International Women’s Day: Three female restaurateurs you need to know about

March 8, 2018 | Orange County

Southern California has plenty to be proud of when it comes to our female culinary talent. Despite the long hours, high pressure, and a largely male-dominated industry, females continue to shape and shake up SoCal’s food scene. How did these trailblazers get to the top? In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked Uber Eats restaurant partners to share a taste of their wisdom, and discuss what Women’s Day means to them.

Tiffany Fiedler of Skinny Bitch Pizza

Skinny Bitch. jpg

As the CEO of Skinny Bitch Pizza, we have Tiffany Fiedler to thank for delicious and low-carb pizza and those funky, hot, pink-branded pies. After eating her way through copious gluten-free slices, Fiedler believed she could create better-quality options - in particular better options for women. She took it upon herself to found a pizzeria that would be more health conscious and delicious - and brand it with her favorite color, pink. For Tiffany, Women’s Day is a time to recognize how far women have come, what they’ve sacrificed in the past, and what sacrifices we are willing to make for future generations.


“There's a lot of physical labor required to run a restaurant, and the biases that women can't do the same physical ‘heavy lifting’ will likely always come into question. However, overcoming this bias means giving women the opportunity to go toe-to-toe and proving that it’s not an issue. It's setting a good example and also having no gender bias when it comes to hiring and managing employees.”

Natasha Case of Coolhaus


After working in architecture at Walt Disney Imagineering, Natasha Case founded the architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwich company, Coolhaus, out of a food truck during the Coachella Music Festival in 2009. Fast forward to today, and Coolhaus has built a loyal following for their unique ice cream sammies, hand-dipped bars, and delicious handpicked pints. Not to mention, Natasha has been named a Forbes '30 under 30 Food & Beverage', and has been featured on television shows including Food Network’s Chopped, and Andy Cohen Live. For Natasha, Women’s Day is about the community coming together and recognizing the bond we all share but don’t celebrate often. It’s her belief that when we unite under a cause, we can make a difference.

Freya (L), Natasha (R)

“Anytime there’s not equal representation you are going to see challenges because of the inherent unfamiliarity. Being equal in numbers, people realize there is really nothing to be afraid of, and the ‘diversity’ you are bringing to the table can be a huge positive. When you have a passion and are committed to something you love, it’s much easier to see the big picture and can overcome challenges.”

Shoshana Joseph of Yogurt Stop

yogurt stop

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Shoshana Joseph opened Yogurt Stop with her business partner and wife Marta. Her pure passion for food led her to opening Yogurt Stop - known for its adventurous flavors, like the 'Spankin' Pina Colada Tart' and the 'I'm Comin'out Cake Batter'. Not only does Shoshana believe Women’s Day is the perfect time to band together and unify as women, but she has found foodie inspiration from her own superwoman - her mother! Although many strong women inspire her, she says there are always challenges that come with being a woman - especially in the restaurant business.

Marta (L), Shoshana (R) (1)

“Being a woman, life is filled with challenges in and out of business. Being women business owners is incredibly challenging. We overcome it by staying position and waking up each morning excited about the new challenges. Nevertheless we’ve persisted!”

Uber Eats is proud to support female restaurateurs, chefs, and business owners. Show your support, and tap into these women-owned and operated restaurants on the Uber Eats app or online today!

Additionally, we’re donating to The Midnight Mission’s Crisis and Bridge Housing Center, which serves women facing homelessness in Los Angeles, and PATH San Diego, which helps those facing homelessness in San Diego. Today, we encourage you to celebrate International Women’s Day by donating to their cause along with us.

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