • 🆕B15 四川擔擔麵 (辣)(花生)/SiChuan Dan Dan Noodle🌶️
        • 🆕E11 彰化肉圓/Famous Meatball in Deep Fried Dumpling Wrap(Incl Galic Sauce)
        • D25. 特色小酥肉/Deep Fried Crispy Pork
        • V11 台式高麗菜豬肉水餃/TW Style Pork & Cabbage Dumpling
        • 京園炸雞 NO.1 Fried Chicken
        • 京園炸雞雙拼 NO.1 Fried Chicken
        • F44 叉燒豬排飯/DeepFried Pork Chop & BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce on Rice
        • L16. Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin 黑胡椒鐵板牛柳
        • L20 梅菜扣肉/ Braised pork with preserved vegetable in soy sauce
        • L38 客家屏東豬腳 Hakka Style Pork Knuckles
        • L38 客家屏東豬腳(大份) Hakka Style Pork Knuckles
        • L40脆皮豬腳 Crispy pork knuckle with salt and pepper
        • L41 佛跳墻/Buddha's Temptation
        • E10 傳統夜市豬血糕 Traditional steamed pork blood rice cake w/ peanut
        • D26 高粱酒香腸/ Kaoliang Flavour Sausage
        • B13. Xian Rice Noodle With Hot & Sour Sauce 西安特色酸辣米線
        • B16. Traditional Beijing Soy Paste Noodle/老北京炸醬麵
        • B17. Tomato & Swirl Egg Sauce Noodle/西紅柿雞蛋麵
        • 🆕L42. Vermicelli in satay sauce with prawn and abalone in clay pot/鮑魚蝦球粉絲煲
        • A25. Laksa noodle soup with deep fried boneless chicken leg/喇沙湯麵-雞排
        • A25. Laksa noodle soup with Hainanese Chicken/喇沙湯麵-海南雞
      • Family Platter 家庭歡樂餐
          • TV2. Deep fried spicy salty tofu 椒鹽豆腐🌶
            Spicy / 辣
        • NEW- Family Platter 家庭歡樂餐
          • TN1. House special stir-fried sliced noodle 招牌炒刀削麵
          • TN2. Singapore style stir-fried rice vermicelli 星洲炒米粉(含蝦球&豬肉絲)🌶
          • TN3. Soy sauce chow mian 豉油皇炒麵
          • TN5. Home Style Stir-Fried Glass Noodle and Rice Vermicelli 家鄉炒鴛鴦粉
          • TN6. Black Pepper Stir-Fried Sliced Noodle with Luncheon Meat 午餐肉黑椒炒刀削麵
          • TR3. Japanese style prawns egg fried rice 日式蝦球蛋炒飯
          • TR4. Yangzhou egg fried rice with prawns 揚州炒飯
          • TR7. Diced Chicken and Corn Niblets Fried Rice 玉米海鮮粒炒飯
          • TR9. Thai Style Egg Fried Rice with Diced Chicken 泰式燒雞炒飯
          • TM2. Sweet and sour pineapple chicken 新鮮菠蘿咕咾雞
          • TM3. Beef brisket, tendon & tripe in special sauce 紅燒蘿蔔牛雜煲
          • TM6. Stir-fried broccoli with chicken or beef 百加利炒雞/牛
          • TM7. Stir-fried ginger beef 薑煸牛肉
          • TM8. Ginger green onion with meat 薑蔥煲(牛/雞/魚塊)
          • TM10. Japanese Style Dice Beef and Egg Plant 和風牛柳粒
          • TS1. Deep fried spicy salty squid tentacles 椒鹽魷魚鬚🌶
          • TV1. Vegetable spring rolls 炸春捲
          • TF4. Deep Fried Fish Nuggets Stir-Fried with Egg Plant and Basil in Sweet and Hot Sauce 九層塔茄子龍利柳
          • TC2. Fried chicken w/bones in chili pepper 歌樂山辣子雞(帶骨)🌶
          • TC7. Hainanese chicken / 海南雞
          • TC10. Boneless chicken in truffle sauce 黑松露撈雞(無骨)
          • TC12. Deep Fried Chicken with Honey Garlic Sauce 蒜子蜜汁雞
          • TC13. Double the Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets A: Original Salty Peppery Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken 炸雞雙拼A(鹽酥雞+糖醋雞)
          • TC14. Double the Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets A: Honey Garlic Chicken and Thai Style Sweet and Sour Chicken 炸雞雙拼B: 蒜子蜜汁+泰式酸甜
          • TD1. Deluxe sandwich with pork steak 總匯三明治(含炸豬排/ 附蝦片)
          • TD3. Steamed/deep fried mini buns 美白/黃金小饅頭
          • TD7. Deluxe marinated platter 歡樂滷味拼盤
          • TC7. Chicken with chili oil sauce 口水雞🌶
          • TN4. Cold noodle with chicken in truffle sauce 黑松露雞絲拌麵(冷麵)
            Cold plate 冷盤
          • TN7. Spaghetti w/ tomato sauce 番茄肉醬意粉
          • TR1. Tai Spicy Shrimp Egg Fried Rice 泰式香辣蝦球炒飯
          • TR2. Truffle sauce egg white fried rice w/prawns 黑松露蝦球炒飯
          • TR5. Egg fried rice with pork chop 豬排蛋炒飯

          • TR6. Truffle sauce egg white fried rice with sweet corn 黑松露玉米蛋白炒飯
            Vegetarian / 可素食
          • TR8. Egg Fried Rice with Double Sauce /Tomato Sauce with chicken and Creamy Sauce with Shrimps鴛鴦炒飯
            Include: Dairy, Pork and shrimps
            包含奶類, 豬肉與蝦仁
          • TR10. No.1 Tradittional Railway Bento 歡樂三寶飯
          • TR11. House Special ChiaYi Chicken Rice 歡樂嘉義招牌雞肉飯
          • TM1. Stir-fried green bean with beef 四季豆炒牛肉
          • TM4. Diced beef in black pepper sauce 黑椒牛柳粒🌶
            Spicy / 辣
          • TM5. Red curry with beef brisket 紅咖哩牛腩🌶
            Spicy / 辣
          • TM9. Black pepper beef tenderloin 鐵板黑胡椒牛柳🌶
            Spicy / 辣
          • TM11. Japanese Deep Fried Tonkotsu 日式炸豬排
