The 2018 Awards menu: What to eat, inspired by Best Picture nominees

March 2, 2018 | United States

Hollywood’s biggest night is here! As you gear up for your own glamorous viewing party, take a little foodie inspiration straight from the Best Picture nominees. Whether you’re cheering for the thought-provoking horror film Get Out, or have your fingers crossed for the fantasy favorite The Shape of Water, eat your way through the Best Picture ballot with these award-worthy food and movie pairings, brought to you by Uber Eats and Atom Tickets.

Darkest Hour: A Sunday roast dinner

Blog Darkest Hour The fate of Western Europe hangs on British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Celebrate Darkest Hour's English setting with a quintessential British spread. Order some fish and chips or a feast of succulent roasted meats and potatoes, paired with crispy, seasoned vegetables, spoonfuls of gravy and - if you’re lucky - a fluffy Yorkshire pudding.

Lady Bird: Coffee-shop classics

Blog Lady Bird (1) In the coming-of-age film Lady Bird, Christine “Lady Bird” begins a romantic relationship with her crush, young musician Kyle. Their meet-cute? In her new job at the coffee shop, she is Kyle’s server. Recreate their first encounter and order lattes, cold brew, muffins, and pastries to your couch. Share them with your crush (or simply enjoy them with your squad) while you watch the awards ceremony. After all, who can resist your charms when you’re serving up buttery croissants, decadent slices of chocolate cake, and caffeine boosts?

Get Out: Cereal (with an upgrade)

Blog Get Out Who knew the classic combo of cereal and milk could become so terrifying? In a scene that has caused many o’ nightmare, Get Out’s psychopathic villain, Rose, eats a bowl of dry Froot Loops and drinks a glass of milk through a straw – in small, controlled sips – while she does an online search for her next victim. You can’t unsee it! If dry cereal is your thing, then hey, do you. But we’d prefer some cereal-inspired snacks, like gourmet Rice Krispies treats, cereal-milk ice cream or even cornflake-crusted chicken if you’re feeling something savory. Wash it all down with a fancy milkshake for a sweet – not scary – ending.

Phantom Thread: Mushrooms

Blog Phantom Thread If food could be nominated for stealing scenes in movies, the mushrooms in Phantom Thread would take home an award of their own. Their lead role? SPOILER ALERT: They’re used to poison renowned English designer, Reynolds Woodcock. Give your viewing party a funghi feel as an ode to this nominee with your favorite mushroom-centric dishes. Will it be a creamy mushroom ravioli, a hot mushroom-studded pizza, or perhaps hearty Portobello mushroom burgers for your guests? It’s up to you to choose your favorite.

The Shape of Water: Pie

Blog Shape of Water In the nominated fantasy film The Shape of Water, Elisa and her friend Giles eat their fair share of key lime pie. Follow their lead and close out your viewing party with a delicious dessert and the perfect ode to this storyline. Pecan, apple, key lime, pecan and pumpkin…order them all for a happily-ever-after to your viewing party tale. Here’s to not having to walk down the red carpet!

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