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    Mei Mei Restaurant

    Mei Mei Restaurant

    $ • Chinese • New American • Asian • Asian Fusion

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    Location and hours

    506 Park Dr, Boston, MA 2215
    04:00 AM - 04:01 AM
    Tuesday - Saturday
    04:00 AM - 04:01 AM

    506 Park Dr, Boston, MA 2215 • More info

    Opens Thursday 4:00 AM

    • Scallion Pancake Sandwiches

      • The Porko Rosso Sandwich

        Pulled pork, shiitake mushrooms, cranberry hoisin, pickled slaw, and greens.
      • The Beef and Brocc Sandwich

        Griddled beef and veggie hash, Broccoli, BBQ sauce, smoky aioli, and cilantro.
      • The Gabby Sandwich

        Maple roasted sweet potato, black bean spread, pickled slaw, and greens.
      • The Double Awesome Sandwich

        Two oozy eggs, Vermont cheddar, and local greens pesto.
      • The Beet Reuben

        Pastrami spice roasted beets, island dressing, crimson kraut, VT cheddar
    • Little Plates

      • Curried Sweet Potato

        Choice of ground beef or hei wa tofu, creamy coconut sauce, and crunchy purple pickles.
        Sold out
      • Javelin Fries

        Parsnip fries, spice, seaweed confetti, and soy aioli.
      • Roasted Honey Carrots

        Fennel, coriander, butter, pickled veg, and cilantro.
      • Magical Kale Salad

        Sea salt feta, garlic panko, and ginger-scallion vinaigrette.
      • Seasonal Mushroom Daikon Cakes

        local creminis, apple hoisin, scallions, 3 pcs.
    • Dumplings and Fritters

      • Cranberry Sage Pork Dumplings

        Crunchy purple pickles and signature soy aioli. (3 pieces)
      • Pierogi Dumplings

        Creamy potatoes, Cheddar, local veggies, and sour cream. (3 pieces)
      • Singapore Shiitake Dumplings

        RI shiitakes, vermicelli noodles, curry powder, spicy pepper jelly
      • Sweet Corn Fritters

        Creamy maple dipping sauce. (3 pieces)
      • Smoked Fish Fritters

        Mixed with local veggies, and smoked paprika aioli. (3 pieces)
      • Dumpling Party

        Two of each of our dumplings! Cranberry Sage Pork, Singapore Shiitake Mushroom (vegan), Pierogi (Vegetarian)
    • Soft Drinks

      • Sap Maple Soda

        Can. Lightly sweet, thirst quenching.
      • Spindrift Seltzer