Burma Love: Supporting future scholars, one tea leaf salad at a time

May 23, 2018  /  United States  /  San Francisco  /  News

While the value of an education is undeniable, the cost of an education has also skyrocketed, often to unmanageable levels. While many students strive to be the first in their family to go to college, financial considerations often become a real hurdle in allowing them to achieve their educational goals.

Scholarships are one way to alleviate the financial burden, but this can leave behind students from lower-income families whose time commitment is stretched between academics and working to support their family, and whose GPAs may be too low for the average scholarship.

After seeing the need in their communities, Burma Love and the various Burma Superstar restaurants partnered up with Golden State Warriors and launched the Future Superstars Scholarship, an annual scholarship which awards $4000 to 5 highly motivated but underachieving students from impoverished areas in the Bay Area. Each recipient will also be paired with a mentor to help them with college readiness and life skills.

Uber Eats is chipping in with $2,000 to support this initiative. We share and celebrate their interest to support the community.

If you find yourself with some downtime after eating (and before the food coma hits), go to Future-Superstars.org to learn more about Burma Love’s other initiatives!

Guest post from Hong Nguyen of Burma Love

Posted By Minnia Feng
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