Let’s celebrate Pi Day with $5 pizza pies

March 14, 2018  /  United States  /  San Francisco  /  Promotions

You don’t have to have 2.7 trillion digits of Pi memorized to know that pizza is absolutely delicious. Tomorrow is Pi Day, and in celebration of this dish, we’re spinning up pies from the best pizza joints in San Francisco, Fresno, and Sacramento for just $5. From Little Star to Firepie, Pizza My Heart to Seniore’s, this is your opportunity to devour the pizza of your dreams while saving some dough…without ever leaving your house.

Want in? From 10am to 10pm on March 14, just open your Uber Eats app and tap the in-app Pi Day banner to select and order the $5 pie you’re craving. After that, all that’s left to do is watch as your pie is delivered to you at Uber speed.

Posted By Minnia Feng
Category: Promotions