Behind the wheel with Kenneth, producer and UberEATS courier

November 2, 2017 | Orange County

Meet Kenneth - a film producer, LA transplant, and one of UberEATS courier partners. He ticks off miles delivering food with UberEATS and connecting eaters with their cities, while still pursuing his passions and goals. As a film producer, Kenneth loves how his new flexible schedule enables him to pursue his film career and supplement his income.

Kenneth moved from Dallas to Southern California to follow his dreams in the film and TV industry. After graduating with a Masters of Fine Art from the American Film Institute Conservatory, Kenneth began looking for film production roles - he loves leading people and being the driving factor for the completion of a film. However he soon found most jobs were contract positions, which left him with little stability. After seeing one of his neighbors use UberEATS, it didn’t take him long to make the move to driving.

UberEATS courier Ken

Fast forward and Kenneth is living his dream of being an independent producer and writer. He owes much of this to UberEATS - “it’s a perfect fit”, he says. With UberEATS, