6 meals that pair perfectly with your favorite fall TV shows

September 24, 2018 | United States

If you’ve been looking forward to fall television season, good news—premiere time is finally here. With so many beloved favorites to catch up with and a roster of new shows to test out, it’s likely you’ll be glued to your couch all week long. Instead of defaulting to your go-to Uber Eats order, here are some fun ways to pair shows with meals.

Cheese Plate & Glass of Vino + RomCom

Following a will-they-won’t-they television romance calls for one of the culinary world’s greatest pairings: wine and cheese. It may take some time for the onscreen stars to couple up, but the chemistry between a glass of vino and wedge of funky fromage is undeniable.

Thai + Thriller

A show that has you on the edge of your seat needs food that’s just as exciting. With its delicate balance of sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and spicy, Thai cuisine will surprise and delight your taste buds as you follow all the twists and turns. A dish like khao soi, for example, is the perfect match for keeping up with the plot—depending on whether you add in the pickled vegetables or fresh aromatics, its flavor will change as quickly as the suspects.

Ramen + Reality

The return of primetime network TV coincides with the start of fall, which also ushers in noodle soup season. Not only do cooler temps require a steamy bowl of ramen, but slurping the umami-packed broth will help soothe nerves as you root for contestants vying for spots on your favorite reality competition.

Spaghetti + Sci-Fi

Sci-fi shows often develop cult followings and food lovers are equally passionate about pasta. It doesn’t matter if you’re a red sauce or cream sauce devotee, noodles dressed in a stick-to-your-ribs gravy are also just what you’ll need to tame nerves after a shocking scene. Here's some additional fun facts about pasta and Italian food.

Pizza + Drama

As the most popular in their respective categories of delivery and television, these two go hand- in-hand. Think ordering a pie has none of the intensity as, say, a certain Seattle-based medical drama? Just ask some slice aficionados for their opinions on pineapple as a topping or deep dish versus thin crust. Want to read more about pizza? Here's 10 surprising facts about pizza.

Chinese + Sitcom

When you need a TV show that’ll help lighten up a bad day, a sitcom is the obvious choice, whether that’s tuning into the final hurrah for television’s coolest group of nerds or getting re-acquainted with a funny foursome who recently returned to the small screen. The food equivalent is no doubt Chinese—because there’s nothing more comforting than digging into dumplings, chow mein or mapo tofu.

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