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    Yupanqui family

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    5304 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H4C 1T5
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    10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
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    5304 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H4C 1T5 • More info

    • Produits / Products

      • Poivre Noir, Blanc et Vert Entier en vrac 500g / Whole Black, White and Green Pepper in Bulk 500g

        Whole peppercorns freshly packed from the farm to your kitchen. Ideal for restaurants. These peppercorns are made by Ecuadorian farmers who works associated with the Yupanqui family. We select the best grains for you. Notes: wood, strong, humid, salty and mint.
        100 Cal.
      • Sachets de Poivre Noir, Blanc et Vert Premium 50g / Sachets of Black, White and Green Premium Pepper 50g

        Fresh in a zipped packaging, the most appreciated premium grains by chefs around the world. These peppercorns are ideal for enhanced your dishes and cooking. Notes: most pungent in the world, citrus sensations, seafood aromas and herbal notes.
        10 Cal.
      • Poivre Noir, Blanc et Vert Premium 500g / Premium Black, White and Green Pepper 500g

        Enjoy all the magnificent flavour high recognized by chefs and foodies around the world. Notes of : range and lemon sensations, pungent and long in mouth. These packaging is perfect to preserve all the richness of these peppercorns. You can let in in the kitchen close to water and light without any problem.
        50 Cal.
      • Hand pusher 10g de Poivre Noir, Blanc et Vert Reserve de Famille / Family Reserve Black, White and Green Pepper 10g Pushers

        This elegant and useful hand pusher grinder is ideal for travel or bring g to your favorite restaurant and garnish your most pleasant dish. These precious grains are made by Don David Yupanqui, he put all his passion applying his ancestral agricultural techniques, an heritage from Incas.
        2 Cal.
      • Thé de Poivre Noir 50g./ Tea of Black Pepper 50g.

        This unique black pepper tea is made traditionally by the Yupanqui family, amateurs of tea time since many generations. Notes: Wood, chocolate and smoked. Appereance: brown chocolate with green and red highlights. Properties: energetic, digestion, antibacterial and antioxidant. Time: morning. Boilt: 100 degrees celsius. Quantity: One spoon for one cup.
        10 Cal.
      • Green pepper in brine freshly made 114ml.

        Don David Yupanqui offers you his most precious secret: green pepper in brine made of fresh selected green peppercorns from Family reserve. Natural ingredients are put in a container of 114ml. Use: Garnish your favorite drinks, creamy cheese and fresh seafood. Enjoy all the natural flavors of this unique pepper. Notes: salty, pungent and mint notes. Ideal for home kitchen and restaurant dishes.
    • Collections Format Cadeau / Gift Format Collections

      • Collection de Sachets de 3 Poivres 25g (12 Unités) / Collection of Sachets of 3 Peppers 25g (12 Units)

        This nice and useful collection of 25g aluminum and zipped doypacks of black, green, white Yupanqui peppercorns comes in a gift box. You will enjoy the flavour of these premium quality from Yupanqui family terroir in Ecuador. Ideal for refill your grinder or use it as it to decorate and enhance your favorite recipes.
        5 Cal.
      • Collection de Valves 3 Poivres Reserve 250g (3 Unités) / Collection of Valves 3 Peppers Reserve 250g (3 Units)

        This collection of 3 unique aluminum valves where created to maintain all the freshness of Yupanqui reserve peppercorns in kitchen, while you are cooking, valve is useful. Every time you open the valve, you bring oxygen to your oversized peppercorns and they will increase their flavour as a Aged peppercorn. You can use it to refill your grinder and also to grind in your stone mortar. You can leave it on your kitchen, even water and nothing gonna change. Notes: wood, chocolate, vanilla, anise and mint.
        50 Cal.
      • Collection de Pushers 4 Poivres Reserve 10g / Collection of Pushers 4 Peppers Reserve 10g

        Reserve family collection of 4 supersized grains of black, green, white and red peppercorns made by Don David Yupanqui in his family vineyard. Ideal for home kitchen, cafe and as a suitable gift.
        2 Cal.
      • Black pepper beauty secret for body and face (3 pieces)

        Natural and handmade beauty secret was created by Pierina Yupanqui, beauty queen in Peru and Elizabeth Campusanto, business woman and artisan from Dominican republic. Together, they have created this perfect collection rich in antioxidants ingredients as lemon, orange, honney and black pepper. Use: Body and face. Properties: Energy and vitality .