Dakota Weiss and Sweetfin’s Unstoppable Poke Empire expands to San Diego

March 4, 2018  /  United States  /  San Diego  /  On the Menu

Poke is having a big moment in Southern California. And Sweetfin Poke is at the forefront of it. This hip Hawaiian-style chain focuses on serving sustainable fish in creative preparations, with Top Chef contestant Dakota Weiss as the culinary mastermind behind its fresh flavors. To celebrate Sweetfin now available for delivery in San Diego, Uber Eats met up with Dakota to discuss all things raw fish and the poke explosion.

First things first, you pronounce it “po-kay”. Now that that’s out of the way, we can dig into the tasty stuff. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish championing Japanese infused flavors. You simply choose your base, mix and match silky fresh fish or veggies, and add toppings and tastebud-tingling sauces. We’re all going a bit nuts for it, but after the first scoop, it’s easy to see why.

Sweetfin was at the foreground of the poke explosion, opening their first flagship store in Santa Monica in April of 2015. Dakota explains the idea of Sweetfin first developed when fellow founders, Alan Nathan, Seth Cohen and Brett Nestadt visited Hawaii and fell in love with the traditional dish. Of course, if they were to open a poke restaurant, they needed a chef who had a strong knowledge in Asian flavors.

“Alan literally came up to me one day and was like ‘What do you know about poke?’” Dakota recalls. “And I’m like ‘It’s fish, it’s good, and I like it’. So he said ‘Do you want to open up a poke restaurant’. And I said ‘Sure, why not’”.

It was then that Sweetfin started developing its menu - one that’s powered by the highest quality and most sustainable raw fish. “I can’t even tell you how many tastings I had just on one sauce alone” Dakota says. “We must have made the creamy mayo sauce 100 different ways before we found the right ingredients and portions”.

One and a half years later, Sweetfin opened and since has been unstoppable. The poke empire has already hooked 7 locations in Los Angeles, its most recent addition in San Diego.

Hungry to try the poke trend? Try one of Sweetfin’s signature bowls, like its Mango Albacore bowl, Shiitake Chile Tofu bowl and most popular Spicy Tuna bowl with creamy togarashi sauce, hikiki and avocado. Or you can BYOB (that’s Build Your Own Bowl, for any poke rookies out there). With 6 proteins, 3 bases, 5 sauces and 26 toppings to choose from, anything is possible. No, really - Dakota tells us there are over 94 million amazing, different outcomes to be created!

Tap into Sweetfin on the Uber Eats app today to enjoy it’s delicious and healthful poke bowls.

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