Travel the South one sandwich at a time with South City Fried Chicken

July 13, 2018 | United States

From the historic French Quarter in New Orleans to the rhythms of salsa in Miami, the culture and cuisine of the South is unlike any other in the world. Thanks to South City Fried Chicken, you can now get a dose of good ole’ Southern hospitality on the West coast.

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, South City isn’t your typical fried chicken joint. Owners and chef, Joshua Kopel and Samuel Monsour are passionate about Southern culture, crafting unique recipes that are rooted in history and infused with soul.

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“Our flavor profiles are inspired by some of our favorite cities throughout the whole South -- the history, the community, and the people that inhabit them,” Kopel told Uber Eats.

Their menu is a true reflection of this, featuring amazing fried chicken sandwiches that pay homage to different cities across the South. Sandwiches here are made from scratch daily using a variety of locally sourced ingredients that capture the essence of each city, like Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

“The Chapel Hill is so dear to my heart. It’s my pop’s coleslaw, it’s my sister Jenny’s pimento cheese, it’s a way for me to honor my family and our heirloom recipes,” Chef Monsour told Uber Eats.

The recipes at South City are both traditional yet unexpected like their New Orleans sandwich, which includes Creole remoulade, collard green kimchi, and a ginger-miso bbq sauce, all topped with a fried egg. One bite of this and you’re immediately transported to Cajun country.

This is exactly what Kopel and Monsour want eaters to experience when they order from South City Fried Chicken. It’s their family recipes, heritage, and a little bit of Southern culture all in one delicious fried chicken sandwich.

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