5 study snacks to help you survive the exam season

October 8, 2018 | United States

When you're cramming for midterms or finals the last thing you feel like doing is planning meals—you just want your favorite comfort foods to magically appear in front of you. Luckily, while your parents grew up in a time when food delivery was pretty much limited to pizza, nowadays if you can name a craving you can almost certainly have it delivered to you. Pizza included.

When you're putting together your order, keep in mind that eating a lot of sugary treats and starchy carbs like potatoes and white bread can set you up for an energy crash. That doesn't mean you have to avoid those foods altogether—we're not monsters—but just try to mix in some fiber and protein to keep your blood sugar and energy steady. Here are five foods that'll keep you satisfied and alert throughout the stressful exam season.

1. Cheesy goodness

Cheese has the benefit of being comforting and high in protein, so it's very satisfying. A loaded pizza is an obvious choice, while mac 'n' cheese or grilled cheese are classic soothers that are perfect for a study session, and if you want to get fancy (or just get straight to the cheese), go for a cheese plate. Or pretend like you're already done with exams by getting some bar food like cheesy nachos or fried cheese.

Satisfy your cravings in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a cheesy calzone or pizza from New York Pizza Depot, which delivers late.

NewYorkPizzaDepot ChicagoMeatSlice 2880x2304

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2. Screaming for ice cream

Sometimes you just need to bury your face in a pint of ice cream—before, after, and maybe even during exams (no judgements). If you want to follow the protein rule, maybe a throw a handful of nuts on your sundae?

Beat the heat in Austin, Texas with a pint, an ice cream sandwich, or a sundae from one of several Amy's Ice Creams locations. For the lactose intolerant and vegans, there are many non-dairy treats to order from NadaMoo!.

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3. Sushi, poke, and other raw delights

Light, healthy, and a great source of lean protein, sushi is an ideal meal when you don't want to feel weighed down. Don't forget about other raw seafood dishes, such as Japanese chirashi, Hawaiian poke, and Latin American ceviche.

If you’re busy studying away in New York City, then enjoy a poke bowl from Uber Eats pop-up Peggy's Poke, where you can choose from six preset bowls or craft your own by selecting from various toppings (fish, tofu, edamame, avocado, and more) and five types of sauce.

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4. Breakfast anytime, all the time

When the late night hungries strike, hit up your local 24-hour breakfast joint for a lumberjack breakfast and ALL the coffee. Breakfast for dinner is the perfect solace after a hard day, too. Across the United States, breakfast is readily available at all hours from iconic institutions such as IHOP and Denny's, both of which are open 24 hours a day.


5. Anything with "bowl" in the name

Breakfast bowls, açaí bowls, smoothie bowls, rice bowls, grain bowls, taco and burrito bowls, traditional bowls like Korean bibimbap—the whole bowl concept has really blown up over the past few years. One of the many great things about bowls is that they are almost endlessly customizable so you can get your exact combo of cravings in one vessel. Plus, no knives needed, so you can just shovel your meal straight into your mouth without looking up from your computer. Though maybe give yourself a little break to savor your bowl… You deserve it and you'll return to your task refreshed with a full tank to power through whatever you have to tackle.

College can be stressful, so subtract the meal planning stress during exam time with study snacks like ice cream, pizza, and poke. All of which you can order from Uber Eats.

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