          • TS2. Stir-fried broccoli w/mixed seafood 百加利三鮮
          • TS4. Assorted seafood and meat w/tofu in oyster sauce 八珍豆腐煲(海鮮,雞,豬)
            Contain pork, chicken & seafood / 含豬肉, 雞肉 & 海鮮
          • TS5. Stir-Fried Prawn and Tofu w/Oyster Sauce 蝦球豆腐煲
          • TV2. Deep fried spicy salty tofu 椒鹽豆腐🌶
            Spicy / 辣
          • TV3. Stir-fried pea sprout with abalone mushroom 杏鮑菇扒豆苗(素食可用)
          • TV4. Stir-Fried Broccoli with Abalone Mushroom 百加利杏鮑菇
          • TV5. Braised Tofu 紅燒豆腐
          • TF1. Sweet & sour / fermented rice spicy sauce pineapple fish 糖醋/豆瓣🌶龍利魚塊
            附蝦片 (incl prawn chips)
            24 pcs / 24塊
            豆瓣醬辣 / fermented rice spicy
          • TF2. Deep fried spicy salty basa 椒鹽龍利魚片(30pcs)🌶
            30 pcs / 30塊
          • TF3. Deep fried fish cutlet 吉列魚排
            10pcs / 10片
            Incl. tartar sauce / 附塔塔醬
          • TC1. Boneless chicken in red curry sauce / 南洋無骨紅咖哩雞🌶
          • TC3. Salty peppery chicken 招牌鹽酥雞
            Incl. prawn chips / 附蝦片
          • TC4. 風沙雞翅 Deep fried chicken winglets
            Incl. prawn chips & sauce / 附蝦片 & 附醬
            24 pcs / 24隻
          • TC5. Three Spice Chicken with Basil on Iron Plate 三杯雞

          • TC15. Double the Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets (Sweet Black Vinagar + Japanese Style) 炸雞雙拼C (黑糖醋+日式)
          • TD2. Shanghai sticky rice shumai w/ ground pork 糯米燒賣
            Incl pork / 含豬肉
          • TD4. Assorted deep fried platter 綜合炸物拼盤
            Incl. prawn chips & sauce
            鹽酥雞, 魷魚鬚, 蝦卷, 雞翅, 熱狗, 香腸, 四季豆, 蝦片 (附醬)
            Contain salty peppery chicken, deep fried tentacle, shrimp paste rolls, chicken winglets, wieners, sausages, green bean and prawn chops
          • TD5. Taiwanese sausage and sticky rice sausage 大腸小腸
            Incl. sliced garlic and sauerkraut & sauce (含蒜片,酸菜. 附醬)
          • TD6. French toast 西多士
            Choice of: Peanut butter / Nutella / Pork floss cheese +$1
            可選: 花生/榛果巧克力/肉鬆起司+$1
          • TD8. Steamed Custard Stuffed Buns 黃金蛋黃流沙包
          • TD9. Hong Kong Style BBQ Pork Buns 港式叉燒包
          • TD10. Shrimp and Pork Siu Mai 燒賣皇
          • TD11. Happy Deep Fried Combo Deep Fried Spicy Salty Black Rice Cake&Vegetable Spring Rolls)歡樂雙拼-酥炸椒鹽豬血糕+春捲
        • Lunch Box (午餐飯盒) 🍱
          • T1. 鹽酥雞便當 Salty Peppery Chicken Bento Box
          • T2. 卡拉雞排便當 Crispy boneless chicken leg Bento Box
          • T3. 傳統炸排骨便當 Traditional deep fried pork chop Bento Box
          • T4.魷魚鬚便當 Deep Fried Squid Tentacles Bento Box
          • T5. (午市便當)黑胡椒牛肉飯盒 Taiwanese Style Black Pepper Sauce w/ Beef Bento
          • T6. (午市便當)三杯雞便當 Three spice chicken
          • T7. (午市便當)招牌牛肉炒刀削 House special stir-fried sliced noodle w/beef
          • T8. (午市便當)香辣牛肉刀削麵 (附湯)Beef Shank w/ Sliced Noodle in Spicy Marinated Sauce (incl soup)
          • T9. (午市便當)泰式香辣炒飯便當 Thai Style Spicy Egg Fried Rice
          • T10. (午市便當)日式經典炒飯 Classic Japanese style egg fried rice
          • T11. (午市便當)咖哩吉列豬排/吉列魚排/雞排/鹽酥雞 飯 Red Curry Rice w/ Deep Fried Tonkatsu or others
          • T12. (午市便當)柱候牛三寶飯 House special mixed beef on rice
          • T15. (午市便當)三杯豬腳/[Bento Box]Three Spice Pork Knuckles with Basil
            *Lunch Special Box
            Drink is not included.
          • T13. (午市便當)三杯杏鮑菇飯 Three spice abalone mushroom with basil on iron plate
            *Lunch Special Box
            Drink is not included.
          • T14. (午市便當)泰式酸甜香辣雞 Spicy Thai style sweet & sour spicychicken
            *Lunch Special Box
            Drink is not included.
        • Dishes For Share (美饌合菜)
            • 美饌三合菜 3 Dishes and 1 Soup for Share
              Include 3 dishes and 1 soup.
              Get free steamed rice and 1 daily sweet soup or 2 free drink.
            • 粉麵三合菜 1 Fried Noodle/Rice, 3 Dishes and 1 Soup for Share
              Include 1 fried noodle/rice, 3 dishes and 1 soup.
              Get free daily sweet soup or drink.
              No steam rice included.
            • 美饌四合菜 4 Dishes and 1 Large Soup for Share
              Include 1 stir-fried noodle/rice, 4 dishes and 1 soup. Get free steamed rice and daily sweet soup or drink.
            • 四合菜搭配炒飯/炒麵4 Dishes, 1 Stir-fried Noodle/Rice, and 1 Large Soup for Share
              Include 4 dishes, 1 stir-fried noodle/rice, and 1 soup.
              Get free daily sweet soup or drink.
              No steam rice included.
