Money-saving food hacks every college student should master

October 23, 2017 | United States

Living on a student budget requires a bit of creativity. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite money-saving food hacks to master this semester so you can get the quality eats you’re craving without breaking the bank.

  • Be a social butterfly (for the free food) Keep your eyes peeled for those invites to free student events around campus each month. Free pizza at chess club? #checkmate. Not only will you get to enjoy free bites around town, but you’ll meet new people and may feel inspired to join an organization or two.

  • Score a student discount Many popular retailers, movie theaters and restaurants offer attractive student discounts that help shave a few bucks off every purchase. The easiest way to pinch pennies–just ask if they offer a student discount and keep that school I.D. handy.

  • Embrace Meatless Monday If you haven’t hopped on the #MeatlessMonday trend yet, swapping your usual meat dish for a vegetable option can save you a few bucks. Plus, that avocado toast and rainbow veggie bowl are deliciously Insta-worthy. ubereats money saving food hacks

  • Order lunch for dinner: Restaurants will often offer their most popular dishes, or “lunch combos”, for a lower price on their lunch menus, typically between 11am-3pm. Fill up on extra sides and discounted dishes or consider purchasing an extra entree to save as leftovers–UberEATS can bring them right to you.

  • Skip the big group dinner out While going out every night can be tempting, you can save some serious cash staying in a few nights a week. Big group dinners can add up and put some strain on that budget when everyone decides to “split the bill evenly.” Instead…

  • Host a potluck dinner—If you have access to a kitchen, have everyone bring some low-cost ingredients or dishes they can find, and cook a big dinner. Buying items in larger quantities helps with costs. If you’re ordering on UberEATS, you can find deals on family-style meals or extra-large pizzas. With everyone chipping in, you’ll spend less, while feasting on a well-balanced meal.

  • Keep some basic staples in your pantry Keep backup options handy in your dorm or apartment to supplement between buying meals. Look for staples like oatmeal, peanut butter, canned beans, soups and noodles with long shelf life. Stick to generic brands that can be bought inexpensively in bulk.

  • Get a part-time gig at the food hall or restaurant—If you’re looking for a side hustle, the most delicious are in the food biz. Team members often indulge in amazing perks like meal discounts, free leftovers, or being a taste-tester. Plus, you’ll literally be ‘bringing home that bacon’.

  • Become a foodie influencer on campus Food-stagramming has some serious perks. Restaurants and food brands may provide free dishes or discounts in exchange for being tagged or featured. Both chefs and customers alike love talking about food—strike up conversations and see what you can capture. And don’t forget to #UberEATS when you get delicious dishes delivered.

  • Earn free UberEATS all semester Do you and your friends like free food? Share your UberEATS code around campus and everyone earns free food. People you refer get a discount on their first order, and you get UberEATS credits in return (check your app for the local deal). It’s a tasty win-win. Download UberEATS for food delivered to your dorm, fast. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to that budget like an old college pro.


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