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April 10, 2019  /  United States  /  News

New features in the Uber Eats app will provide more transparent tracking and a human touch.

How would you improve food delivery?

Uber Eats designers and researchers spent a year travelling to nine countries and meeting with hundreds of eaters, delivery partners, and restaurant partners to answer that question. We spoke with 365 people across Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, France, England, India, US, and Canada and analyzed over 4,402 “meal diaries”.

The result? We learned that food delivery isn’t just about logistics. It’s about giving people the information they need to make their own decisions.

Imagine a day in the life of delivery partners who make the magical moment of delivery possible. They’re driving across cities in search of restaurants, homes and parking to ensure you get your food.

Think about the restaurants who juggle an insane amount of orders and tasks to ensure your food is properly prepared.

And of course, think about yourselves, hungry eaters, who want to focus on what’s important to you, from family time to studying for final exams. You want to trust that your food will arrive as expected.

From the moment you press “place order” to the moment the delivery partner comes to your door, several different interactions take place — and there are just as many opportunities for things to go awry. The delivery partner might be stuck in traffic. The kitchen might be slammed.

We thought simplifying what you saw in the app would help make food delivery less stressful, but we learned that a lack of information about what’s happening behind the scenes was sometimes causing stress.

You want technology to provide transparency. You want your experience to feel more human. And if your order is taking longer than expected, you want to know why.

So what does this all mean? After a series of surveys, design mockups, and research diaries, we’re taking steps to help make the Uber Eats experience better. Here’s a rundown of the changes that will be coming soon, inspired by your feedback.

More transparent, more human

We all hate being left in the dark. That moment when you realize everyone but you is in on the secret—it’s never fun. We learned that sometimes, food delivery can feel like that too.

After I order, it’s a black hole until you get the buzzer at the door.

Eater, London, England

Maybe you’re waiting for the delivery partner to arrive before you put the baby to bed, so your little one isn’t woken up by the doorbell. In a case like this, not knowing where your food is prevents you from being able to plan for life’s important moments. We’ve spoken with many people around the world who told us that the on-demand food delivery experience has often felt transactional, especially when things go wrong.

A newlywed couple told us about their experience trying to order food in Bangalore, India, where heavy traffic and monsoons make it a challenging environment for delivery. The couple said they just wanted to know what was going on, but felt like they weren’t getting the full story.

  • We’ll tell you when the person delivering your food is headed to the restaurant and show you their route. We’ll let you know if they have to wait at the restaurant or if they hit traffic.
  • You’ll know when the restaurant is preparing your meal. Previously, you couldn’t see when the order was accepted by the restaurant, so many of you were left wondering what was happening with your food. Now, you’ll see a new progress bar showing five stages: (1) confirming your order, (2) preparing your order, (3) showing that the delivery partner is en-route to the restaurant, (4) picking up your order, and (5) delivering it to you.
  • Now, you’ll get the “Latest Arrival By” time in your app in addition to the estimated arrival time. This gives you a time you can rely on, so you know when you can get back to your life.
  • You’ll see the name of the delivery partner and will be able to reach out to them while they’re en-route to the restaurant (even before they pick up your order).
  • We’ll make information more easily accessible. If your order gets delayed or canceled, we’ll tell you what’s happening and why.
  • And let’s not forget that enjoying food can be magical. We want to bring that delightful feeling to the app experience as well. We’re adding colorful new illustrations and animations to celebrate special occasions and moments. Why not add joy whenever we can?

You’ll start to see these updates across the US and globally. All of this is just the first step in building a better delivery experience. Uber Eats is ever-evolving and will continue to experiment and innovate, so stay tuned for new exciting changes in the future. In the coming months, we also plan to introduce more ways for you to get support.

Watch the updated app experience in action

We’re committed to building an app that fits better with your day-to-day — so you can spend less time wondering where your food is and more time enjoying life.

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