Clusterfest comedian Nikki Glaser on school lunch antics and date-night eats

June 1, 2018 | United States

What do you get when you combine laughs, food, and more laughs? Clusterfest of course! The festival returns to the Bay Area this weekend with a comedy lineup so epic, you’ll cry -- from laughter.

The festival also features musical legends and the most delicious food vendors you’ll find on the West Coast.

We sat down with Clusterfest comedian Nikki Glaser, from the SiriusXM Comedy Central radio show You Up with Nikki Glaser, to talk about all things food. Glaser is a comedy force and a familiar face on Comedy Central, having hosted her own show, Not Safe w/ Nikki Glaser as well as appearing on favorites such as @midnight and Inside Amy Schumer.

It turns out food was a main component in one of her earliest comedy bits.

“It’s one of my oldest bits that I developed at the lunch table in middle school,” she explained. “When I eat yogurt or pudding, I’ll pretend like I’m a baby who doesn’t really care for it and I get it all over my face and then I make a new spoonful from the remnants of the mess on my face -- like I scrape my cheek with the spoon to make a new spoonful. I see parents of babies always doing this and it’s so funny to me. I’ll admit it’s not a great act-out for an adult woman.”

Showtime at school lunch!

Hosting a show and doing stand-up on the road isn’t easy, so when the comedian has time to relax at home she loves to order takeout. Her go-to? “Anything Thai,” Glaser said. With its rich taste and textures, it’s no surprise Thai food is on the top of many people’s list when it comes to ordering in. Whether you’re craving Thai at the festival or at home, make sure to order from our top pick, Lers Ros. With various locations in San Francisco, this hot spot never disappoints.

Lers Ros Hero (1)

But what if you’re on a date? Glaser recommends her dream dinner date cuisine: “Ethiopian: it’s mostly vegan, and you eat with your hands which I love because then you’re required to eat messily, which I would be doing anyway, regardless of the cuisine.” If you’re on East Coast, where Glaser currently resides, get hands-on with your food at New York’s Ghenet restaurant, serving up authentic Ethiopian dishes.

GhenetBrooklyn Hero 4

If Glaser herself had a restaurant she knows exactly what she’d be serving. “I would only serve delicious vegan, low-sugar frozen yogurt and it would be called ‘impossible’ because it is and no product like that will ever exist,” she said.

In the meantime, there are a variety of restaurants offering sweet vegan frozen treats. Our pick is the Frozen Fruit Co in Los Angeles, which churns out plant-based sweets that are made with natural fruit sugars and have no dairy or gluten. Time to set-up shop, Nikki!

Make sure to catch Nikki Glaser in action at Clusterfest this Saturday, June 2 on the Colossal Stage from 9:15 PM - 11:00 PM and check out our delicious restaurant partners while you’re there!

Nikki Glaser is a paid partner with Uber Eats.

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