Surprise your other half with these romantic picnic ideas

August 31, 2018 | United States

A romantic picnic is a fantastic way to casually get to know a new person or have an intimate conversation with your partner. We have some ideas for the ultimate romantic picnic to treat your date (and yourself) to a wonderful time dining en plein air.

Dinner and an outdoor movie

Many communities have summer movies outdoors, whether they’ve popped up a screen to play a golden oldie or are projecting the latest blockbuster on a wall. What better time for an outdoor play on the classic “dinner and a movie” date?

Low-slung chairs might be the best choice for comfort, but we suggest spreading out on a checkered blanket for maximum romance. Get there early for the best seats and theme your dinner order to the film to seriously impress your date. Or just go with spaghetti for that classic moment you’ve always longed to try.

Climb every mountain

If your date’s the athletic type, take advantage of the weather to get outside and have an adventure. Head to a local hiking trail, nearby mountain or even a wooded park. Plan a route with a wildflower-filled meadow, a string of waterfalls, or an unbeatable view. Whatever you do, pack a comfy blanket and wear good shoes. Oh, and make your life easy by ordering some fantastic romantic picnic food from your favorite deli, so someone else can do the cooking while you do the packing.


Go back to school

Whether you live near a university or an elementary school, there’s a lot to be said for visiting a school campus during the summer. First of all, you’re likely to have the place all to yourself. Second, if you’re revisiting a school where one of you has a history, you instantly have something to talk about. Sit on a bench or find a swing set for some easy conversation before or after your meal. Speaking of the meal, order something extra portable like kebabs so it’s easy to explore the grounds.

Lakeside love

Nothing beats sitting under a tree by a lake in the heat of summer with your sweetheart and some romantic picnic food. The sound of the water will relax you as you chow down. Bonus points if you have a rowboat or can find a rental for the afternoon. Be sure to add dessert to your order, because time will simply melt away.


Embrace the urban

People watching can be a great way to bond with your date, so take them somewhere you can feel the pulse of the city. Explore an urban park or sit on the steps of your downtown library. You’ll have lots to talk about, whether you make up stories about the people you see or simply share your own experiences. And if you order food you’ve never tried before, you can create a new memory of the culinary kind. A romantic urban picnic is perfect for a noonday break when you really just want to see each other.


It’s all happening at the zoo

When was the last time you watched a giraffe gallop or a baby monkey snuggle up to his mama? There’s something calming and yet endlessly fascinating about watching animals at the zoo. Treat your date to an outing at the zoo to feel like you’ve traveled the world together without the stress of transatlantic flights. Talk about your favorite animals while you unpack a picnic basket full of romantic picnic food for a wildly entertaining date.

Don’t let the summer pass by without heading outdoors with your honey and a delicious meal. Whichever romantic picnic ideas you choose, Uber Eats has your back. Tap on the app and all you have to worry about is how to dress to impress.

Posted by Vanessa Jane Brown
Category: Life Hacks