Showing delivery partners love on Superhero Day

April 27, 2018 | United States

Some heroes wear capes. Some deliver crepes.

April 28 is Superhero Day, a day to celebrate all the heroes – both fictional and real life – who inspire us and make every day better. In those times when we’re crazy busy, sick or stuck inside with bad weather and really hungry, delivery partners truly save the day. Here, hungry food lovers pay homage to their personal superheroes – delivery partners who provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks in times of need. We surveyed customers and asked them to share their sweet delivery partner stories.

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“I recently got my wisdom teeth removed, which was a pretty painful experience. A friend of mine decided that she would have a milkshake delivered for me. She wrote a note on the additional info form to "get well soon." My delivery driver… not only delivered my milkshake with a smile but came back to ensure that I was told to get well soon. Definitely went the extra mile and was very appreciated!” – All Smiles and Sippin’

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“It was snowing really hard and my home lost power. I didn't have a lot to eat in the way of snacks or food that didn't need to be cooked. So I ordered a meal on Uber Eats and the delivery driver made it through the deep snow and crazy wind to save me from hunger.” – Snowed-in Snacker

“I work in a physician’s office and the delivery partner immediately started thanking us for what we do and it really put a pep in my step and brightened my day. He was kind, thankful, and gracious.” – Happy not Hungry

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“It has really already been ‘one of those weeks’ and our delivery guy today just made my week turn around. He delivered my food…and sang me a sweet serenade when he delivered it!” – Song on the Side

“My delivery driver… honked her horn and I wasn’t sure why. I went outside and she had noticed my dog got out and was running down the street so she wanted to get me out there as soon as possible. Thank you for saving my sweet pup!!!!” – Puppy Parent

“Uber delivery partners consistently save the day. With a crazy work schedule, I've had deliveries at all hours of the day --- and always with a smile.” – Eat/Work Balance

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To she who delivers donuts on the dreariest Mondays. To he who arrives triumphantly with tacos. To those curing sniffles with containers of hot soup.

Thank you for being superheroes!

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