7 too-real relationships that are just like your favorite foods

February 7, 2019 | United States

While we often turn to food in the wake of a breakup, you might be surprised by how your past relationships glaringly resemble your go-to meals.

Because we’re never ones to let go of our taste bud temptations and wouldn’t think of breaking up, we’ve selected food pairings to reflect both the bitter and the sweet of relationships past. Serve this Valentine’s Day menu for a walk down memory lane.

Ice cream: Your first true love

The irresistible melodic tune signaling the truck’s arrival. The even more irresistible appeal of a rainbow sprinkle-coated cone. Ice cream is similar to your first love: sweet, sentimental and gone too soon. While you’re never too old to chase ice cream trucks, you can also spare the energy and enjoy it from the comfort of your couch.

Murray'sIceCream BananaSplit 2880x2304 01

Nachos: The rebound

They’re layered and complex. Sometimes spicy and always cheesy. Your nacho nosh is like that rebound you turn to after a tough break-up: not the healthiest decision, but always there and very tempting.

nachos eureka

Chicken wings: Good on paper, but Dangerous IRL

Just like that mate who has a stellar career, a nice sports car, and a portfolio of investments, chicken wings sound great on paper. What could be bad about fried chicken slathered in hot sauce and dunked in blue cheese dressing? Both sound heavenly…until you get burned.

Nate's Wings and Waffles Wings 2880x2304-8194

Deep dish pizza: Vacation fling

You’ll always have that one time on Michigan Avenue. With its too-many layers and crust that’s tough to crack, deep dish pizza is similar to the vacation fling you dug in Italy. Yes, it’s bad for you. But no, it can’t be refused at the time.

Patxi's Deep Dish High Res-4311

Kale salad: The high maintenance ex

Talk about high maintenance! While it has plenty of goodness inside, the only way to make it work with kale salad—or a needy partner—is to constantly massage them and give them attention. Your call if this is too tiring or worth it for the long-term commitment.

Kale Salad-2

Fast food: Your secret crush

Ahh…the secret. Comparable to the cheeseburger you down late on a Saturday night, this secret sweetie will never appear on your Instagram feed. Nonetheless, the flame stays lit and you see each other more often that you’d like to admit.

French fries w Ketchup-2

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