Unpacked: How one chef's passion for dough turned into a full-time business

April 8, 2019  /  United States  /  On the Menu

Growing up chef Eugene loved playing with the leftover dough from his mother’s batch of Russian dumplings, known as pelmeni. Years later, after meeting his business partner (and fellow dumpling enthusiast) Lawrence, he decided to turn his playtime into a full-time business.

He now co-owns and operates a pelmeni shop aptly named after the person who started it all – his mother, Luda. At Luda’s Dumplings chef Eugene shows people why Russian culture is more than meets the eye, one delicious pelmeni at a time.

Watch the latest episode of “Unpacked” to see chef Eugene’s story, and hear from food writer Olga Massov who says, “Every culture that I can think of has a dumpling in their cuisine…It creates this beautiful connectedness among cultures and, I think, shows that we all have more in common with one another than differences.”

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