Tasca Tapas Restaurant
Opens at 4:00 PM

Tasca Tapas Restaurant

$ • Spanish • Seafood • Mediterranean • Desserts • Vegetarian Friendly • Chicken • Allergy Friendly
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Location and hours

1612 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 2135
04:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Monday - Saturday
04:00 PM - 10:00 PM

1612 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 2135 • More info

  • Seafood Tapas

    • Pulpo a La Gallega

      Galician octopus with olive oil, paprika, and flake salt.
    • Calamares Fritos

      Crispy fried squid with aioli sauce.
    • Mejillones a Vizcaina

      Steamed fresh mussels in a sweet pepper sauce.
    • Pulpo a La Parilla

      Grilled Galician octopus in a parsley sauce.
    • Zarzuela De Mariscos

      A shellfish and seafood stew made with seasonal vegetables, shrimp, mussels, calamari, clams, zesty lobster broth, and toasted garlic crostini.
  • Chicken and Meats Tapas

    • Entrana a La Parilla

      Half lb skirt marinated and grilled with parsley oil.
    • Empanadas De Carne

      Halal beef turnovers.
    • Croquetas De Jamon Iberico

      Ibeerico ham croquettes.
    • Txistorras de cerdo al Jerez

      Homemade pork sausages sauteed in sherry wine mild or hot.
    • Pollo Al Ajillo

      Sauteed boneless halal chicken, Spanish spices, and garlic.
    • Albondigas De Cordero

      Lamb meatballs with vegetable sauce.
    • Chuletas De Cordero

      Two grilled lamb chops with chimichurri and mint yogurt sauces.
    • Bistec De Ternera

      Grilled minute steak, fried potatoes with mojo picón, sautéed baby spinach, and garlic.
  • Pintoxs

    • Tortilla Espanola

      Spanish omelet with potatoes, eggs, onions, and evoo.
    • Choripan

      Grilled homemade chorizo patty over bread.
    • Aceitunas

      Gourmet marinated.
  • Paellas

    • Paella De Mariscos

      Saffron rice stew made with mussels, cockle clams, calamari, and shrimp in a lobster, and shrimp broth.
    • Paella De Verduras

      Saffron rice stew made with seasonal vegetables in a veggie broth.
    • Paella Negra

      Saffron rice stew made with calamari, cuttlefish ink, and lobster in a lobster and shrimp broth.
    • Paella Valenciana

      Saffron rice stew made with chicken, mussels, cockle clams, calamari, and shrimp cooked in a lobster and shrimp broth.
    • Fideua

      Catalan stew with angel hair pasta, shrimps, calamari, mussels, cockles on lobster broth.
  • Vegetable Tapas

    • Bolas De Queso

      6 crispy goat cheese croquettes stuffed with quince paste glazed with sugar cane honey.
    • Empanadillas De Queso Y Alcachofa

      6 herb goat cheese-artichoke turnovers.
    • Patatas Bravas

      Crispy potatoes with brava sauce.
    • Patatas Con Alioli

      Crispy potatoes with homemade aioli sauce.
    • Setas al Jerez

      Sauteed mushroom in garlic, EVOO, and sherry wine.
    • Brie

      Grilled brie cheese with apple chutney, fresh pear, and garlic crostini.
    • Espinaca a La Catalana

      Sautéed baby spinach with olive oil, garlic, raisin, and pine nuts.
    • Timbales

      The stock of roasted eggplant, zucchini, tomato, spinach red pepper, and goat cheese.
    • Pisto Manchego

      Grilled ratatouille with roasted zucchini, green pepper, eggplant, tomato, and garlic crostini.
    • Queso Manchego

      Sliced manchego cheese served with olives and EVOO.
    • Pimientos Del Padron

      Fried shishitos peppers, EVOO, and flake salt.
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    • Ensalada De Remolacha

      Beets, pistachio, goat, and manchego cheese salad with sherry glaze dressing.
    • Esparragos Al Grill

      Grilled asparagus with romesco sauce.
    • Alcachofas Fritas

      Crispy fried artichokes with a side of romesco sauce.
  • Desserts

    • Churros con Chocolate

      Deep fried-dough sticks filled with cream, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. With a delicious chocolate sauce on the side.
    • Tiramisu

      Espresso Soaked ladyfingers topped with sweetened mascarpone cheese.
    • Budin de Pan

      homemade bread pudding
    • Tarta de Zarzamora

      Cheese cake topped with blackberry sauce.
    • Flan

      Traditional homemade Spanish Flan