Boo! 5 ways to dress up your Halloween party spread

October 19, 2018 | United States

Candy gets all the attention on Halloween, but one can’t survive on candy alone. Turn your favorite dishes into scary party snacks for your guests. From spider-topped dips to a creepy cake, we’ve got some seriously creative ideas to spook up your spread.

And the best part? You don’t need to cook any of it!

Read on for five easy ideas to turn you favorite food delivered on Uber Eats into a frightening Halloween feast.


Gruesome guacamole

Mexican food for Halloween? Yes, please.

Order an assortment of tacos (or perhaps, boo-rritos?) along with a couple batches of fresh salsa and guacamole. Then add a little fright to your fiesta with a DIY avocado skull.

Legend has it this spooky dude will protect your food from ghouls, goblins, and—most frightening of all—double dippers!

You’ll need:
• A few small avocados (any variety will do, though we think the dark green color of Hass avocados adds a little extra creep-factor)
• A precision knife
• A small measuring spoon
• A chalk pen or marker
• 1 lime

Start by drawing a skull face onto your avocado using the chalk pen or marker.

Use the precision knife to carve out the eye sockets and nose, following the lines you made, and angling down until the knife touches the pit. Scoop out with the measuring spoon.

To make the mouth, make shallow incisions so that you cut only into the avocado skin. Gently lift the skin off, then use the knife tip to trace “teeth” into the soft avocado flesh.

Squeeze fresh lime juice generously over the cuts you made to keep them bright green throughout your party, then plop the skull into a bowl containing your favorite delivery guacamole or salsa.

Misfortune cookies

Trick AND treat your friends with this easy Halloween fortune cookie hack.

You’ll need:
• A few dozen fortune cookies from your favorite Chinese restaurant. (You can usually find these listed under the dessert category. Or just order Chinese food every day from now until Halloween and stockpile them a few at a time. Up to you.)
• A pair of clean tweezers
• New spooky fortunes for each cookie.

Start by typing up your new Halloween-themed fortunes. You can go for scary (e.g. “Your house is haunted”) or silly (e.g. “The dry cleaner will lose your favorite coat”). Print them out and cut into 2-inch strips.

To make the swap, slip a pair of tweezers into the open corner of a cookie and remove the original fortune. Use the tweezers to then gently slide in the new one.

Most cookies are folded loosely enough to allow for you to insert the tweezers and new fortunes, but if you can’t, try popping each cookie into a microwave for about 10 - 15 seconds. This will soften the cookie just enough for you to squeeze the tweezers in and make the switch.

Display the creepy cookies along with the rest of your food and urge friends to take one—if they dare!

Spooky spiders

Sometimes all you need is a hair-raising little garnish to turn everyday dip into Halloween dip. These little olive spiders are easy to make, and can be added to just about anything on your party table.

You’ll need:
• 1 can or jar of large black pitted olives
• A paring knife
• An order of your favorite savory dip—guacamole, hummus, queso, etc.
• A serving bowl

To make, transfer the dip from the delivery container to a serving bowl and smooth the top with the back of a spoon.

Open and drain the olives. Working with one olive at a time, hold the olive with the hole facing up and slice lengthwise down the middle. Set one half aside (this will be the body of the spider), then place the other half cut-side down and slice it across into small slices to make the legs.

Cut those slices in half again (they should be about ¼-inches long at this point).

Place the olive half cut-side down on the dip, then arrange four legs on each side of the body. Repeat with as many olives as you like.

Serve a creepy cake

You don’t need baking or decorating skills to make this killer dessert!

Did you know that you can use the Uber Eats app to order full size cakes and pies from bakeries and dessert shops in your area? Now you do.

Put in an order for a layer cake or cheesecake. The cake flavor is up to you, though note that white frostings like vanilla or cream cheese will have maximum impact. Want to up the drama even more? Go for a red velvet cake!

You’ll need:
• A knife
• Red gel frosting, canned cherry pie filling, or any kind of red jam or jelly (this will be your “blood”)

To make, transfer your cake from the delivery box to a plate then stab it in the center with the knife. Remember that there is a breakable plate under the cake, so don’t be too aggressive.

Spread the edible “blood” around the puncture site, letting some drizzle over the side for extra gore.

Now just stand back and watch your friends be wowed/creeped-out by your skills. No need to confess how easy it was!

Double double toil and…bubble tea!

Bubble tea Halloween party punch

And finally, no Halloween party is complete without a deadly witches’ brew. Sure, you can mix up a cocktail from scratch, but we suggest having fun with an order of bubble tea.

Also known as boba tea or black pearl tea, these colorful drinks filled with chewy black tapioca pearls are practically screaming to be served on Halloween.

You’ll need:
• Several orders of bubble tea in your preferred flavor(s)
• White rum or vodka (optional)
• Interesting serving containers like punch bowls, glass test tubes with cork stoppers, chemistry flasks, or other glass bottles. (All of these can be found online or at party and craft stores.)
• Food coloring (optional)

Now it’s up to you to get creative! Serve a crowd by filling a punch bowl with witchy purple taro bubble tea spiked with white rum (use about 2 ounces of rum for every cup of tea). Shots more your thing? Stir vodka and a few drops of green food coloring into matcha boba, then bottle in individual glass test tubes labeled “Toad Egg Elixir.” (Terrifying guard-toad statue is optional, but highly recommended.)

Or go for a haunted laboratory theme and pour a variety of flavors into small chemistry flasks!

Remember to drink—and chew—responsibly.

We hope these ideas inspire you to create a festive feast for your friends. Whether it’s sweet, savory, or spooky, you can get all your Halloween cravings delivered on Uber Eats by downloading the app.

Now you just need to figure out the perfect costume…

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