Unpacked: How three immigrants turned one food cart into a worldwide phenomenon

May 8, 2019  /  United States  /  On the Menu

“This is the result. When you do something and you love it, you’re going to find a good result.” Mohammed Abouelenein, co-founder of The Halal Guys, came to New York City from Egypt nearly 30 years ago in pursuit of the American dream. After meeting his future business partners, Abdelbaset Elsayed and Ahmed Elsaka, he decided to open a small food cart selling hot dogs.

The hot dogs, however, soon got switched out for hot plates after customers began requesting more authentic Middle Eastern options. This is how The Halal Guys was born. Now, as the second highest-grossing ethnic restaurant chain in the U.S., The Halal Guys continue to share a piece of Middle Eastern culture with people from all walks of life.

Watch the latest episode of “Unpacked” to see The Halal Guys’ story, and hear from acclaimed food writer Francis Lam who says, “Halal Guys were huge in New York street food before New York was really huge into street food.”

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