UberEATS Your Way Through Philadelphia

November 29, 2016  /  United States  /  Pennsylvania  /  News

The food scene in the City of Brotherly Love has been garnering national praise for years, and the arrival of UberEATS in Philadelphia means that it’s more accessible than ever. Not needing to leave the house for a gourmet grilled cheese and an artisanal gelato chaser? Sold. Just download the app, take your pick of some of the city’s most exciting restaurants, and track your order as it’s prepared and couriered to your door. Whether you’re craving the city’s best pizza in the summer or barbecued ribs in the middle of winter, here are five Philadelphia restaurants you can try through UberEATS today: Essen Bakery A new arrival to the thriving food scene on Passyunk Avenue, Essen has been worth waiting for. An artisan bakery that turns out traditional—and not so traditional—Jewish-inspired treats, Essen is the brainchild of pastry chef Tova du Plessis. Her chocolate-halva babka, which is a flaky, buttery loaf flavored with the joint sweetness of chocolate and sesame seed paste, is the ideal companion for breakfast coffee, but it’s the lunchtime sandwiches that are some of the most popular orders, like the pastrami-smoked salmon with scallion cream cheese on freshly-baked rye, topped with pickled green tomatoes. And if you happen to be hosting a dinner party, ordering a batch of the handmade rugelach (moist rolls of pastry wrapped with chocolate), will have your guests asking to be invited to your next one. Pizza Brain The enormous pies that come out of Pizza Brain‘s brick oven have fun names like the Forbes Waggensense and the Bob Shieldsmoose, but the names aren’t the important part. The thin crust slices are absolutely huge, and served with toppings like fontina, Grana Padano, fresh basil, smoked pepperoni, and fresh thyme. These pies have just the right amount of crunch in the crust and the ingredients are far superior to your average corner pizzeria. Try the Henrietta Blanch, which boasts aged provolone, banana peppers, basil, and sausage from Fiorella’s, the family-owned Philly butcher shop. Fette Sau For those summer days when it feels like chore to drag out the grill or the winter days when it’s way too cold to stand outside, Fette Sau comes to the rescue. This Fishtown establishment smokes, braises, and barbecues some of the most decadent meats in the city, including a prime beef brisket that’s way tastier than what your grandmother makes (sorry, grandma) and a pulled pork that’s even better than that. The sides aren’t fancy; the rolls are Martin’s potato rolls and the potato chips are Utz. But don’t skimp on the mac and cheese, sour pickles, or buttermilk cornbread, and be sure to save room for the bourbon pecan pie. Capogiro Is there anything more decadent than getting ice cream delivered to your door? Capogiro has been the undisputed king of Philadelphia gelato since 2002, with frequent lines out the door for their silky-smooth artisanal ice cream made with seasonal ingredients and milk from grass-fed local cows. There are the traditional Italian flavors like the stracciatella and the coffee (made with beans from local roaster La Colombe), but trying the more experimental ones is risk-free—everything from the persimmon to the honey cumin is absolute perfection. They also do Italian-inspired savory treats, like an antipasto of fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, salami milano, and olives atop a bed of greens. MeltKraft You know what’s comfortable? Not leaving the house. Ordering the ultimate comfort food—a warm, gooey grilled cheese—delivered right to your door might be the nicest thing you’ve done for yourself all week. And MeltKraft take the humble sandwich to the next level: the handmade mozzarella and brie are layered on buttery grilled bread, along with a host of next-level ingredients like cranberry chutney, cured ham, or brisket. And the extras are where it gets truly decadent—get your sandwich stuffed with mac and cheese, order it grilled in duck fat, and throw on some truffle oil or roasted garlic.

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