La Fiesta Latina

La Fiesta Latina

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Wednesday - Thursday
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565 Somerset St W, Ottawa, On K1r, Canada,  • More info

  • Mexican Dishes

    • Mexican Chicken Fajitas

      Sizzling fajitas of your choice beef or chorizo or chicken with fresh slices of sweet papers and onion. Serve with rice, beans, warm corn tortillas, and spicy sauces.
    • Bistec Latino

      Enjoy this homier dish. 2 slices of beef and served with Mexican rice with 1 egg and fresh mix salad on the side.
    • Tuna Tostadas Plate

      Crispy tostadas with tuna Mexican style, on the side rice and beans.
    • Mexican Burger

      Try our Mexican Burger Style, juicy Angus Beef patty with spicy chorizo on the top. The fresh bun has a light layer refried beans, cheddar cheese and fries on the side
    • Sancho Fajitas

      Slices of spicy chorizo in sauteed with bell peppers and caramelized onion. Serve with rice, beans, and spicy sauces on the side. Tortilla chips and soft warm Tortillas.
    • Tres Picaditas

      Freshly made corn patty top it with a layer of beans, fresh veggies, and toppings chicken or cactus or chorizo or cochinita.
    • Arepitas con Ajiaco

      A Colombian favorite dish Arepas ( corn patties) stuffed with a tasty choice of Carnitas OR chicken OR beef. Make it 3 different flavors or just one. Serve with tasty soup ajiaco.
    • Big Quesadilla With Ajiaco Soup

      Cheesy quesadilla with any of your favorites. Choose chicken or beef or pork or double cheese. Ajiaco Soup on the side.
    • Chicken Mole Verde

      Authentic Grandma's Mole Verde con Pollo. Tender Chicken bathed with a Delicious sauce of made of Pumpkin seeds with green tomatoes and a touch of Jalapeno. Mexican Rice and refried beans. Tortilla chips on the side to enjoy.
    • Chicharron with Cactus and Salsa Verde

      Super authentic dish full of flavor and taste with warm tortillas. Mexican rice and beans on the side to cool down the tasty spiciness. A favorite of dish of many foodies.
    • 3 Quesadillas

      Enjoy 3 cheese quesadillas with your favorite toppings cochinita pibil or chicken tinga or chorizo or veggies.
    • Chilaquiles Verdes o Rojos

      Fresh tortillas chips bathed in a delicious spicy green tomatoes or red tomatoes sauce with melted mozzarella cheese, queso fresco and sour cream to balance the heat. Side of rice can be added for $3 with this dish.
    • La Yucateca Plate

      Yucatan, the Peninsula of Mexico comes this delicious Cochinita Pibil. Tender pork cook over 10 hours with Achiote and many other spices that gives unique flavor with purple onion on top and rice and refried beans. Warm tortillas and chips to enjoy it to the fullest.
    • Mexican Empanadas

      Mexican 3 empanadas blue or white corn nicely stuffed with your meat or vegetarian choices with a fresh toppings salad, Pico de Gallo, sauce on the side.
    • Enchiladas de Mole

      Authentic GLUTE FREE Mole Sauce made from scratch with dry Chile Ancho, Chocolate, peanuts, almonds and more than 15 spices carefully prepared. Two tortillas stuffed with chicken and bathed with this sauce and on the side Mexican Rice and Refried beans. Make it Vegan.
    • Mexican Meatballs Chipotle

      Mexican Meatballs with Chipotle sauce, tasty, spicy with smoky flavor. Mexican Rice and Beans with Fresh Tortillas.
    • Enchiladas Verdes

      Mild spicy and tasty sauce over 3 tortillas stuffed with chicken with a sprinkle of queso fresco and sour cream.
    • Mexican Fiesta

      Little bit of Mexican Favorites: 2 Tacos, 1 Quesadilla and Tostada with your favorites toppings to choose and fresh salsas.
    • Happy Burrito with Fries

      Fully loaded burrito with rice, beans, lots of veggies, cheese, chipotle sauce and chicken tinga topping. Fries on the side.
    • Mexican Panini

      Scrumptious panini with your favorite meat choice beef or cochinita pibil or chorizo or ham or cheese. Fries on the side.
    • Pollo con Mole

      Popular dish, chicken with mole sauce, tasty refried beans, and Mexican rice.
    • Mole Con pollo

      Delicious Chicken with Mole sauce. This famous salsa is make with chile ancho, peanuts and other 15 spices that creates a unique taste and spicy. On the side refried beans and rice.
    • Bello Centro America

