Because you can't exist on candy corn alone

October 26, 2017 | United States

The hour is late, the moon is full,
A lonely creature howls.
Somewhere in a spooky house,
Someone’s stomach growls.

A ghoulish late-night trio,
Gathers in the gloom.
The mummy wonders hungrily,
Why he ever left his tomb.

The witch is sick of Eye of Newt,
Her potions leave her beat.
She wonders, “How’s a witch to do
her tricks without a treat?

The werewolf comes in snarling,
About the empty fridge.
“I told you guys to tell me
when we run out of things!”

So these three gloomy roomies,
Thought their evening to be dead.
When something really awesome,
Popped into the mummy’s head!

He took the werewolf’s mobile,
He opened UberEATS.
And ordered in an instant,
A wicked late-night feast.

The moral of the story is
No matter who they be,
When hungry folks want something good,
They just tap UberEATS!

Posted by Uber Eats
Category: Life Hacks