5 tips for hosting a successful night in with a date or friends

November 2, 2018 | United States

Going out is fun, but—let's face it—it can also be kind of a hassle. Sometimes we'd all rather just stay in! But whether you're having a new crush over or entertaining the oldest of friends, it's a good idea to plan.

So we've partnered with our friends at Bumble to provide you some tips to ensure that you have a great night in with your date or BFFs. Check out our tips on food, planning, and decor, below, then get ready to tap and swipe your way to an awesome evening!

1. Have a theme

It's much easier to choose food and activities if you have a theme in mind. You could do a movie night, a book club, a game night, a karaoke party, an evening of crafting, an at-home picnic, a spa night, a wine tasting, or even just a TV binge-watching night. Your choice of theme can show a new love interest or friend that you've paid attention to their likes and dislikes, and having a theme to discuss also helps break the ice with people you're just getting to know.

Movie Night

2. Tailor the food to your theme

Once you've chosen a theme, plan your menu to match it. For example, order the cuisine that's featured in the book, movie, or show you've chosen. So if you're having a book club to discuss a novel about Naples, order up some pizzas. If you're having a night of board games, assemble the fixings for DIY snack boards, and if you're doing karaoke, get some classic Japanese pub fare, like gyoza or yakitori. You could even make food the theme by hosting a taste test—order five different types of, say, dumplings or burgers, and have your guests weigh in on their favorites.

Board Games

3. Match your food to your dining location

If you're planning to have your date or guests sit down at a dinner table, feel free to serve an elaborate meal, but if people will be standing around a buffet or sitting on the sofa, think about foods that are easy to pick up, such as skewers, crostini, deviled eggs, mini burgers, sandwiches, sushi, and pizza. Dishes that can be served in a single bowl are also great for milling around or sitting in front of the TV.


4. Ask about allergies and aversions

If you're having a group of old friends over, you probably already know what they like to eat, but if you're inviting somebody you just met to hang out, be sure to ask if there's anything they can't (or won't) eat. Believe us, while ordering a bunch of burgers for a date who turns out to be a vegetarian might seem like a funny story to tell your grandkids someday, it won't feel that funny in the moment!

5. Set the mood

Even for a super casual night with friends, consider some simple decorations and amenities, such as flowers, candles, and special hand soap in the bathroom. And don't forget music, which you can also match your theme.

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