Father’s Day: He helped bring you into this world, now bring the food to dad

June 15, 2018 | United States

Sure, you could always get dad a tie or a watch this Father’s Day, but why not get him what he really wants? An amazing meal that he can eat on the couch. After all, dads deserve love and there’s no better way to show you care than with his favorite eats.

Wondering what to order? We’ve got your back with our top picks for the best dad dinners:

Got an outdoors dad? Get classic barbecue!

fahrenheit bbq sausage ribs and pulled brisket

If your that loves to get his hands dirty, a barbecue smorgasbord is the perfect choice. With so many different styles across the nation, you can’t go wrong with succulent cuts of smoky meats and mouthwatering sides. If you prefer St.Louis-style BBQ, The Stellar Hog in the archway-city stays true to its name with their signature full slab of ribs drenched in chipotle honey glaze and grilled to perfection. Down in Austin, Texas, you can order a half pound of juicy brisket or a solid pound of pulled pork from Scotty’s BBQ, named 2017 Best of North County. If dad can't make it to the heart of BBQ country, but still loves some top-notch smoked ribs, brisket, and chicken, go for Barque Smokehouse in Toronto, and make sure to order him Barque's baby back pork ribs. Whichever style you choose, remember to get extra napkins.

If he loves dad jokes, try anything with cheese.

aj s gourmet grilled cheese shop mac cheese melt native-3

Most dads can’t resist adding on the cheese, so return the favor by ordering them cheesy goodness that’s edible. Ms. Cheezious in Miami offers a wide range of options in the form of cheesy fries and sandwiches. Our picks are the Mackin Melt, which is stuffed with creamy gouda mac and cheese, and the Frito Pie Melt, packed with melted American cheese and house turkey chili. If dad loves his cheese in curd form and smothered in gravy, you can't go wrong with the poutine menu at L'Gros Luxe in Montreal. Order dad the classic, or show him how much you really care with their fried chicken poutine. For any dad who can’t handle the cheese, there are vegan options like the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cheese from Elbows Mac N Cheese in Los Angeles. The dish is made with cashew “cheese” instead of dairy so everyone wins. We’re sure you’ll want a taste too, but it’s nacho cheese, it’s dad’s, so hands off!

Does he think he’s a professional chef? Explore French cuisine.

TheFrenchBistrot Hero Native

Foodies are tough customers but there are a few dishes that even the toughest of critics can’t turn down. In New Orleans, French restaurant Balise serves up irresistible dishes like ricotta dumplings, made with preserved lemon and grana padano, and seasonal mussels served with smoked bacon, rare mitibleu cheese, and aioli, that are sure to wow. At New York’s St. Tropez Wine Bar, small shareable dishes like fougasse forestiere, a mushroom flatbread with parmesan and truffle oil, and the poireaux & chevre tartelette, filled with leek goat cheese and walnut oil, take center stage. It’s all about seasonal, high-quality ingredients, so even a simple charcuterie board paired with a bottle of wine makes for a great treat for dad. Treat Dad's who have un faible pour les sucreries to some sweet French eats, like a box of macarons or profiteroles from La Boulangerie in Calgary.

If he loves to nerd out, order pizza and wings.

FahreinheitPizza Hero 550x440

You can NEVER go wrong with pizza, no matter what you’re into. But if your dad loves nerding out and binging his favorite sci-fi series, then an easy yet delicious option like pizza. Yes, the food beloved by those famous shelled superheroes is perfect for dad. From thin crust on the East Coast to deep dish in the Midwest, you can deck your pie out with dad’s favorite toppings. Add juicy chicken wings and a refreshing drink on the side while you hunker down to play with your gamer dad or even marathon that new fantasy movie together. Our picks for pies? Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, with a great variety of pizzas and multiple locations. Dino’s Pizza in Chicago specializes in traditional Italian pies that would satisfy the biggest pizza snob. Go for General Assembly Pizza in Toronto if dad likes to experiment with his toppings - their menu is filled with unique and delicious toppings combinations. In Portland, Oregon, Captain Ankey’s Pizza & Pub has been serving up hand-tossed pies for the past 28 years. Try their Big Pig Pizza if dad has the appetite.

Does he love to travel? Try a dish from dad’s favorite place to visit.

CevicheStreet Hero native

Is there a country your dad loves to travel to? Help him relive those memories with his favorite food from that experience. If you’re looking for a taste of Latin American, ceviche, offered at both Mexican and Peruvian restaurants like Divino Ceviche in South Florida, is the perfect option. Travel to Asia with a dim sum platter like the ones offered at Denver’s Super Star Asian Cuisine and Bao Nation in Boston or explore Europe with Spanish-style tapas at Barcelona Tapas in Las Vegas. African Small Pot in Philadelphia serves up traditional African cuisine that everyone in your family will want to try. If dad keeps his cuisine casual even while he's travelling, try CHASKA in Toronto for the authentic Indian street food experience, or PappaRoti in Montreal for Malaysian-style coffee buns that are sure to be his new favourite treat. Get your passport ready because the world is your oyster when it comes to international eats.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Here’s to a delicious day on the couch!

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