Swag worthy of a legend: welcome back to the McRib®

November 1, 2018 | United States

For the first time ever, the McRib® can now find you courtesy of the Uber Eats app. To celebrate the return of the legendary fan favorite and its newfound ability to find you, we created some limited edition swag worthy of an item so elusive. Whether you’re in need of a bib that allows you to devour the limited-time sandwich mess-free, or you simply want to wear pickles with pride, there’s a swag item that pays tribute to every single beloved component of the legend.

We’ve been quietly distributing the swag kits into the hands of some lucky enthusiasts, but don’t worry if you missed out — there will be more swag to go around. All you have to do is be on the lookout for the #UberEatsDrop

Let’s take a closer look at the swag items that pay homage to the mouth-watering McRib®.

The Pickle Cap

While we understand that pickles can often be divisive, we also acknowledge that there are hundereds, thousands, and perhaps even millions of pickle aficionados out there. This one is for you, pickle aficionados. Now you can wear your pickles with pride… literally.

2G2A1225 v01

The Flavor-Saving Bib

If you have the tendency to get little bit messy while devouring your favorite sandwich—we don't blame you—especially if that sandwich happens to be a McRib®. With this flavor-saving bib you can now enjoy every single bite in style and mess-free.

Big 1

Limited Edition Pins (Run of 100)

No swag kit, pickle-celebrating cap, or flavor-saving bib would be complete without a set of limited edition collector pins. Pro tip: pin these little gems to your bib or cap to show your ultimate pride.

2G2A1404 v01

Stay tuned for the next #UberEatsDrop and until then head to the Uber Eats app to see if the McRib® can find you.

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