7 tips to host a trophy-worthy awards show party

February 19, 2019 | United States

Pop the bubbly! Awards show season has arrived, and with it, ballot-filled, snack-packed parties. If you’ve been nominated to roll out the red carpet this year for your cast and crew, follow the epic advice below to make it a winning affair.

1. Build a savvy supporting cast

Just because you’ve been selected as a host doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Delegate by assigning the following roles so you can focus on the space and the sustenance (the most crucial components, in our opinion!). You can always enlist the help of a Beverage Director to handle your drinks and ice, a Sound Mixer to play movie-related tunes, and a Set Designer to contribute theme-appropriate furnishings and flowers.

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2. Ensure there’s a prize for the runner-up

True, there’s normally one winner per category at awards shows. But with Uber Eats' applause-worthy Buy One, Get One, two winners will receive a nod (or should we say “a nosh”) at once. Pasta or pizza? It’s a tie—and both diners are victorious by scoring an award-winning dish. See app for details.

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3. Compose a script

In the heat of the moment—be it the rush of last-minute party prep or the on-stage acceptance speech—it’s easy to forget a pivotal detail. So before guests start their red carpet entrances, jot down the factors you must remember, like “don’t forget the vegan nachos for Kim” or “thank Mom.”

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4. Time it right

Sure, it’s exciting to watch the stars make their fashionable entrances. But little can beat the feeling of that notification that your food is arriving. Monitor your delivery’s status in the Uber Eats app and before you know it, your order will be gracing the stage right on cue.

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5. Remember the details

While the best actor or actress earns the majority of the kudos, don’t overlook the quieter contributors. The best directors know that a memorable movie requires depth in a cast, and a truly fantastic meal calls for both entrees and sides. Sometimes, the small role that part plays (whether it’s the snarky sister or the smashed potatoes accompanying the ribs) makes all the difference.

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6. Prepare for the paparazzi

Since you know the cameras will be out in full force—as they should be on this momentous night!—guarantee that the scene is set up in a flattering fashion. Your food game will be on point, of course, and ready to score all the likes on Instagram if you…

  • Forget the spotlight: It’s not flattering to be oversaturated, so use natural light if possible. Or diffuse artificial light (such as another person’s phone flashlight) with a barrier such as a napkin
  • Work the angles: The camera crew for the awards show rushes around in front of the stage for the perfect shot for a reason: the angle you shoot at makes all the difference. Try overhead, from the side, and at a 45-degree angle and pick the one you love the most to post.
  • Edit lightly: Followers will spot a filtered photo. A well-lit, natural image is most appetizing.


7. Stay for the finale

Everyone knows the biggest award is handed out last. Avoid any party fouls by ensuring there’s enough food and drink to fuel all the revelry. Does your craft services table need restocking? There’s an app for that…

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