              包含一炒麵/飯, 四菜一湯(大),附贈甜湯 或 飲品2。
          • A-Noodles 麵類🍜
            • A1 Special Home Style Beef Shank Noodle Soup 私房牛肉麵
            • A2 Tendon & Beef Shank Noodle Soup 半筋半肉麵
            • A3 Mix Beef Noodle Soup 三寶麵
            • A4 Beef Shank & Tomato Noodle Soup 蕃茄牛肉麵
            • A5 Shrimp Wontons & Beef Shank Noodle Soup 鮮蝦餛飩牛肉麵
            • A6 House Special Noodle Soup 全家福牛肉麵
            • A7 Trio beef noodle soup 三喜牛肉麵
            • A8 Quartet beef noodle soup 四喜牛肉麵
            • A9 Beef balls in beef noodle soup 牛肉丸湯麵
            • A10 Pork balls noodle soup 豬肉丸湯麵
            • A11 Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup 鮮蝦餛飩麵
            • A12 Preserved Cabbage With Shredded (Pork/Fish) Noodle Soup 雪菜(肉絲/鮮魚) 麵
            • A13 Laksa seafood noodle soup (inc. shrimp) 喇沙海鮮湯麵
            • A15 Hot & Sour Noodle Soup 酸辣麵
            • A16 TaiNan style egg noodle/rice vermicelli soup 台南擔仔麵/米粉
            • A18 Plain Laksa noodle soup (inc. shrimp) 喇沙湯麵 (含蝦米)
            • A1-1 Beef Noodle Soup(no meat) 牛肉湯麵(無肉)
            • A17 Satay beef soup with instant noodle 沙嗲牛肉公仔麵
            • A20 Vegetable Noodle Soup 陽春麵
          • B-Stir-Fried Noodle/Mixed Noodle 炒麵/乾拌麵
            • B1 Spaghetti w/tomato sauce 番茄肉醬意粉
            • B2 Meat Sauce Noodle 古早味乾拌麵
            • B3 Beef Shank Noodle with Spicy Marinated Sauce 香辣牛肉乾拌麵
            • B5 Taiwanese Style Fried Rice Vermicelli 台式炒米粉
            • B4 Shredded chicken cold egg noodle with special sesame sauce 雞絲麻醬涼麵
            • B6 Singapore Style Fried Rice Vermicelli 星洲炒米粉
            • B6 Vegetarian Fried Noodle/Rice 台式素炒麵/炒飯
            • B7 Taiwanese Style Fried Noodle With Satay Sauce 台式沙茶炒麵
            • B9 Taiwanese Style Fried Noodle 台式炒麵
            • B10 House Special Fried Sliced Noodle 招牌炒刀削麵
            • B12 Korean Kimchi Fried Sliced Noodle 韓式泡菜炒刀削麵
            • B12 Soy Sause Chow Mian 豉油皇炒麵
            • B13. Xian Rice Noodle With Hot & Sour Sauce 西安特色酸辣米線
          • C-Rice/Noodle in Special Sauce/Thick Soup 燴飯/麵/羹麵類
            • C3 Chu-hou (Braise Beef/Mix Beef) noddle soup/ on rice 柱侯(牛腩/牛雜)麵/燴飯
            • C4 Satay On Rice Or Sliced Noodle 沙嗲燴飯/燴刀削麵
            • C5 Swirl Egg Sauce On Rice 滑蛋燴飯
              C5 Fried rice includes 2 daily side dishes
            • BO-C3 Night Market Satay Lamb Chowder 夜市沙茶羊肉羹麵/飯
            • C2 Roohe Street Satay Mix Seafood in Thick Soup w/Rice or Noodle 饒河三鮮羹麵/飯
            • C6 Scrambled Eggs w/Mix Seafood 滑蛋三鮮
              Includes 2 daily side dishes
            • C7 Mix Seafood with Egg White Sauce on Rice海鮮燴飯
              Includes 2 daily side dishes
          • D-Appetizer 小菜類
            • D1 Taiwanese Style Pickled Cabbage 台式泡菜
            • D2 Golden Fruity Kimchi 鮮果黃金泡菜
            • D3 Deep Fried Tofu with Taiwanese Style Pickled Cabbage/Korean Kimchi 台式/韓式泡菜炸豆腐
            • D4 Deep Fried Stinky Tofu with Taiwanese Style Pickled Cabbage 台式泡菜炸臭豆腐
            • D5 Stir Fried Spicy Salty Deep Fried Tofu 椒鹽豆腐
            • D6 Stir Fried Spicy Salty Deep Fried Stinky Tofu 椒鹽臭豆腐
            • D7 Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom With Basil 酥炸杏鮑菇
            • ⭐D8 Deep Fried Black Rick Cake 酥炸豬血糕
            • D9 Marinated Pork Intestine 滷大腸
            • D11 Marinated Beef Tripe 滷牛肚
            • D12 Marinated Beef Tendon 滷牛筋
            • D13 Marinated Seaweed 滷海帶
            • D14 Marinated Egg 滷蛋
            • D16 Boiled Vegetable With Minced Pork Sauce 燙青菜(含肉燥)
            • D17 Taiwanese Sausage and Stiky Rice Sausage 大腸小腸
            • D20 Assorted Deep Fried Basket A 炸物拼盤A
            • 👍D22 Double the Fried Chicken A 炸雞雙拼A
            • 👍D23 Double the Fried Chicken B 炸雞雙拼B
            • E10 傳統夜市豬血糕 Traditional steamed pork blood rice cake w/ peanut
            • D26 高粱酒香腸/ Kaoliang Flavour Sausage
            • D10 Marinated Dried Tofu 滷豆干
            • D18 Crispy Deep Fried Pork Intestine 脆皮炸大腸
              Incl. sweet&sour sauce 附糖醋醬
            • D19 Sweet yam fries 甘梅薯條
            • D21 Assorted Deep Fried Basket B 炸物拼盤B
              Salty peppery chicken, squid tentacles, Taiwanese sausage, black rice cake, green beans
              (鹽酥雞, 魷魚鬚, 台式香腸, 豬血糕, 四季豆)
          • E-Dim Sum 點心類
            • E1 Wontons In Chili Sauce 紅油鮮蝦炒手
            • E2 Shanghai Style Pork Dumpling 小籠包
            • E3 Shanghai Sticky Rice Shumai with Ground Pork 上海糯米燒賣
            • E4 Deep Fried /Steamed Mini Buns 黃金/美白 小饅頭
            • E5 Deep Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls 酥炸素春捲
            • E9 Shrimp and pork siu mai with truffle sauce 黑松露燒賣皇
            • E6 Savory rice pudding 阿婆碗粿
            • E7 Steamed custard stuffed buns 流沙包
              Include pork
            • E8 Hong Kong style BBQ pork buns 叉燒包
              Include pork
          • F-Rice 經典小吃飯類 🍚
            • F1 Ground Pork Sauce On Rice 金牌滷肉飯
            • F2 Hainanese Chicken 馳名海南雞
            • F3 Ground Pork Sauce & Sausage On Rice 香腸滷肉飯
            • F4 No.1 Deluxe Marinated Pork With Rice 豪華滷肉飯
            • F5 House Traditional Railway Bento 鐵路三寶飯
            • F10 House special Chiayi chicken rice 嘉義雞肉飯
            • F11 Chicken With Marinated Pork On Rice 雞絲滷肉飯
            • F12 Traditional Deep Fried Pork Chop 傳統炸排骨
            • F13 Crispy Boneless Chicken Leg 卡拉雞排
            • F14 Crispy Salty Peppery Chicken 鹽酥雞
            • F15 Old Fashion Fish Nuggets 古早味香酥魚塊
            • F16 Deep Fried Ginger Flavour Chicken Winglettes 風沙雞翅
            • F17 Tainan Shrimp Paste Roll 台南蝦捲
            • F18 Deep Fried Squid Tentacles 炸魷魚鬚
            • F19 Taiwanese Style Sausage 台式香腸
            • F20 Tradition Taiwanese Style Red Yeast Deep Fried Pork Belly 傳統台式紅糟肉
            • F21 Thai Style Boneless Sesame Chicken Leg (Single) 泰式椒麻雞 (單點)
            • F22 Deep Fried Tonkatsu 吉列豬排
