National Pizza Day: Slices of Knowledge

February 8, 2018 | Orange County

Happy National Pizza Day! From date nights, to birthdays, to helping us through a breakup (or two), the humble pizza pie has been our comfort food. To pay homage to the deliciousness that is pizza, we’re looking back at Uber Eats’ pizza orders in 2017. What we discovered? Californians might love pizza just as much as we do.

Infographic: National Pizza Day

The most ordered pizza restaurants in SoCal: Trying to narrow down a list of SoCal’s best pizza joints is no easy feat. That’s why we turned to you - our eaters - to see where you’ve been ordering from on the app. Pizza Della Nonna takes the cake (or in this case, pie) for the most-ordered pizza restaurant in 2017. Boasting soft crust, traditional toppings, and rustic Italian flair, it’s needless to say this restaurant knows how to make a solid ‘za! In Orange County, the customizable restaurant STACKED was the most-ordered pizza restaurant, and San Diego residents were munching on Woodstock's delicious slices the most.

Most popular pizza item: Choosing what pizza to order is tough. Sometimes you want to mix two pizzas together to create your perfect pie, and at Pieology Pizzeria, you can do exactly that. In fact, the most-ordered pizza item from 2017 was Pieology’s Create Your Own Pizza! You can choose between 4 types of crusts, 5 sauces, 6 cheeses and over 20 toppings - that’s a lot of options to make exactly what you’re craving!

Sunday pizza party: If it was up to us, every day would be a pizza party. But when picking just one day to order pizza, it’s clear that Sunday rules. Over 70,000 pizza orders were placed on Sundays last year. This was closely followed by Saturday and Friday, proving weekends are the perfect time to feast on delicious, cheesy slices.

Los Angeles takes gold: Los Angeles has 245 pizza restaurants on Uber Eats, proving you don’t need a trip to Italy to get your pizza-loving experience. Whether you like your pizza wood-fired, crusty, doughy or stuffed, you can rest assured there is something for every taste bud (and dietary requirement) on the app. From those 245 restaurants eaters ordered over 300,000 pizzas. That’s around 2,435,896 slices!

There’s no slowing you down: All in all, eaters ordered an average of 79, 464 slices of pizza PER WEEK in 2017, showing us that pizza really is the food of the people. Thick, thin, cheesy, meaty, savory, full of toppings or just nice and simple - you don’t discriminate when it comes to pies.

Ready to celebrate National Pizza Day with us? Whether you’re chilling on the couch tonight, or having a pizza party with the squad, tap into the Uber Eats app for a slice. Get delivered the best of the best to you fast, wherever you may be.

Posted by Sonja Bistranin
Category: Brain Food