How one woman's sobriety led to this edible cookie dough shop

July 3, 2018 | United States

For most of us, cookie dough brings back a rush of childhood memories and craving for more.

For Kelsey Witherow, cookie dough helped her fight a battle with alcoholism.

The Bay Area native was somewhat of a child prodigy, beginning her career in tech at just 16 years old. But, by the time she was 21, she had already hit her low point, with the stress of career and the thrills of city life leading to drinking too much. Three years later, she decided to get sober.

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“I was 24 at the time and it seemed really difficult and impossible at the time. How would I have fun? Would I have any friends? What would it be like?” she told Uber Eats. “Very quickly I realized sobriety really helped me explore my passions again. I was running again, doing yoga – and, of course, baking again.”


That was three years ago.

Today, she’s the proud owner of Doughp in San Francisco, an edible cookie dough shop that serves up fantastic flavors of eggless and safe-to-eat raw cookie dough. With Doughp, she was able to channel her energy in a positive direction.

“I loved making desserts my whole life. Now, people from all over the world get to try these recipes that I came up with,” she said. “Cookie dough is so connected with my childhood, so to be able to give that to other people is really awesome.”

Located on Pier 39, Doughp also offers a chill space with a full-on ‘90s vibe, complete with an old-school hip-hop and r&b soundtrack.

“I wanted to make a fun environment where people could hang out,” she said. “It’s nice to have a cool going-out option that doesn’t involve a bar.”

And Witherow also plans to help other battling addiction with her “Kindess is DOUGHP” tour, where she’ll be taking a food trailer down the West Coast to pop-up in different cities, sharing messages of kindness, speaking at addiction centers and high schools, and of course, bringing people a sweet taste of her Doughp.

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