Adair Kitchen: California dreamin’ in Houston

July 18, 2018 | United States

Texas has long been known for its barbeque and Tex-Mex cuisine, but one restuaurant is switching things up by bringing a little piece of the West coast to Houston. Adair Kitchen, owned by the brother and sister team of Nick Adair and Katie Barnhart Adair, has been serving up fresh Californian fare for the past five years.

It all began with a visit to Palo Alto in California, where Katie discovered the local food scene. She told Uber Eats, “I love the food there -- it’s fresh, it’s easy, you feel like you’re doing yourself a favor.”

WATCH: See Adair Kitchen in action

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Feeling inspired, she immediately called her father and restaurateur, Gary Adair, to pitch her concept for Adair Kitchen. The patriarch of the family wasn’t too sure Houston’s barbeque-loving crowd would go for a kale salad. “When I first got in this business, Kale was a garnish served on the side. Now, it’s a full meal and it’s our best seller,” Adair told Uber Eats.

Opening up shop in 2012, the restaurant’s signature salads, bowls, and brunch staples quickly transformed it into a local hangout spot. Eaters were intrigued by their menu, which features dishes that are both tasty and healthy, like their Super Food Bowl made with kale, red onions, almonds, and avocado with miso dressing -- yum!

With Adair Kitchen, the Adair family has accomplished a difficult feat, they've managed to turn Californian delicacy into traditional Texan food.

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