Falafel frenzy: 10 fantastic falafel spots in NYC

August 20, 2018 | United States

Nutritious, vegetarian, fried, and often accompanied by sumptuous sauces – is falafel the world’s most perfect food? It sure tastes like it! And there’s arguably nowhere in the U.S. with more falafel restaurants than New York. So, where do you go for the best falafel in NYC? Check out this list and try them all, obviously.

1. Istanbul Kebab House

This Turkish restaurant serves up a dinner falafel plate with hummus, rice and salad that is a full meal on its own. You can also order a falafel sandwich, if that’s more your speed. And falafel is not all that Istanbul Kebab House has to offer. For a special treat, try their whole grilled branzino or trout.

2. Nish Nush

Kosher and delicious, try the Popeye Delight at Nish Nush for a falafel that’s rich with spinach. Or try the red-hot chili falafel. But your best bet is the falafel trio, which lets you sample both plus the classic flavor. While you’re at it, try the shakshuka (eggs sunny side up in a tomato jalapeno sauce).

NishNush ClassicForeverSandwich 2880x2304

3. NYC Falafel

Those on the Lower East Side are lucky to find themselves within delivery range of NYC Falafel. Whether you like your falafel on the side, in a classic falafel sandwich, Greek-style (with feta and tzatziki), or you want a full-sized falafel platter, just be sure you save room for their chocolate cake.

4. Baba Ghanouge

Tribeca’s Baba Ghanouge offers a slightly more upscale version of falafel. Get their falafel rice bowl as an Uber Eats special, or dig into the kafta kabob specialty plate for a tasty treat. We’re also fond of the raisins in their fattouch Salad and their hummus is particularly yum.

BabaGhanouge VegetarianPlatter 2880x2304

5. Tabouleh

Ever tried your falafel with pickles? Now’s your chance. Order a falafel pita from Tabouleh to discover this delicious combination. Don’t forget to add a side of Cajun potato chips to truly make your mouth happy. This family-run business prides itself on using healthy ingredients, so it’s a great choice if that’s at the top of your priority list.

6. Da Falafel Guys

If you’re looking for authenticity in your falafel, you can’t go wrong with Da Falafel Guys. Spring for a platter to get a taste of their salads as well. They make their falafel fresh, which makes it even more imminently edible.

TheFalafelGuys FalafelPlatter 2880x2304

7.Kwik Meal

Our bargain pick for falafel sandwiches (not that falafel is ever that far out of range) is Kwik Meal. Their combos are a dream if you want to branch out for lunch. We especially love how easy it is to add extra falafel, so you can have your sandwich just how you like it.

KwikMeal Falafel 2880x2304

8. Balade Your Way

Balade Your Way is our pick for the best blend of authentic and modern when it comes to falafel (and everything else on their menu). Look for pickled turnips in their falafel wrap, or try the makanek pita wrap to sample their beef sausages. Whatever you do, don’t forget to try the mouhamara at the same time. This spicy, sweet pomegranate dip will drive your palate wild.

9. Mamoun’s Falafel

Over in the East Village you’ll find Mamoun’s Falafel. As tasty as their falafel is, their desserts are where they truly shine. From the shredded filo dough confection that is knafe to the more pastry-like mabrumeh, fans of baklava are in for a special treat.

10. Le Reve

For the fanciest falafel we’ve found, check out Le Reve. Where else can you order falafel alongside a skirt steak? And the green tahini they pair their falafel with is a nice touch. Just as nice is following up your falafel with a New York cheesecake.

Le Reve Falafel 2880x2304-2

So, if you’re in the mood for the best falafel in NYC, try one of these hot spots. Which one’s your favorite?

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