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August 8, 2018 | United States

If you're in the magic city and find yourself craving breakfast, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up some of our favorite breakfast spots in Miami so you can start the day deliciously and at your own pace.

Delight in pastries

When it comes to breakfast spots in Miami, we don’t know why Eggs and Bakery doesn’t call itself “pastry heaven” instead, but we do know that they offer everything from a classic croissant to a rich bombolone dulce de leche and a Colombian pan de bono. Pair any of the above with their cachito (Venezuelan bread stuffed with ham and cheese) and a fresh squeezed orange juice and you’ll have most of your food groups covered.

EggsandBakery Waffle 2880x2304

Choose Cuban classics plus lighter fare

Sergio’s Restaurant offers Cuban favorites like bistec a caballo. For the best breakfast in Miami, try the “La Flaca” section of the menu. It’s delicious and perfect for those who might want to start the day on a healthier note. But the real treats are under “I Love My Cafecito.” Don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here with a cortadito and Sergio’s famous tortillas, Miami-style.

SergiosCubanCafe&Grill YellowEggsBreakfast 2880x2304

This place gets more press than most celebrities, so order through Uber Eats to skip the crowds.

Acai action

If you are a believer in the antioxidant wonder that is acai, Sagrado’s acai bowls might be just your speed. You can have your acai with bananas and granola or try the pitaya and mango options. They also serve cold brew. Yum!

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Opt for endless options

For those who are looking for a wide variety of breakfast options, ALL DAY might be all perfect. Satisfy your avocado craving with the avocado tartine or go full breakfast protein with the Runny & Everything sandwich.

This place not only has one of the widest selections of breakfast beverages, they also serve all kinds of pastries from fresh-daily croquetas to the ALL DAY X SALTY DONUT, which combines brioche, blood orange and angostura meringue. Need we say more?

Make healthy eating modern

Did you know smoothie bowls were a thing? Find them at Healthy and Happy Café. Their fabulous fare is named for famous artists and thinkers, which is only the beginning of the creativity you’ll find on this menu. Don’t miss the healthy toasts, especially the Michaelangelo, which comes with enough avocado to make any millennial happy (or anyone else for that matter).

Healthy & Happy Shakespeare Eggs Benedict 2880x2304-1

Eat eco-delicious

Feel good about what you eat when you order breakfast from Miami’s The Bookstore and Kitchen. Knowing their kitchen operates on a zero-waste concept will make their pea butter toast taste even more perfect. But it’s the blueberry breakfast cake that really has our heart.

TheBookstore&Kitchen Spinach&RoastedBeetSalad 2880x2304

They’ve recently moved, so order through Uber Eats while you find their new address.

Crave coffee

Puroast Coffee boasts that their coffee has 70% less acid than other roasted coffees, which makes the “Greca for one” an even finer choice to accompany the amazing turkey and Manchego sandwich they call “The Loop.” For a sweeter treat, try the mango bread with a golden tea.

Brunch beautifully

How have we gotten this far into a post about breakfast and not yet mentioned pancakes? Because we were waiting to tell you about the raspberry flat cakes at Morgan’s Restaurant. Everything’s made from scratch and tastes like love. Which is what you might expect from a restaurant named after the owner’s daughter.

Morgans FrenchToast blog 960x540

Of course, you can also choose the brioche French toast or eggs benedict but the mac and cheese served with an egg sunny side up might be a contender for the best breakfast in Miami.

See your next breakfast on the menu? Open up Uber Eats and treat yourself right. Today, tomorrow and every day this week. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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