            • F23 Deep Fried Fish Cutlet 吉列魚排
            • F45 叉燒蝦卷飯/Deep Fried Shrimp Paste Roll & BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce on Rice
            • F6 Unagi and deep fried boneless chicken with ground pork sauce rice 鰻魚雞排飯
              Combo includes rice, 2 daily side dishes & Soup 套餐附白飯、兩碟當日配菜和附湯
            • F7 Unagi and Taiwanese sausage with ground pork sauce rice 鰻魚香腸飯
              Combo includes oil rice, 2 daily side dishes & Soup 套餐附油飯、兩碟當日配菜和附湯
            • F8 Tonkatsu and deep fried fish filet on rice 吉列雙拼飯
              /Combo includes rice, 2 daily side dishes & Soup 套餐附飯、兩碟當日配菜和附湯
            • F9 Marine combo 海味雙拼飯 (蝦卷,吉列魚排,滷蛋)
              (蝦卷,吉列魚排,滷蛋)/ Combo includes pork sauce rice and 2 daily side dishes 套餐包含滷汁白飯和兩碟配菜
          • F-Fried Rice 炒飯類 🍛
            • F24 Ground pork egg fried rice 滷肉蛋炒飯
            • F25 Thai Style Spicy Egg Fried Rice 泰式香辣炒飯
            • F26 Southern curry egg fried rice(vs/shrimp & pork) 南洋咖喱海鮮炒飯
            • F27 Golden Egg Fried Rice 黃金蛋炒飯
            • F28 Korean Kimchi Egg Fried Rice 韓式泡菜蛋炒飯
            • F29 Black&White Sesame Egg Fried Rice 黑白芝麻炒飯
            • F30 Fuzhou Fried Rice 福州炒飯
            • F31 Classic Japanese Style Egg Fried Rice With Prawns 日式經典炒飯
            • F32 Yangzhou Egg Fried Rice 楊州炒飯
            • F33 Sakura Shrimp With Prawns And Egg Fried Rice 櫻花蝦蝦仁蛋炒飯
            • F34 Dried Scallop, Egg White, Sakura Shrimp with Prawn Fried Rice 瑤柱蛋白櫻花蝦蝦球炒飯
            • F35 Scramble Eggs with Prawns Fried Rice 黑松露蝦球炒飯
            • F36 Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop 豬排蛋炒飯
            • F40 Japanese Style Omu Fried Rice 日式蛋包飯
            • F41 Thai Style Omu Fried Rice 泰式蛋包飯
            • F42 Curry Omu Fried Rice 咖喱蛋包飯
            • F43 Tomato Omu Fried Rice 番茄蛋包飯
            • E37 Egg fried rice with spam luncheon meat 午餐肉豬排蛋炒飯
              Fried rice includes 2 daily side dishes
            • F39 Prawn Omu Fried Rice in Truffle Sauce 意式黑松露蝦球蛋包飯
            • F38 Japanese unagi fried rice 炙燒鰻魚炒飯
          • G-Congee 粥類
            • G1 Seafood Congee 海鮮粥
            • G2 Sliced Fish Congee 魚片粥
            • G3 Preserved Egg with (mince pork/diced chicken) congee 皮蛋鹹肉/雞丁粥
            • G4 Diced Chicken With Chinese Mushroom Congee 冬菇雞丁粥
            • G5 Ground Beef Congee ongee 碎牛肉粥
            • G6 Goji berries, pea sprout congee 枸杞豆苗粥
            • G7 Goji berries, pea sprout, and prawn congee 枸杞豆苗蝦球粥
            • G8 Goji berries, pea sprout, and sliced fish congee 枸杞豆苗魚片粥
            • G9 White Congee 白粥
          • H-HotPot 火鍋類
            • H1 Mixed Seafood HotPot 什錦海鮮鍋
            • H2 Marinated Beef Shank HotPot 原汁牛肉鍋
            • H3 Szechuan Spicy HotPot 川味水煮鍋
            • H4 Northeast Sour Cabbage HotPot(inc. dry shrimp) 東北酸菜鍋(含蝦米)
            • H5 House Special Mini Lamb HotPot 招牌台灣羊肉爐
            • H6 House Special Mini Lamb HotPot 麻油羊肉鍋
          • J-Soup 湯類
            • J1 Pork Ball Soup 貢丸湯
            • J2 Vegetable, tomato & Tofu Egg Drop Soup 青菜豆腐番茄蛋花湯
            • J3 Pork Blood and Chitterling Soup 大腸豬血湯
            • J4 Beef Ball in Beef Soup 牛肉丸湯
            • J5 Hot And Sour Soup 酸辣湯
            • J6 Taiwanese Style Sliced Lamb Ginger Soup 薑絲羊肉湯(含九層塔)
            • J7 Hong Kong Style Chicken String in Imitation Shark Fin Soup 雞絲碗仔翅
            • J8 Wonton Soup(inc. shrimp) 鮮蝦餛飩湯
            • J11 Wontons In Beef Shank Soup 鮮蝦餛飩牛肉湯
            • J14Taiwanese style Fuzhou Fish Balls Soup/台式福州魚丸湯
            • J9 Night Market Satay Lamb Chowder 夜市沙茶羊肉羹
            • J10 Diced fish paste and pork thick soup 圓環肉羹
            • J12 Raohe street satay mix seafood thick soup 饒河街三鮮羹
            • J13 Stir Fried cuttlefish thick soup with cabbage 生炒花枝羹
          • L-Special on Wok 炒菜類
            • L1 Fried(chicken/pork intestine) in chili pepper 山城辣子雞/辣子肥腸
            • L2 Three Spice With Basil On Iron Plate 三杯系列
            • L3 Boneless Chicken in Truffle Sauce 黑松露撈雞
            • L4 Spicy Thai Style Sweet & Sour Chicken 泰式酸甜香辣雞
            • L8 Kung Pao Chili Peppers And Peanuts 宮保系列
            • L9 Stir- Fried Broccoli 百加利(雞/牛/杏鮑菇 )
            • L9 Stir- Fried Broccoli with Fish, Prawn, and Squid 百加利三鮮
            • L10 Ginger Green Onion with (chicken/ beef/ fish nuggets) On Iron Plate 薑蔥(雞/牛/魚塊)煲
            • L11 Sweet and Sour 糖醋 系列
            • L12 Red Curry with (beef brisket/seafood/fish nuggets/chicken leg/salty peppery chicken/pork chop) 招牌紅咖哩
            • L13 House Special Mixed Beef on Iron Plate 京園經典牛雜煲
            • L14 Stir-fried Ginger Beef 薑煸牛肉
            • L15 Taiwanese Style Black Pepper Sauce On Iron Plate 台式黑胡椒系列
            • L16. Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin 黑胡椒鐵板牛柳
            • L21 Stir-fried With Dried Tofu In Chili Sauce 干絲系列
            • L22 Xinjiang Spicy Caraway Sauce 新疆孜然
            • L23 Pork,Cabbage And Dried Tofu In Garlic Chili Sauce 回鍋肉
            • L25 Chili & Peppercorn Sauce 五更系列
            • L26 Eggplant In Garlic Chili Meat Sauce / Basil Shredded Pork Eggplant 魚香/客家茄子
            • L27 Stir-fried Mexican Pepper With Sliced Pork & Dried Tofu 農家小炒
            • L28 Stir-fried Mexican Pepper with Pork Intestine & Dried Tofu 農家炒肥腸
            • L29 Deep Fried Tiger Prawns with Mayonnaise and Diced Pineapple 鳳梨蝦球
            • L30 Scramble Eggs with Prawns in Truffle Sauce 黑松露蝦球炒蛋
            • L31 Deep Fried Fish Nuggets In Spicy Sauce On Iron Plate 豆瓣魚塊
            • L32 Vermicelli In Satay Sauce 沙茶粉絲煲
            • L33 Stir Fried Green Bean with Minced Pork 乾煸四季豆
            • L34 Scrambled Egg 滑蛋炒菜
            • L35 Tofu with Minced Pork in Garlic Chili Sauce 麻婆豆腐
            • L36 Three Spice Black Rice Cake on Iron Plate 三杯豬血糕
            • L37 Stir-fried vegetable 炒時蔬
