Dumpling time: the best dim sum in San Francisco

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If you are craving an abundance of different flavors in the exact quantity you want, then look no further than dim sum. Luckily for dumpling connoisseurs in the Bay Area, San Francisco is home to a burgeoning Chinese community and an endless range of authentic dim sum to choose from. Whether you’re craving shaomai, cha siu bao or sesame balls, you won’t want to wait, so discover where to get the best dim sum in San Francisco right now.

Yank Sing 2 Go

Traditionally a humble family meal, it’s not often that you find dim sum celebrated in the Michelin Guide — Yank Sing 2 Go is the exception to this rule. Serving both contemporary interpretations alongside more traditional fare, this is not just your standard Chinese restaurant.

The wonton noodle soup is gorgeously enticing and the shrimp dumplings have become iconic. Vegetarians will love the green spinach dumplings and the snow pea shoot dumplings, and everyone should make sure to add an order of honey-glazed walnut salad to the mix for even more vegetable goodness. Oh, also the Chinese broccoli. (Yes, it’s often hard to know where to stop with dim sum, but you can always pack some away for later.)

Mr. Fu Kitchen

A great choice if you’re looking for a slightly more relaxed approach to dim sum in San Francisco, Mr. Fu Kitchen even has a healthy food section on their menu. Don’t let simple menu labels like “pot stickers” and “shrimp dumplings” fool you, the flavors are complex and fantastic.

We love that they have a dim sum platter, which allows you to sample several favorites without having to make up your mind. And the mango salad with prawns… yum! The menu is packed with all sorts of other Szechuan favorites, so if you want all the options, be sure to scroll down.

Chili House

Chili House might be known for their Peking Duck (as they should be), but we’re equally entranced with their Beijing-style dim sum. From date cakes to Beijing pork pancakes, you’ll enjoy changing up your usual order as you try these delicacies.

If you’re looking to try even more new things, check out their clay and flaming pots for a meal you will unlikely forget. Oh, and the restaurant is called Chili House for a reason–the chicken with explosive chili pepper will knock your socks off.

May Lee Restaurant

Nestled next to UCSF, this San Francisco gem serves dim sum up right. With a menu that’s just extensive enough to be comprehensive and yet short enough to make your decisions easy-ish, May Lee Restaurant is a fan favorite. The wontons with chili sauce will satisfy the spiciest customer and the salt and pepper tofu is so good that you won’t need to be vegetarian to enjoy it.

There’s also a full menu of Chinese entrees, including Hunan and Szechuan classics if you want to round out your order. And the list of “meatless” entrees give vegetarians a much wider choice than usual. Don’t forget to order some mango pudding to finish your meal off right.

Dong Bei Mama

If northeastern-style Chinese is your go-to, you can’t miss with Dong Bei Mama. From jiaozi served five ways to the pan fried sesame cake, their dim sum will have you coming back for more. And if you need an entrée, try the dried bean curd and pork with chili pepper or the sautéed tossed mung clear noodles for a tasty second course.

For extra comfort on a foggy day, settle into your favorite chair with one of Dong Bei Mama’s Northeastern Chinese stews thanks to Uber Eats.

Dim sum doesn’t have to just be for lunch. Open Uber Eats to order dim sum your way, whether that’s classic or contemporary, fancy or by the dozens. You can pick out just what you want without waiting for the cart to come around again, finally.

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