Better than flowers: Mother's Day brunch ideas for every mom

May 11, 2018 | United States

Flowers are great and all, but this Mother’s Day, get Mom something she can really use: a delicious meal!

Sure, she can stand in line for brunch with the rest of the world this Sunday—or she can dine on popular brunch dishes from the comfort of her home. Treat the mom in your life to trendy tastes without the wait (or mess) by ordering in the perfect brunch for her:

For the foodie mom: Fancy flapjacks

Forget plain old pancakes and syrup! This day calls for lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry-hibiscus-something-magical sauce. Take it to the next level and give Mom an Instagram-worthy dish by serving it up on a beautiful plate, all topped off with a little powdered sugar.

For the healthy mom: Sweet potato toast

Avocado toast fans who want to move on are turning to sweet potato toast: a dish in which thinly sliced slabs of sweet potato are roasted or toasted to stand in for bread, then topped with the usual healthy suspects (like egg, almond butter, smoked salmon, and yes, even avocado).

Meat and eggs

For the old-school mom: Bacon and eggs

There’s something to be said for staying true to the classics – they never go out of fashion. Give Mom exactly what she wants with eggs cooked her way, crispy bacon, and a thick slab of toast or home fries (or both – she deserves it!). Present it to her with a side of her favorite condiments like hot sauce, ketchup and jam poured out into small bowls. It’s Mother’s Day! DO NOT make her deal with ketchup packets.

For the quirky mom: Savory oatmeal

Liven up a ho-hum breakfast with this trend, in which the long-running popularity of oatmeal collides with the more recent rise of healthy bowl meals. Oatmeal is topped with a savory combo of ingredients like sautéed mushrooms with bacon, arugula with tomatoes and turmeric, sundried tomatoes with pesto, or, of course, a sunny side-up egg and avocado. Get some cheese in there to make it extra special!

Strawberry breakfast cannoli

For the mom with a sweet tooth: Breakfast cannoli

Cannoli for breakfast?! Yes, ma’am! Wake mom up with a sweet treat she won’t forget. Breakfast cannolis are essentially pancakes that are stuffed with cream cheese and rolled up like the Italian dessert. They are topped with fruit sauce and whipped cream. You may just have to order some for yourself while you’re at it.

For the gluten-free mom: Alterna-flour pancakes

Almond flour, oat, buckwheat—update that stack of flapjacks for gluten-free moms. While heartier and whole-grain pancakes used to get a bad rap for not being as fluffy, alternative-flour recipes have come a long way. You no longer need to be a pro-level, gluten-free chef to get magical results, but it can’t hurt to have one cooking your mom brunch!

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