            • L20 梅菜扣肉/ Braised pork with preserved vegetable in soy sauce
            • L5 Honey Garlic Chicken 蒜子蜜汁雞
            • L6 Sweet Black Vinegar Chicken 黑糖醋雞
            • L7 Japanese Style Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets 日式炸雞
            • L17 Diced sauteed beef steak w/ Japaneses soy sesame dressing 和風牛柳粒
            • L18 Diced sauteed beef steak w/ black pepper 黑椒牛柳粒
            • L19 Stir-Fried sliced beef w/sweet beans 四季豆炒牛肉
            • Add A Bowl of Rice 加一碗白飯
          • V-Dumplings 水餃類
            • V1 Beef Shank & Dumplings Soup 牛肉湯餃
            • V2 Beef Shank, Tendon & Dumplings Soup 半筋半肉湯餃
            • V3 Mixed Beef & Dumplings Soup 牛三寶湯餃
            • V4 Beef Shank, Tomato & Dumplings Soup 蕃茄牛肉湯餃
            • V5 Beef Shank & Dumplings withSpicy Marinated Sauce 香辣牛肉乾拌水餃
            • V6 Beef Shank, Tendon & Dumplings withSpicy Marinated Sauce 香辣半筋半肉乾拌水餃
            • V7 Mix Beef & Dumplings withSpicy Marinated Sauce 香辣牛三寶乾拌水餃
            • V8 Beef Shank, Tomato & Dumplings withSpicy Marinated Sauce 香辣蕃茄牛肉乾拌水餃
            • V9 Chives, Shrimp & Pork Dumpling 韭菜鮮蝦豬肉水餃
              *附湯 incl. daily soup
              *水餃含豬和蝦 *dumplings contains pork & shrimp
            • V10 Dumplings In Hot & Sour Soup 酸辣湯餃
              *附湯 incl. daily soup
              *水餃含豬和蝦 *dumplings contains pork & shrimp
          • Hot Iron Plate 鐵板類
            • Double Hot Iron Plate 鐵板雙拼
            • Triple Hot Iron Plate 三拼
            • Vegetable Hot Iron Plate 蔬菜鐵板
            • NO.1 Classic Western Combo 京園精緻排餐
            • Add-on Additional Sauce 另加醬汁
          • Toast (厚片吐司)
              • Chocolate Condensed Milk Toast 巧克力煉奶厚片
              • Chocolate Toast 巧克力厚片
              • Coconut Fluffy Cream Toast 椰香奶酥厚片
              • Peanut Butter Toast 花生厚片
              • Peanut Butter Condensed Milk Toast 花生煉奶厚片
              • Condensed Milk Toast 煉奶厚片
            • Desserts 古早味甜品
                • 紅糖豆花/Sweet Tofu with Brown Sugar
                • Grass Jelly/嫩仙草
                  推荐搭配 小芋圆/珍珠/红豆
                  Recommend to order with Mini Taro Balls/Peals/Red Bean
                • Lemon Jelly/檸檬愛玉
                • 紅豆湯/Red Bean Soup
              • Cheesecake 起司蛋糕
                  • Strawberry Cheesecake 草莓起司蛋糕
                  • Chocolate Cheesecake 巧克力起司蛋糕
                  • Blueberry Cheesecake 藍莓起司蛋糕
                  • Chocolate Straberry Cheesecake 巧克力草莓起司蛋糕
                  • Strawberry & Blueberry Cheesecake 草莓藍莓起司蛋糕
                • Black Tea / Green Tea (紅茶/綠茶類)
                    • Black Tea 泡沫紅茶
                    • Old-Fashioned Black Tea 古早味紅茶
                    • Jasmine Green Tea 茉香綠茶
                    • Japanese Genmai Green Tea 玄米綠茶
                    • Baked Oolong Green Tea 炭培烏龍綠茶
                    • Honey Green Tea 蜂蜜綠茶
                    • Honey Black Tea 蜂蜜紅茶
                    • Lychee Green Tea 荔枝綠茶
                    • Lychee Black Tea 荔枝紅茶
                    • Passion Fruit Green Tea 百香綠茶
                    • Passion Fruit Black Tea 百香紅茶
                    • Plum Green Tea 梅子綠茶
                    • Plum Black Tea 梅子紅茶
                    • Peach Black Tea水蜜桃紅茶
                    • Peach Green Tea 水蜜桃綠茶
                    • Mango Green Tea 芒果綠茶
                    • Calpis Green Tea 多多綠茶
                    • Strawberry Green Tea 草莓綠茶
                    • Blueberry Green Tea 藍莓綠茶
                    • Tangerine Green Tea 金桔綠茶
                    • Tangerine Lemon Green Tea 金桔檸檬綠茶
                    • Hoeny Lemon Black Tea 蜂蜜檸檬紅茶
                    • Honey Lemon Green Tea 蜂蜜檸檬綠茶
                    • Passionfruit Lemon Black Tea 百香檸檬紅茶
                    • Passionfruit Lemon Green Tea 百香檸檬綠茶
                  • Milk Tea / Green Milk Tea (奶茶/綠奶茶類)
                      • Milk Tea 奶茶
                      • Green Milk Tea 綠奶茶
                      • Honey Milk Tea 蜂蜜奶茶
                      • Honey Green Milk Tea 蜂蜜綠奶茶
                      • Wheat Germ Milk Tea 胚芽奶茶
                      • Wheat Germ Green Milk Tea 胚芽綠奶茶
                      • Baked Oolong Milk Tea 炭培烏龍奶茶
                      • Japanese Genmai Green Milk Tea 玄米綠奶茶
                      • Matcha Green Milk Tea 抹茶綠奶茶
                      • Earl Grey Milk Tea 伯爵奶茶
                      • Taro Milk Tea 芋香奶茶
                      • Coffee Milk Tea 咖啡奶茶
                      • Mango Milk Tea 芒果奶茶
                      • Milk Tea with Pearls, Pudding & Grass Jelly 奶茶三兄弟
                    • Magical Butterfly Pea Tea (蝶豆花系列)
                        • Passion Fruit Carbonated Butterfly Pea Tea 蝶豆花百香氣泡茶
                        • Passion Fruit Lemon with Butterfly Pea Tea 蝶豆花百香檸檬
                        • Calpis Lemon with Butterfly Pea Tea 蝶豆花多多檸檬
                        • Strawberry Lemon with Butterfly Pea Tea 蝶豆花草莓檸檬
                        • Blueberry Carbonated Butterfly Pea Tea 蝶豆花藍莓氣泡茶
                      • Special Series (京園特調)
                          • Old-Fashioned Wintermelon Tea 古早味冬瓜茶
                            Cold drink only
                          • Lemon Wintermelon Tea w/ Lemon Jelly 檸檬愛玉冬瓜茶
                            Cold drink only
                          • White Peach Oolong Tea 白桃烏龍茶
                          • Osmanthus Oolong Tea 桂花烏龍茶
                          • Wintermelo Oolong Tea 冬瓜烏龍茶
                          • Lemon Wintermelon w/ Lemon Jelly & Chia Seeds 檸檬冬瓜愛玉山粉圓
                            Cold drink only
                          • Wintermelo Tea w/Lemon Jelly, Agar Jelly & Chia Seeds 寒天冬瓜愛玉山粉圓
                            Cold drink only
                          • Fresh Milk Brown Sugar with Pearls 青蛙撞奶
                            Cold drink only
                          • Fresh Milk Brown Sugar with Grass Jelly 仙草撞奶
                            Cold drink only
