Uber Eats cash: The new payment option to make your life easier

January 7, 2019  /  South Africa  /  News

Picture this: you’re throwing a huge party and all of your friends are coming for some good music and good times. You need to order in some food as the party’s starting to really get things going – we’re talking pizzas, cake, drinks, anything you want. Naturally, Uber Eats is the place to go for a quick takeaway with a variety of different food. But then comes the issue of payment – you have to pay for everything on one card. And once the pizza has arrived and been eaten, what’s to stop your friends from conveniently forgetting who’s paid what?

Not to worry, Uber Eats has recently opened up a new option of cash payments for certain regions, including the whole of Durban and the Southern Suburbs and CBD of Cape Town. It’s a simple procedure: once you’ve scrolled through the app’s many restaurant-partners and chosen your dinner, head over to your basket. There you’ll see the Uber Eats payment options, where you can change or add an option, and simply select ”Cash”.

That means that next time, you can round up the cash for an order in advance, so you know where you stand. It’ll also help you to avoid the awkward “remember when I bought that pizza?” conversation. It also means if you’re hanging out with a friend without an account, you can request individual orders for both of you, they pay theirs with cash and you pay yours on card – sorted!

It can also come in handy if you don’t like saving your card details online or you are ordering food for someone else. Perhaps your friend or partner wants something specific from Uber Eats that you ate with them last time but hasn’t got their own account. You can send them just the meal they want, and they can still settle the bill themselves with cash thanks to the Uber Eats cash option.

All your old favourites are still available, except now you can pay in cash and tip your delivery person at the same time. And sometimes, we do just feel like unloading a bit of extra change that you’ve had sitting around for a while – you’ll feel the difference in your wallet weight.

The Uber Eats cash payment option is here to make ordering and paying for takeaway just that little bit easier - if it wasn’t already easy enough! There are many benefits of ordering food from the app, and this latest one will help solve those situations where a card payment just isn’t what you need.

So, get downloading and start looking for your favourite menus on the app, then invite all your friends over for a taco party, a bring-nothing-and-braai or a game night with pizza and beers. Just make sure to round up the cash in advance!

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