You won’t believe what’s on these Kimchi Fries

June 18, 2018 | United States

French fries are good- but add cheese, Sriracha, a signature caramelized kimchi and a beloved snack gets magically transformed into a must-have. It seems so obvious: take something delicious and add more delicious things on top, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Kimchi Fries suddenly burst onto the scene thanks to Chi'lantro. With Texas Monthly’s Seal of Approval in the Uber Eats app, we felt the need to investigate: what the heck are Kimchi Fries?

Jae Kim introduced the world to Kimchi Fries from his Korean-Mexican fusion food truck, Chi’lantro, in Austin back in 2010. He quickly rose to fame for his unique smothered fry creation, raising over half a million dollars to expand his empire.

“Hot french fries with a choice of protein, caramelized kimchi, cheese, Sriracha, cilantro, onion, sesame seeds and drizzled with a 'magic sauce'..."
---- -Chi'lantro

When we asked Ryan Sumagaysay, Director of Operations, what goes into the 'magic sauce'- with a devilish grin he politely responsed: "no comment".

So guess we’ll just have to keep eating and relish the delicious magic sauce that makes the original Kimchi Fries of Chi’lantro so special.

Chilantro Kimchi Fries

Posted by Lauren Jade Martin
Category: On the Menu