                          • Honey Wintermelon Tea w/ Grass Jelly 冬瓜仙草蜜
                            Cold drink only
                          • Mousse Coffee with Pearls 冰珠咖啡
                            Cold drink only
                          • Honey Lemon Juice 蜂蜜檸檬汁
                            Cold drink only
                          • Passion Fruit Lemon Juice 百香檸檬汁
                            Cold drink only
                          • Tangerine Lemon Juice 金桔檸檬汁
                            Cold drink only
                          • Passion Fruit Mango Juice 百香芒果汁
                            Cold drink only
                          • Ice Passion Fruit Tea with Pearls and Coconut Jelly 百香雙響炮
                            Cold drink only
                          • Lemon Jelly Brown Sugar Slush w/Lemon Jelly 愛玉檸檬黑糖冰
                            Cold drink only
                          • Brown Sugar Slush w/Peals & Lemon Jelly 青蛙下蛋
                            Cold drink only
                          • Coca Cola 可樂
                          • Ice Cream Coca Cola 漂浮可樂
                          • Lemon Coca Cola 檸檬可樂
                          • 7Up 七喜
                          • Ice Cream 7Up 漂浮七喜
                          • Lemon 7Up 檸檬七喜
                        • Mousse (奶蓋系列)
                            • Black Tea Mousse 紅茶奶蓋
                            • Green Tea Mousse 綠茶奶蓋
                            • Japanese Genmai Tea Mousse 玄米綠奶蓋
                            • Oolong Tea Mousse 烏龍奶蓋
                            • Wintermelon Tea Mousse 冬瓜奶蓋
                            • White Peach Oolong Tea Mousse 白桃烏龍奶蓋
                          • Smoothie (With Milk) 雪泥(含奶類)
                              • Taro Smoothie 芋香雪泥
                              • Mango Smoothie 芒果雪泥
                              • Strawberry Smoothie 草莓雪泥
                              • Lychee Smoothie 荔枝雪泥
                              • Red Bean Smoothie 紅豆雪泥
                              • Passion Fruit Smoothie 百香雪泥
                              • Coffee Smoothie 咖啡雪泥
                              • Ice Cream Smoothie 冰淇淋雪泥
                              • Chocolate Smoothie 巧克力雪泥
                              • Strawberry Mango Smoothie 草莓芒果雪泥
                              • Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie 草莓藍莓雪泥
                              • Matcha Ice Cream Smoothie 抹茶冰淇淋雪泥
                              • Oreo Smoothie Oreo雪泥
                              • Taro Oreo Smoothie 芋香Oreo雪泥
                              • Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie 草莓巧克力雪泥
                              • Mocha Coffee Smoothie 摩卡咖啡雪泥
                            • Slush (No Milk) 冰沙(不含奶類)
                                • Calpis Slush 多多冰沙
                                • Tangerine Slush 金桔冰沙
                                • Tangerine Lemon Slush 金桔檸檬冰沙
                                • Lemon Slush 檸檬冰沙
                                • Passion Fruits Slush 百香冰沙
                                • Mango Slush 芒果冰沙
                                • Strawberry Slush 草莓冰沙
                                • Lychee Slush 荔枝冰沙
                                • Red Bean Slush 紅豆冰沙
                                • Blueberry Slush 藍莓冰沙
                                • Passion Fruit Slush 百香冰沙
                                • Strawberry Mango Slush 草莓芒果冰沙
                                • Strawberry Blueberry Slush 草莓藍莓冰沙
                              • Fresh Fruit Juice / Milk (新鮮果汁/牛奶)
                                  • Stawberry Juice 草莓汁
                                    Cold drink only
                                  • Mango Juice 芒果汁
                                    Cold drink only
                                  • Lemon Juice 檸檬汁
                                    Cold drink only
                                  • Strawberry Milk 草莓牛奶
                                    Cold drink only
                                  • Mango Milk 芒果牛奶
                                    Cold drink only
                                  • Red Bean Milk 紅豆沙牛奶
                                    Cold drink only
                                  • Strawberry Mango Milk 草莓芒果牛奶
                                    Cold drink only
                                • Calpis Juice / Slush 多多汁/冰沙
                                    • Blueberry Calpis Juice/Slush 藍莓多多汁/冰沙
                                    • Lemon Calpis Juice/Slush 檸檬多多汁/冰沙
                                    • Strawberry Calpis Juice/Slush 草莓多多汁/冰沙
                                    • Mango Calpis Juice/Slush 芒果多多汁/冰沙
                                    • Passionfruit Calpis Juice/Slush 百香多多汁/冰沙
                                    • Lychee Calpis Juice/Slush 荔枝多多汁/冰沙
                                  • Frozen Food 冷凍食品
                                      • BA01. Bala Marinated Pork Sauce 百樂古早味滷肉
                                        450g. Cooked.
                                      • BA02. Bala Taiwanese Traditional Sticky Rice 百樂古早味油飯
                                        600g. Cooked.
                                      • BA03. Bala Diced Fish Paste with Pork 百樂圓環肉羹
                                        1lb. Cooked.
                                      • BA04. Bala Pork Intestine Vermicelli 百樂夜市大腸麵線
                                        500g. Cooked.
                                      • BA05. Bala Black Pork Blood Rice Cake 百樂純手工豬血糕
                                        400g. Cooked.
                                      • BA06. Bala Fish Cake Rolls 百樂基隆甜不辣片
                                        7 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • BA07. Bala Hakka Style Pork Knuckles 百樂屏東客家豬腳
                                        300g. Cooked.
