Around the world in breakfast: 5 dishes to kick off your morning

June 22, 2018 | United States

Jersey? Check! Alarm clock? Check! Breakfast?……

If you’re waking up early to catch your favorite soccer teams clash on the biggest stage of them all, then you need to fuel your fandom with an epic breakfast.

From France to Brazil, we’ve listed our favorite international breakfast dishes to help keep you awake and support your team from wherever you are. Let’s dig in!

Team Germany

Support the world champs by eating like one with a savory schinken-sauerkraut rollen (or ham rolls in English). These rolls are stuffed with juicy bacon and seasoned with juniper berries, cloves, and leeks. Top with tangy sauerkraut and pair with cheesy potatoes for a winning combination. Wunderbar!

FoodMasters GermanPancake 2880x2304

For those with a sweet tooth, a german breakfast pancake is the perfect option. Baked to gooey perfection with apple slices, eggs, and cinnamon, this gargantuan pancake is known to overflow the skillet it’s made in. Its thick, crêpe-esque consistency make this German treat a breakfast favorite around the world.

Team Mexico

Viva Mexico! After their glorious win against Germany, there’s never been a better time to wake up to some chilaquiles. Commonly known as a hangover cure, this dish is made with fried tortilla chips that are smothered in salsa verde. The softened tortilla chips are then topped with fried eggs, shredded chicken, and queso fresco for a fully stacked breakfast that’ll keep you satisfied way past lunch time.

Of course, you could never go wrong with classic huevos rancheros. This brunch staple consists of fried eggs with runny yolks, spicy salsa, and a bed of crispy corn tortillas. Pair with delicious refried beans and sliced avocado, you’ll be glad you did.

Team Brazil

Rock your verde-amarela jersey and support the five-time winning champs with the perfect Brazilian breakfast: a delicious spread of fresh fruits, cold meats, and creamy cheeses. Fruits, like papaya and watermelon, are not only served but also blended into refreshing juices to accompany the meal.

Veraçai Pão de queijo vitamina RD BH 2880x2304

Don’t forget the Brazilian cheese bread, known as pão de queijo, which is made with cassava flour and parmesan cheese. These heavenly cheese puffs are not only extremely addictive, but they’re actually gluten-free!

Team France

Support the French with some good old fashioned crêpes! You can enjoy these thin pastries at any time of the day and with almost any ingredient. Order with strawberries and nutella for a sweet dessert or top with cheese, ham, and eggs for a savory treat.

AlohaCrepes Hero native

France’s lineup of breads is almost as star-studded as their soccer team. For another great breakfast, try brioche, fougasse, or the classic croissant with sweet fruit preserves and a French roast coffee on the side.

Team Belgium

If you’re a fan of a Belgium, enjoy a tasty breakfast of traditional Belgian waffles. Unlike their American cousin, these waffles are made with a yeast dough and pieces of caramelized sugar that add an extra pop of sweet. Top with sirop de liège, a Belgian preserve made from evaporated fruit juices like apple, pear, and date, for a delectable experience.

LittleGemBelgianWaffles 02CrownJewel 2880x2304 (1)

For a savory breakfast, try stoemp, a classic comfort food in Belgium eaten at any time of the day. Pureed potatoes anchor this dish, which can be made from a variety of ingredients like bacon, root vegetables, and egg yolk, among others. It’s a great way to start the day and fuel up for all the upcoming soccer action.

Enjoy every match with these amazing breakfast pairings and don't miss a single goooooooooal!

Watching at home? Order any of the mentioned dishes and many more!

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