Celebrate National Hamburger Day with these 7 life-changing burgers

May 25, 2018 | United States

It’s almost summer! You know what that means, right? Sun, fun and burgers - lot’s of them. After all, it’s Hamburger Day!

The combination of beef and buns is a beloved classic with history dating back hundreds of years. It’s no surprise that on average more than 8 billion burgers are consumed per year in Canada alone! Looking to bite into your own?

Well, you’re in luck. Just in time to celebrate Hamburger Day, we’ve rounded up some outstanding burger picks from across North America.

1. The Classic Burger from The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint Classic Burger 550x440

Close your eyes and picture a burger, what do you see? Chances are The Burger Joint’s Classic Burger is exactly what you imagined. The perfect beef-to-bun ratio, the Classic Burger comes equipped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and mayo. The Houston-based restaurant prides itself on serving hand-crafted burgers with locally-sourced ingredients. If you’re looking to experiment, they also serve Korean, Mexican, and Greek-inspired burgers that include toppings like kimchi and jalapeños.

2. The Vatican City or The Option (Veggie) from The Burger’s Priest

The Burger’s Priest in Toronto is here to answer your burger prayers! Step into this heavenly burger paradise and order The Vatican City, a combination of two beef patties sandwiched between two grilled cheese buns. You read that right: grilled cheese buns! If you’re not quite ready to visit Vatican City, go for The Option, a veggie burger filled with portobello mushrooms and then fried with panko crumbs. Whichever you choose, you might just have a religious experience.

3. The Smokey Burger from Smokey Burger

SmokeyBurger SmokeyBurger

If you want to try something different, then Smokey Burger in New York is the place for you. The all-natural burgers restaurant features unique burgers with patties made from bison, elk, and lamb. If you’d rather stick to beef, try their namesake burger, which is packed with two beef patties and topped with lettuce, tomato and cheddar that’s drenched with chipotle sauce. Mmmmm!

4. Best Damn Cheeseburger from 4505 Burgers & BBQ

4505 Meats best damn cheeseburger Native

With a name like Best Damn Cheeseburger, it’s gotta be good right? Trust us, it is. The BBQ hot spot actually began as a butcher shop in San Francisco, so when it comes to meats they know what they’re doing. It’s not unusual to see hungry customers lining the streets to get their hands on their signature Best Damn Cheeseburger. It’s filled with a quarter-pound grass fed beef patty and topped with onion, gruyere cheese, and secret sauce on a delicious scallion bun. Hungry yet? We know we are!

5. The Perfect Burger from Shula Burger

ShulaBurger BeachBurger 2880x2304

Shula Burger, based in sunny Florida, is the creation of NFL legend and hall of fame coach Don Shula. Having recorded the only perfect season in NFL history, coach Shula knows a thing or two about getting things right -- and burgers are no different. Made from premium black angus beef, short rib, and brisket, the options here are endless. Our pick is The Perfect Burger, filled with two beef patties and topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and Shula’s special sauce.

6. The King from Centrale Bergham

If giant burgers are your thing, look no further than Centrale Bergham in Montreal. Burgers are given names such the Maximum, the Supreme, and our favorite, the King. This massive burger includes a delicious patty topped with cheese, fried onions, AND crispy chicken. That’s right, meat on meat! The restaurant also features dishes with North African influences that include Moroccan and Algerian sauces as well as halal-certified meats. The fusion of flavors is what makes Centrale Bergham one of the most popular burger spots in Montreal.

7. The Atomic Burger from Atomic Burger

Atomic Burger Hero 2880x2304

What’s better than a burger? A burger and a milkshake! Atomic Burger in New Orleans is known to deliver not only tasty burgers but amazing milkshakes that are infused with liquid nitrogen. This old-school burger spot features classic burgers that are right out of a ‘50s diner. Their signature Atomic Burger is filled with a delicious beef patty and comes equipped with all the classic ingredients, as well as a special A.B. sauce. The Jamburger is another great option and includes a combination of mayo, American cheese, and bacon-onion jam.

There you have it, now go forth and celebrate like a true burger connoisseur. Happy Hamburger Day!

Celebrating at home? Order at home from the restaurant partners mentioned and many more!

Posted by Astrid Rivera
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