6 hacks for a stress-free holiday season

November 19, 2018 | United States

Everybody loves the holiday season, right? But let's be real—this time of year is festive, but it's also the start of what can be a pretty stressful season. Work demands, family drama, and social obligations always seem to rev up around Halloween and continue at full throttle through the new year.

Manage the mania and have a relaxing and fun holiday season by employing a few of our holiday hacks, below.

1. Keep things simple leading up to the holiday

If you're hosting or traveling for the holiday, the last thing you need is to be cooking dinner the night before the big day. Keep things simple by not trying to make a big feast the night before. Cook up a simple stew, set out the fixings for sandwiches or—easiest of all—order in!

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2. Consider outsourcing the main course

Whether you're hosting at home or planning a work party, save yourself a headache and hours of roasting a turkey and outsource the main. HoneyBaked Ham has both smoked and roasted turkey breasts—why not get one of each to satisfy everyone? Heck, throw in a ham too since you're not the one cooking. Options include quarter, half, and whole hams, and both bone-in and boneless—all with that sweet, crunchy glaze.

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3. Fill in the gaps

While you're ordering that main, how about having somebody else take care of a few sides? Try Boston Market's Family Meal with rotisserie turkey—a cooking style we wouldn't want to try to pull off at home! Meals come with gravy, cornbread, and your choice of side dishes, including holiday favorites like stuffing, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, corn, and sweet potato casserole. Ask your friends to fill in any remaining gaps by bringing appetizers, as well as extra drinks, ice, napkins, and so forth.

Boston Market

4. Be a dessert hero

If you're one of those people for whom it's not the holidays without at least three kinds of pie, save yourself oven space and a hectic holiday morning by ordering a few of the desserts from your favorite local spot. You can make a game out of letting people guess which one is homemade—or just pretend they all are.

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5. Plan for leftovers

For many people, the sandwiches the day after any holiday dinner are even better than the Turkey Day feast. So plan to have plenty of leftovers by ordering or cooking an extra turkey or ham, and have lots of bread, condiments, cheese, and other sandwich fixings on hand. Leftovers rolls and meats are also great for grab-and-go breakfasts if you're heading out for a day of Black Friday shopping.

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6. Prepare for extra guests

No matter whether you're planning a work party, a family dinner, or a holiday celebration, the holiday season should be all about sharing, so make sure you have enough food to accommodate extra people. There's also no such thing as too many bottles of seltzer or wine—if you have a surplus, consider it a great excuse to throw another holiday party. And if you do, by chance, run out of food, luckily there's an app for that!

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This year, take the stress out of the holiday season by allowing Uber Eats to lend a helping hand — be that for a few sides or outsourcing a main.

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