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7-Eleven delivered to your door

    7-Eleven delivery in Smithtown

    Find a Smithtown 7-Eleven near you. Browse its menu, order your favorite items, and track delivery to your door.


    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)

    Ben & Jerry's

    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)

    Chips & Popcorn

    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)

    Only at 7 Eleven

    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)

    Cookies & Bakery

    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)

    Small Bites & Meals

    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)


    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)


    From 7-Eleven (221 W MAIN ST)

    Frequently asked questions

    Is 7-Eleven delivery available near me in Smithtown?

    There are a number of 7-Eleven locations offering delivery in Smithtown with Uber Eats, including on ROUTE 347 and W MAIN ST. Enter your address to see if 7-Eleven delivery is available where you are in Smithtown.

    Can I order 7-Eleven online for delivery?

    Once you’ve selected a 7-Eleven location to order from in Smithtown, you can browse its menu, choose the items you want for delivery, like the Quest Birthday Cake Protein Bar 2.12oz, the Trolli Sour Gummi Creations 4.25oz and the Clif Peanut Butter & Banana Dark Chocolate 2.4oz, and then place your 7-Eleven order online.

    What should I order for 7-Eleven delivery in Smithtown?

    Common 7-Eleven orders among users in Smithtown include the Quest Ranch Tort Chip 1.1oz, the Large Pizza - Cheese and the Banana. If you want something plant-based, check out the 7-Eleven delivery menu items that are noted to be vegan, including the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie White Chocolate Macadamia 4oz, the Lenny & Larry’s Keto Chocolate Chip 1.6oz and the Silk Pure Almond Vanilla Almond Milk Half Gallon.

    Are there 7-Eleven menu items I can order for delivery in Smithtown for $5?

    Items on the 7-Eleven menu that are priced at $5 or less and available for delivery in Smithtown include the Quest Sea Salt Caramel Almond Snack Bar 1.1oz, the Quest Peanut Butter Brownie Smash Protein Bar 2.12oz and the Met-RX Vanilla Caramel Churro 3.5oz.

    Is 7-Eleven delivery available 24 hours a day in Smithtown?

    7-Eleven delivery can be ordered 24 hours a day in city, like from the location on W Main St and Smithtown Bypass.

    Are there 7-Eleven delivery menu options that are healthy?

    Items on the 7-Eleven menu that are labeled as healthy include the Beyond Grain Free Beef & Potato & Green Bean 13oz, the Trident White Spearmint 16 Count and the Beyond Grain Free Chicken & Egg 3lb Bag.

    Is free 7-Eleven delivery available in Smithtown?

    Subscribers to Uber Pass enjoy $0 Delivery Fee on qualifying orders so if you’re looking to save money on 7-Eleven delivery orders in Smithtown, check out Uber Pass. Subject to terms, fees and availability.

    Can I customize my 7-Eleven order online for delivery in Smithtown?

    You might have the opportunity to leave a note for the 7-Eleven staff and to customize the menu items you want to order as you fill your cart.