      Centro America all in one plate! Enjoy gallo pinto rice, fried slices plantain, spicy homestyle chorizo sausage, and tender chicharron.
    • Mi Bella Colombia

      Feeling very hungry? Try the Bella Colombia plate. Fill up on tasty chicharron, spicy chorizo sausage, fried plantains, 1 egg, rice, and beans. A complete filling meal with lots of flavours!
    • Tostadas Plate

      Crispy tortillas with layer of refried beans, lots of fresh lettuce, tomatoes and your choice of Meat.
  • Appetizers

    • Large Guacamole

      Great Appetizer Fresh Guacamole with avocados, cilantro, onions and touch jalapeno with Tortilla chips and some salsas.
    • Hot Tamale

      Famous Hot Tamale Delicious soft corn patty stuffed with spicy meat and wrapped it on banana leaf OR corn leaf steamed for couple hours. Your choice of meat
    • Cactus

      Tender cactus/nopal salad with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro , slices of avocado side and sprinkle of cheese.
    • Chicharron

      Delicious fried pork crunchy and tender full of flavour. A great appetizer to share. Comes with limes and tortillas.
    • Small Guacamole

      Extra taste with Fresh Guacamole made with real avocados, jalapeno, cilantro and some lime juice.
    • Plantains - Platanos Fritos

      Fresh Plantains sliced and deep fried, perfect for an appetizer or dessert to share or accompanied some dishes.
    • Tortilla Chips Order with Salsas

      Freshly made at the restaurant crispy tortillas homemade style. Gluten Free
    • Fried Yuca

      Delicious and Healthy South America Yuca Frita known as Cassava. This crispy Yuca frita is the Central America alternative to french-fried potatoes with a twist of Chipotle Mayo Sauce on the side to enjoy it even more.
    • Nachos For Everyone

      Fresh and crispy nachos fully loaded with tons of veggies and chorizo. Spicy sauces on the side.
    • Picada

      Large Mexican Appetizer for the Amigos or Big Familia. Chicharron, Yuca Frita, Plantain,Tortilla chips, Chorizo, Salsas and Guacamole. You will Enjoy it!
  • Big Combos

    • Chicken Nachos for Everyone

      Perfect to share nachos plate with your favorite toppings chicken, beef, pork or double cheese. Or try just totally vegetarian.
    • Meatballs con Chipotle Sauce

      Delicious spicy chipotle sauce with 4 meatballs and garnished with refried beans and rice.
    • Tacos Dorados

      Crispy tacos stuffed with chicken breast and serve with fresh lettuce, sour cream, and touch of sauce.
    • Taquiza Kit

      Taco kit Includes: Carnitas, Chorizo with potatoes, tinga chicken. Rice , Refried beans and Potatoes fries, tortilla chips and plenty spicy salsas.
    • Pozole and Tacos

      For 4-5 people. Super tasty and full of flavor our famous pork soup Pozole (2 liters) with corn and delicious pull pork tacos (1 pounds). Tortillas, chips and toppings included.
    • Buffet Latino

      Enjoy our super Latino combo with little bit of South America. Like a Pot Luck: Tacos, Arepas or Meal : Chorizo with potatoes, carnitas, chicken tinga, chicharron, rice, beans, yuca fries and fries. Rice, Beans, Tortillas, Salsas, large Guacamole, Tortilla chips on the side and 4 different desserts ( based on available of choices)
  • Vegetarian

    • Veggi Tacos

      Tres delicious tacos and your tasty choices chorizo (tofu) or potatoes or zucchini or beans, spinach, or scramble eggs.
    • Veggie Enfrijoladas with Chorizo

      Fresh tortillas stuffed with mozzarella cheese and bathed in a tasty bean sauce and top it with Tofu Chorizo and Fresh Cheese ..
    • Veggie Quesadillas

      3 corn quesadillas stuffed with cheese and your choice: Tofu Chorizo, Potatoes, Refried Beans OR Spinach, Mushrooms.
    • Veggie Entomatadas

      Delicious homemade red sauce with 3 corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and top it with sour cream and cheese.
    • Veggie Molletes

      Special bread slices baked with refried beans and mozzarella cheese. Options to add tofu chorizo, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach or others.
    • Veggie Tres Arepitas

      3 Delicious Arepas gluten free and stuffed with Tofu Chorizo or Mushrooms, Cactus, Spinach, Refried Beans and Cactus. ADD beans for $3
    • Veggie Tostadas

      3 crispy tortillas with delicious toppings. Choose calabacitas, v- chorizo, potatoes or veggies with cheese.
    • Veggie Calabacitas