                                      • BA08. Bala Formosa Steak Short Rib 百樂台塑牛小排
                                        1lb with bone. Cooked.
                                      • BA09. Bala Salted Duck Smoked with Tea Leaves 百樂煙燻樟茶鴨
                                        Half. Cooked.
                                      • BA10. Bala Taiwanese Sausage 百樂黑橋牌台式口味香腸
                                        600g. Original. Raw.
                                      • BA11. Bala Kaoliang Taiwanese Sausage 百樂高粱酒風味香腸
                                        600g. Raw.
                                      • BA12. Bala Signature Buddha's Temptation 百樂經典古早味佛跳牆
                                        600g. Cooked.
                                      • BA13. Bala Mini Lamb Hot Pot 百樂溪洲羊肉爐
                                        1kg. Cooked.
                                      • BA14. Bala Marinated Boneless Chicken Leg 百樂嫩煎雞排
                                        500g. Raw.
                                      • BA15. Bala Marinated Boneless Pork Chop 百樂台式豬排
                                        500g. Raw.
                                      • BA16. Bala Marinated Beef Steak 百樂紐約夜市牛排
                                        500g. Raw.
                                      • BA17. Bala Braised Pork with preserved vegetable 百樂客家梅菜扣肉
                                        1lb. Cooked.
                                      • BA18. Bala Chicken Rice Sauce with Sliced Chicken 百樂嘉義噴水雞肉飯即時包
                                        150g. Cooked.
                                      • BA19. Bala Cold Chicken Soaked in Hua Diao Wine 百樂藥膳花雕醉雞
                                        250g. Cooked.
                                      • BA20. Bala Crispy Salty Peppery Chicken 百樂第㇐家鹽酥雞
                                        300g. Cooked.
                                      • BA21. Bala Taiwanese Pork Burger Patty 百樂豬肉漢堡肉
                                        6 pieces. Raw.
                                      • BA22. Bala Golden Fruity Kimchi 百樂鮮果黃金泡菜
                                        350g. Frozen. Cooked.
                                      • BA23. Bala Sandwich Mayonnaise 百樂台式沙拉醬
                                        300g. Cooked.
                                      • BA24. Bala Beef Noodle Soup 百樂冠軍牛肉麵
                                        450g. Served with 1sliced noodle. Cooked.
                                      • BA25. Bala Fuzhou Fish Balls 百樂台灣風味福州魚丸
                                        20 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • BA26. Bala Hakka Style Pork Knuckle Garlic Sauce 百樂屏東客家豬腳風味蒜泥醬
                                        250g. Cooked.
                                      • DJ01. Dijon Pork Soup Dumplings 點匠小籠湯包
                                        20 pieces. Raw.
                                      • DJ02. Dijon Chive Pork Dumplings 點匠韭菜豬肉湯水餃
                                        30 pieces. Raw.
                                      • DJ03. Dijon Cabbage Pork Dumplings 點匠高麗菜豬肉湯水餃
                                        20 pieces. Raw.
                                      • DJ04. Dijon Shrimp and Pork Dumplings 點匠鮮蝦豬肉水餃
                                        20 pieces. Raw.
                                      • DJ05. Dijon Japanese Gyoza 點匠日式煎餃
                                        20 pieces. Raw.
                                      • DJ06. Dijon Stall Steamed Bun 點匠小饅頭
                                        6 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • DJ07. Dijon Taro Bun 點匠芋泥包
                                        9 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • DJ08. Dijon Milky Egg Yolk Bun 點匠奶黃鹹蛋包
                                        9 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • EM01. Yupinen Sichuan chopped chili flavored carp head with vermicelli 予品恩面皮鱼头四川剁椒味
                                        680g. Raw.
                                      • EM02. Yupinen Sichuan chopped chili flavored carp head with noodle 予品恩粉丝鱼头四川剁椒味
                                        700g. Raw.
                                      • EM03. Dijon Milky Egg Yolk Bun 點匠奶黃鹹蛋包
                                        9 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW01. Fisherman's Wharf Pork Soup Dumplings 漁人碼頭小籠包
                                        20 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW02. Fisherman's Wharf Hong Kong Style Dumplings 漁人碼頭港式水餃
                                        15 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW03. Fisherman's Wharf Cabbage Dumplings 漁人碼頭台式高麗菜水餃
                                        625g. Raw.
                                      • FW04. Fisherman's Wharf Chive Dumplings 漁人碼頭台式韭菜水餃
                                        625g. Raw.
                                      • FW05. Fisherman's Wharf Lamb Carrot Dumplings 漁人碼頭羊肉胡蘿蔔水餃
                                        28 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW06. Fisherman's Wharf Custard Bun 漁人碼頭流沙包
                                        6 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • FW07. Fisherman's Wharf Hong Kong Style BBQ Pork 漁人碼頭叉燒包
                                        10 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • FW08. Fisherman's Wharf Green Onion Pancake 漁人碼頭蔥油餅
                                        4 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW09. Fisherman's Wharf Shrimp and Pork Siu Mai 漁人碼頭燒賣皇
                                        8 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW10. Fisherman's Wharf Preserved Cabbage and Pork Bao 漁人碼頭梅菜肉包
                                        6 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • FW11. Fisherman's Wharf Vegetarian Bao 漁人碼頭素菜包
                                        10 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • FW12. Fisherman's Wharf Pork Beancurd Skin Roll 漁人碼頭鮮竹卷
                                        6 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW13. Fisherman's Wharf Hong Kong Style Shrimp 漁人碼頭港式鮮蝦雲吞
                                        15 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW14. Fisherman's Wharf Shanghai Pork and Mix 漁人碼頭上海鮮肉青菜餛飩
                                        16 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW15. Fisherman's Wharf Shanghai Pork and Shepherd's 漁人碼頭上海鮮肉薺菜餛飩
                                        16 pieces. Raw.
                                      • FW16. Fisherman's Wharf Carrot Cake 漁人碼頭臘味蘿蔔糕
                                        1kg. Cooked.
                                      • SC01. Sweet Country Mix Vegetable Wonton 甜心園菜肉餛飩
                                        30 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC02. Sweet Country Peppery Pancake 甜心園胡椒酥餅
                                        10 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC03. Sweet Country Green Onion and Peppery Pork Bao 甜心園香蔥胡椒肉包
                                        20 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC04. Sweet Country Shrimp Potstickers 甜心園蝦肉鍋貼
                                        30 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC05. Sweet Country Radish Pancake 甜心園蘿蔔絲餅
                                        10 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC06. Sweet Country Pork Soup Dumplings 甜心園小籠包
                                        25 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC07. Sweet Country Pork and Corn Dumpling 甜心園玉米豬肉水餃
                                        50 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC08. Sweet Country Pork and Vegetable Dumpling 甜心園白菜豬肉水餃
                                        50 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC09. Sweet Country Pork and Chive Dumpling 甜心園韭菜豬肉水餃
                                        50 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC10. Sweet Country Pork and Cabbage Dumpling 甜心園高麗菜豬肉水餃
                                        50 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC11. Sweet Country Taiwan's Pork Pot Sticker 甜心園台式鍋貼
                                        30 pieces. Raw.
