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    Hanmaru Restaurant
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    Hanmaru Restaurant

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    Location and hours

    168 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA 2134
    Sunday - Thursday
    11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
    The gamjatang is one of the most ordered items among Uber Eats users and the gamjatang and the jokbal bokum are two of the things most commonly ordered together at this evening go-to. • $ • Korean • Asian • BBQ

    168 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA 2134 • More info

    • Appetizer

      • Kimchi Pancake

        Sliced kimchi mixed with a flour batter and pan-fried in oil. Served with a soy vinaigrette dipping sauce.
      • Seafood Pancake

      • Seaweed Salad

      • Shrimp Papaya Salad

        Som Tam is a spicy papaya salad that will light your taste buds on fire. It has such a range of flavors and a balance of spicy, sweet, sour, and salty. It originates in the northeast of Thailand.
      • Gyoza (8 pcs)

        Japanese style chicken gyoza come with 8 pcs.
    • Hanmaru Specials

      • Shrimp Kanpunggi

        Fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce with vegetables.
      • Yangnyeom Chicken

        Korean fried chicken, fried until crispy, then tossed in a sticky, and sweet and sour sauce. Comes with 10 pcs chicken and pickled radish carrot.
      • Jokbal

        Braised pig's feet. Pig’s feet glazed in a soy sauce with ginger and garlic. Served off the bone and thinly sliced.
      • Jokbal Bokum

        Braised pig's feet. Pig’s feet spicy stir fried.
      • LA Galbi

        Marinated grilled ribs. LA beef ribs are beef ribs with diagonally cut bones that protrude along the long edge.
      • Stir-Fried Spicy Squid

        Stir-fried squid. Squid stir-fried with onions, carrots, and cabbage in a spicy mixture of gochujang, and red chili powder.
      • Bulgogi

        Bulgogi is prepared with beef that has been marinated in soy sauce, minced green onion, garlic, sesame seeds, and pepper, and then grilled.
      • Stir Fry Spicy Pork

        Stir-fried spicy pork. Thinly sliced pork marinated in spicy ginger-gochujang and stir-fried with onions and carrots.
      • Scallion Beef Stir Fry

      • Chapchae

        Stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables glass noodles stir-fried with beef, assorted mushrooms, and vegetables.
      • Katsu Set

        Japanese style tonkatsu (pork) or chicken katsu with rice, slice cabbage, and special katsu sauce.
      • Tofu Kimchi

        Spicy stir-fried pork with steamed tofu on top.
      • Katsu Curry Rice

        Japanese style tonkatsu (pork) or chicken katsu, fried egg on top of rice, and curry on the side.
      • Dolsot Bibimbab

        Korean style hot stone rice bowl with meat and vegetables. Spicy sauce on the side.
    • Hot Pot

      • Budae Jungol Hot Pot

        Sausage Stew. A fusion dish made with ham, sausage, kimchi, pork, and cheese. Everything is combined and cooked in a spicy broth. Instant Ramen noodles are added to the simmering stew. Come with two rice & side dishes.
      • Soft Tofu Jungol Hot Pot

      • Gamjatang

        Hanmaru's the most popular dish. Pork backbone soup, made with potatoes, tofu, vegetables and wild sesame seeds. A set come with 5 pc meat & 3 rice, B set come with 4 pc meat & 2 rice, C come with 1 meat, 1 rice & no vege.
    • Noodles

      • Hanmaru Ramen

      • Jampong

        Korean style chinese spicy seafood broth with Japanese ramen noodle or rice.
    • Stew

      • Sul Rung Tang

        Ox bone soup with slice beef brisket and scallion with rice.
      • Yook Gae Jang

    • Beverages

      • Thai Ice Tea

      • Orange Juice

      • Soda

      • Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Can

      • Water Bottle (500 ml)

        Poland Spring bottle water.
    • Extra

      • Rice

      • Kimchi (16oz)

      • Macaroni Salad side 16 oz

      • Potato Salad side 16 oz

      • Pickled Radish side 16 oz

      • Ramen

        Japanses fresh ramen noodle
      • Instant Ramen