      Zucchini with colorful tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Serve with cheese. 2 cheese quesadillas.
    • Veggie Cuban

      Enjoy this tasty Latin dish rice Gallo pinto rice with egg and fried plantain.
    • Veggie Six Tacos

      Enjoy 3 tortillas stuff with tasty mash potatoes and deep-fried. Serve with lettuce, cheese, and sour cream.
    • Veggie Nachos

      Gluten free and crispy. Fresh crispy corn tortilla with mozzarella cheese, black beans, guacamole, and fresh Mexican salsa.
    • Calabacitas

      Mexican Zucchini cook homemade style with with colorful tomatoes, onions and peppers. Serve with melted mozzarella cheese and queso fresco. On the side 2 cheese quesadillas and tortilla chips to make it extra delicious meal.
    • Veggie Burger

      Delicious Bean Burger with lots of fresh veggies, chipotle sauce and fries on the side.
    • Veggie Enfrijoladas

      Enjoy 3 Tortillas stuffed with cheese and bathed with refried bean sauce made with caramelized onions and top it with queso fresco and sprinkle of onions with cilantro.
    • Mix Latin Salad

      Enjoy this Mixed salad with lots of fresh veggies, corn, beans, pumpkin seeds and delicious dressing.
  • Latin Dishes

    • Mi Bella Venezuela

      Traditional Venezuelan dish homemade style with Tasty slow-cooked pork, rice, beans, and fried plantain. Lots of fiber and protein.
    • Patacones-Tostones

      Traditional Colombian and Venezuelan dish made of Crispy plantain with guacamole, refried beans, and mechada pull pork meat
    • Hola Cuba

      Enjoy this healthy dish, also tasty with 2 eggs, beans, and fried plantains.
  • Burgers Mex/Can

    • Hamburguesa Fusion Latina

      Angus burger with the spread of refried beans, cheddar cheese, bacon, fresh Rico de Gallo, and lettuce with chipotle sauce. Serve with Yuca fries.
    • Mexican Guacamole Hamburger

      Nice hamburger Mexican style with a layer of guacamole on top to enjoy the creamy avocado in your burger.
    • 3 Mexican Tostadas

      Foody favorite dish. 3 tostadas 1-3 flavors to choose. They are crispy sweet, tasty, soft, warm, and cold.
    • Mexican Torta/Panini

      Mexican traditional Torta (Warm Panini ) Toasted bun with a thin layer of creamy beans, choice of meat and fries on the side.

    • 1lb of Chicharron w/tortilla, lime and salsas

      A pound of Carnitas with tortillas and salsa verde o roja. For you to make your own tacos.
    • 3 Tacos Plate (with rice and beans)

      Enjoy three delicious tacos of your choice of meat or vegetarian or vegan. Comes with a side of rice, beans and some spicy salsa.
    • Tacos Birria Lamb

      3 Mexican Gourmet tacos Birria / lamb. Cooked for more than 10 hours with spices and guajillo sauce. This tasty meat is sprinkle with onions and cilantro. Enjoy it with any of our salsas.
    • Tacos of Beef / Asada

      Fully loaded 3 tacos of tender beef sirloin with lots of flavor. Red or Green sauce for extra flavor.
    • Six Tacos

      Enjoy six fresh tacos choose from different meats, vegetarian, and/or vegan options.
  • Sides

    • French Fries

      Crispy fresh potatoes fries to enjoy as a side dish or by itself.
    • Side Yuca Frita

      Enjoy small side of Yuca for extra food experience
    • Mix Salad

      Enjoy Mix fully loaded salad with your favorite topping: chicken breast or carnitas or pastor or just vegetarian.
    • Refried Beans

      Enjoy creamy refried beans carefully cooked with caramelized onions. Great as a side dish for those spicy dishes or tortilla chips. Sometimes topped with a little bit of cheese.
  • Soups * Grande

    • Birria Lamb Soup

      From the mountains of Mexico, this soup will give you stamina. Carefully slow cooked lamb with unique spices, chickpeas, guajillo salsa and touch of dry chilies. Comes with tortilla chips for additional enjoyment.
    • Aztec's soup

      Tasty tortilla soup with chicken breast, tortilla chips, and some epazote spice for extra taste garnished with cheese. Small and Grande Size . Also, Make it Vegan!
    • Ajiaco Soup

      Colombian chicken potatoes soup super tasty that warms up.
    • Puchero Latino Soup

      Large soup as complete meal. Enjoy tender beef cooked with vegetables and lots of flavor! Add chilies and lime juice and super delicious!
    • Pozole

      This a favorite Mexican's soup. Homemade with tons flavor.