SoCal Chefs Share Their 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2018 | Orange County

Somehow it’s already 2018 and, if you’re anything like us, you’ve pulled a Bridget Jones and written in your diary how you’re definitely going to transform yourself this year. Whether you’re hoping to exercise at least five (or two!) times a week, learn a new language, or finally perfect that pasta recipe, you’re not alone! We chatted with a handful of amazing Cali chefs and asked them to share their goals for 2018. Read on for the inspiration you need to keep those resolutions going:


“My New Year's Resolution is to exercise more so I can eat more pizza” - Chef Perry Cheung of Phorage

Chefs Erica resized

“My New Year’s Resolution is to appreciate and enjoy the life that I have built for myself: My business and everything that revolves around Sweet E’s, as well as my children, husband, and my loving family.” - Erica Tucker of Sweet E’s Bake Shop

Chefs Shoshanna

“Our New Year’s Resolution in the store is that we have pumped up health, health, and more health. For 2018 Yogurt Stop has more powders to add to your yogurt, like immune support powders and fiber powders, organic quinoa, multivitamins and lots more. We live in a world that is so fast paced and we don't get to just sit still. It's more important now than ever that we make sure we have the right stuff to keep going.” - Shoshana and Marta of Yogurt Stop


“Being the owner of two donut businesses, I'm always experimenting with different flavors, both sweet and savory, which includes eating my way through Los Angeles. My New Year’s Resolution is to be present. I'm constantly overstimulated in today's world so I'm exploring the ideas of meditation and awareness, which will perhaps inspire new flavors for our showcase of traditional and boutique donuts.” - Mayly Tao, founder of DK’s Donuts and Donut Princess

Joe Aussie

“My New Year’s Resolution is to be more adventurous with cooking and eating. I don’t want to be boring, keep trying new stuff! Also continue to train hard at my first Pan Am games as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.” - Joe Youkan of Aussie Pie Kitchen

Jane from Sweet Lady Jane

“A new year always brings in a feeling of excitement! Being around for over 30 years proves that we have delicious and high quality products but also proves we're innovative. This year, my resolution is to think outside the box and create some new desserts that will bring in the next generation of Sweet Lady Jane fans!” - Jane Lockhart of Sweet Lady Jane


“When I started this job I was eager to explore other countries around the worlds, and wanted to know more about what they eat, what they grow, and how they cook it. This year I want to focus on learning as much as possible about other people's lifestyle, food-wise, around us.” - Chef Giuseppe of Pizzeria Il Fico

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