                                      • SC12. Sweet Country Utane Dough Pan-Fried Bao 甜心園湯種生煎包
                                        25 pieces. Raw.
                                      • KW01. Kamwai Jumbo Deluxe Chicken Bao 金威雞肉大包
                                        2 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • KW02. Kamwai Chicken Feet 金威鳳爪
                                        1lb. Cooked.
                                      • KW03. Kamwai BBQ Pork Bao 金威叉燒包子
                                        9 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • KW04. Kamwai Chives and Shrimp and Pork Dumplings 金威三鮮水餃
                                        20 pieces. Raw.
                                      • KW05. Kamwai Prawn Wonton 金威鮮蝦雲吞
                                        15 pieces. Raw.
                                      • LD01. Laodongbei Smoked Chicken 老东北沟帮子熏鸡
                                        1 piece. Cooked.
                                      • LD02. Laodongbei Marinated Pork Hock 老东北卤猪手
                                        400g. Cooked.
                                      • LD03. Laodongbei Marinated Pork Liver 老东北卤猪肝
                                        300g. Cooked.
                                      • LD04. Laodongbei Pork Ear in Spicy Chili Sauce 老东北红油猪耳
                                        250g. Cooked.
                                      • LD05. Laodongbei Marinated Eggs 老东北卤蛋
                                        6 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • LD06. Laodongbei FuShun Spicy Sauce 老东北抚顺麻辣拌调料
                                        1 pack. Cooked.
                                      • LD07. Laodongbei Marinated Pork Intestine 老东北卤肥肠
                                        350g. Cooked.
                                      • LD08. Laodongbei Smoked Pork Tripe 老东北熏猪肚
                                        300g. Cooked.
                                      • LD09. Laodongbei Smoked Pork Belly 老东北熏五花肉
                                        400g. Cooked.
                                      • KF01. Kungfu Spiced Lamb Feet 武侠酱香羊蹄
                                        2 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • KF02. Kungfu Spicy Beef Tendon 武侠麻辣牛蹄筋
                                        1lb. Cooked.
                                      • KF03. Kungfu Spiced Beef Shank 武侠五香酱牛肉
                                        1lb. Cooked.
                                      • KF04. Kungfu Smoked Chicken 武侠烧鸡
                                        2.5lb. Cooked.
                                      • PD01. Peking Dim Sum Chives Boxes 北京點心韭菜盒子
                                        3 pieces. Raw.
                                      • CV01. Canada Volumes Glutinous Rice Sausage 總進東港糯米腸
                                        4 pieces. Cooked.
                                      • CV02. Canada Volumes Shred White Tofu 總進富源成白乾絲
                                        200g. Cooked. Non genetically modified organisms.
                                      • CV03. Canada Volumes Vegetarian Wrapping Sheet 總進如祥蛋餅皮
                                        900g. Cooked.
                                      • CV04. Canada Volumes HPW Frozen Shredded Mango 總進海霸王冷凍情人果原味芒果
                                        300g. Cooked.
                                      • CV05. Canada Volumes James Bun Fish Sticks with Vegetables 總進 James Bun 高雄黑輪條
                                        500g. Cooked.
                                      • CV06. Canada Volumes Chi Mei Jumbo Slice Roll 總進奇美頂級超級大銀絲卷
                                        140g. Cooked.
                                      • CV07. Canada Volumes TWS Winter Melon Tea 總進台灣維生冬瓜茶磚
                                        550g. Cooked.
                                      • CV08. Canada Volumes Yes Plum Juice 總進悅氏烏梅汁
                                        1L. Cooked.
                                      • SY01. Sysco Yam Fries Sysco 美式炸甜薯條
                                        1.13kg. Cooked.
                                      • LS01. Liuyishou Saliva Chicken with Chili Sauce 刘一手独门口水鸡
                                      • LS02. Liuyishou Saliva Chicken with Chili Sauce 刘一手独门口水鸡
                                      • LS03. Liuyishou Deep Fried Crispy Pork 刘一手乡村小酥肉
                                      • LS04. Liuyishou Braised Beef In Brown Sauce 刘一手红烧牛肉
                                      • LS05. Liuyishou Crispy Chicken Patty 刘一手香酥鸡排
                                      • LS06. Liuyishou Orleans Pork Tenderloin 刘一手奥尔良猪里脊
                                      • LS07. Liuyishou Saute Diced Chicken With Hot Peppers 刘一手辣子鸡丁
                                      • LS08. Liuyishou Diced Chicken with Rattan Peppers 刘一手藤椒鸡
                                      • LS09. Liuyishou Braised Lamb Chops in Brown Sauce 刘一手红烧羊排
                                      • LS10. Liuyishou Spicy Beef Jerky 刘一手香辣牛肉干
                                      • LS11. Liuyishou Angelica Beef Ribs Soup 刘一手当归牛排骨汤
                                      • LS12. Liuyishou Genki Chicken Soup 刘一手元气鸡汤
                                      • LS13. Liuyishou Tonic Chicken Soup 刘一手滋补鸡汤
                                      • LS14. Liuyishou Marinated Lamb Skewers 刘一手腌制羊肉串
                                      • LS15. Liuyishou Marinated Beef Skewers 刘一手腌制牛肉串
                                      • WA01. Eel Unagi Kabayaki 日式鳗鱼
                                        331g. Cooked.
                                      • LH01. Long Home Pickled Bamboo Shoots 龍宏香筍
                                      • LH02. Greens 龍宏鹹菜筍
                                      • LH03. Long Home Pickled Bamboo Shoots 龍宏香脆筍
                                        Cooked. Sliced.
                                      • Taiwanese Steam Rice Cake 阿婆碗粿 (冷藏真空包)
                                    Frequently asked questions

                                    Can I order No.1 Beef Noodle delivery in Burnaby with Uber Eats?

                                    Yes. No.1 Beef Noodle delivery is available on Uber Eats in Burnaby.

                                    Is No.1 Beef Noodle delivery available near me?

                                    No.1 Beef Noodle delivery might not be available everywhere in Burnaby, so enter your address to see if it’s available near you.

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                                    What’s the best thing to order for No.1 Beef Noodle delivery in Burnaby?

                                    What’s best at No.1 Beef Noodle is totally up to you and your personal preference. If you’re in need of some inspiration, consider trying one of the items featured in “Picked for you.”

                                    How do I get $0 Delivery Fee at No.1 Beef Noodle in Burnaby?

                                    The Delivery Fees may vary depending on a number of factors, like your location. Enter your Burnaby address to see the current Delivery Fee. You can also explore the Uber Eats membership and subscription options available in your area to see if you can save money on No.1 Beef Noodle delivery with $0 Delivery Fee on select orders.