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    The Crumby Cookie Dough Company

    The Crumby Cookie Dough Company

    $ • Desserts • Bakery • Comfort Food • Canadian

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    Location and hours

    8 Regina St N , Unit 5, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2Z8
    Sunday - Monday
    Tuesday - Thursday
    12:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
    Friday - Saturday
    12:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

    8 Regina St N , Unit 5, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2Z8 • More info

    • flavours!

      • Obligatory Chocolate Chip

        [THE DOUGH] chocolate chip cookie dough... with chocolate chips.... and cookie dough. [TASTES LIKE] sneaking cookie dough from the mixing bowl when you were just little wee. [FURTHER READING] chocolate chip is a must. It's the vanilla of ice cream. the plain of potato chips. the coffee that actually tastes like coffee. (and not pumpkin spice. or old spice. or baby spice. or whatever coffee is tasting like these days). chocolate chip is classic. like led zeppelin.
      • Material Squirrel

        [THE DOUGH] natural peanut butter cookie dough + roasted peanuts + semi-sweet chocolate + homemade butter toffee pieces. [TASTES LIKE] a peanut butter chocolate toffee storm. with an aroma of jealous squirrels. [FURTHER READING] squirrel food. all the nuts. but high-class classy, also. definitely Madonna's favourite flavor. we are living in a material world, and i am a material squirrel.
      • Rainbow Pony Show

        [THE DOUGH] vanilla cookie dough + naturally colored pink and purple swirls + rainbow sprinkles (also natural) *throws glitter* [TASTES LIKE] a vanilla sugar cookie. with a hint of driving a minivan filled with 8-year-olds. [FURTHER READING] this is our centre stage, head of the drama class cookie dough. performance. *applause* dramatic pause. *applause* twirl. stop. *applause* exit stage left. curtain call. *adorn with roses* *pony tail flip*
      • One Tart to Rule Them All

        [THE DOUGH] maple butter tart filling + brown sugar cookie dough + toasted pecans + pastry from our friends at the Just Love Pie Co. [TASTES LIKE] a legit butter tart. but better. is that even possible? yes. it is. [FURTHER READING] we held a contest. an all out Battle: Butter Tart. raisins vs. pecans. it was controversial. there were tears. blood was shed. and on the final day of battle, empty husks of dead grapes scattered on a worn battlefield during a hazy sunrise, we squinted into the blazing horizon to see the humble pecan emerge victorious as butter tart’s most desired adornment. seriously though, there is a lot of raisin hostility out there. it is almost cruel.
      • Cherry Magdalene

        [THE DOUGH] cocoa cookie dough + real vanilla cheesecake pieces + sundried cherries + buttered graham bits [TASTES LIKE] chocolate cherry cheesecake. with a touch of the world's oldest profession. [FURTHER READING] she's the OG lady of the night.
      • Grandmaster Flash (gluten friendly)

        [THE DOUGH] gluten friendly brown sugar oatmeal cookie dough + chocolate chunks *made in a facility that uses wheat/flour, may not be suitable for celiac diets [TASTES LIKE] oatmeal chocolate chip, but without all that pesky gluten. [FURTHER READING] we’re not sure if it’s common knowledge that the Grandmaster Flash (aka Hip Hop’s Godfather, aka GF) prefers a Gluten Free (aka GF) diet. but we’re pretty sure the names are purposefully paralleled.* why would the universe lead us astray? *these views are based on nothing, really.
        Gluten Friendly
      • The Other Chocolate Chip (Vegan)

        [THE DOUGH] chocolate chip cookie dough but vegan-friendly. [TASTES LIKE] really good chocolate chip cookie dough. no joke. [FURTHER READING] because vegans deserve legit chocolate chip cookie dough too.
      • It's a Shindig!

        [THE DOUGH] vanilla cookie dough + vanilla cake + natural rainbow sprinkles [TASTES LIKE] a party. also walks and talks like a party. [FURTHER READING] this is a cookie dough made for celebrating....anything! *throws confetti* birthdays? of course. but not just birthdays. why should birthdays get all the special treatment? every day is worthy of a party! (but if it's your birthday....happy birthday totally tho.)
        Sold out
      • Feisty Redhead

        [THE DOUGH] ginger spice cookie dough + molasses gingerbread swirl + candied ginger bitties [TASTES LIKE] spicey ginger molasses, and spicy rick astley. [FURTHER READING] CAUTION: this ginger could gingers will from time to time (trust us. we have LOTS of redhead experience)
      • Reverse Cow.girl

        [THE DOUGH] COCOA OATMEAL COOKIE DOUGH + CHOCOLATE CHIPS + COCONUT + TOASTED PECANS [TASTES LIKE] A COWBOY COOKIE, MOSTLY. BUT WITH STRONG NOTES OF FEMALE INFLUENCE. this is a lot like the the classic, get-you-through-the-wild-west cowboy cookie. except it's better than you remember. you can pretty much tell a woman was responsible for the evolution. (always putting chocolate in everything, amiright?) giddyup. woah.
      • NanaimO.M.G.

        [THE DOUGH] cocoa graham cookie dough + walnuts + coconut + vanilla custard buttercream + chocolate crackle [TASTES LIKE] the iconic BC dessert square. aka canada's favourite confection, according to a National Post reader's poll circa 2006. [FURTHER READING] there is an important and lively debate you may not be aware of that heavily involves this iconic canadian treat. is the nanaimo meant to be enjoyed as an all-year-round standar.d in the dessert community? OR is this treat best enjoyed as a festive holiday indulgence? we suggest proceeding as you see fit, taking safety into account. (some people are very passionate about that holiday bit.)
      • Toboggeggnogganing

        [THE DOUGH] creamy egg.nog cookie dough + nutmeg + sa!lor jerry spiced ru.m [TASTES LIKE] coming in from a rowdy bout of winter sport for an après-tobogganing ru.m + egg.nog. [FURTHER READING] to all of you egg.nog devotees out there - you're welcome. but we do realize that some of you have a fear of egg.nog. stop it. just stop it. egg.nog is where it's at. if it makes it any easier, the flavour of egg.nog is basically the flavour of an old-fashioned doughnut. (we know this is not necessarily helpful.)
      • Hawt Chocolate (vegan)

        [THE DOUGH] vegan cocoa cookie dough + cinnamon + chili + dandie's mallows [TASTES LIKE] mexican hot chocolate with just the right amount of slightly spicy. [FURTHER READING] olé. (and i mean OHHHH-lé). this one's a little sweet, and a little spicy.
      • Peppermint Daddy

        [THE DOUGH] dark cocoa cookie dough + a peppermint patty swirl (aka top hat). [TASTES LIKE] a peppermint patty, and the thrilling sensation of skiing the alps. [FURTHER READING] peppermint daddy dresses fresh as all get out. we’re talkin’ fancy hat. we’re talkin’ cuff links. we’re talkin’ stripey tie. daddy suits up. fresh as a peppermint patty.
      • Elf Care

        [THE DOUGH] salted caramel cookie dough + dark chocolate + pink himalayan sea salt + a sparkling rosé gummy [TASTES LIKE] all the things you're looking for when you want a night all to yours(elf) because you work hard, and you deserve it. [FURTHER READING] santa's elves work long, hard days in tinsel town, making toys, day in and day out. but thankfully, due to government incentives and mental health initiatives, santa has worked some much needed elf care into the budget. at the end of the day, each and every elf takes a little slice of 'me time' to decompress, have a bubble bath with a glass of w!ne, and enjoy a little something sweet.
      • It's a HOLIDAY Shindig!

        [THE DOUGH] vanilla cookie dough + natural holiday sprinkles + vanilla cake pieces. [TASTES LIKE] a good time holiday party. with cake and mistletoe and everything. [FURTHER READING] phyllis is singing Santa Baby. acapella. falsetto. (no one wants her to be doing that.) fred keeps helping himself to abandoned cockatils left around the room. herb is spending an awful lot of time around the mistletoe. and so is that floozy from down the street. how many of those cheese puffs has mert packed away? sally and jimmy should be in bed, but there they are, peeking down at the action from the top of the stairs. they're not always perfect, but you just can't beat a great holiday party. you'll have fun. or at the very least there'll be some good gossip for the next week or so.
    • baking instructions

      • Include Baking Instructions?

        all of our cookie dough is safe to enjoy as is, but you can also bake it into cookies! :)
    • candy spoons

      • Candy Spoon

        exactly what it sounds like - a spoon made of candy! when the cookie dough is gone, you get to eat the spoon!
    • bevvies!

      • 2% Chocolate Milk - Neilsen (250ml)

        cold 2% Kawartha Dairy milk - perfect for cookies and cookie dough!
      • 2% White Milk -Kawartha Dairy (250ml)

        cold 2% Kawartha Dairy milk - perfect for cookies and cookie dough!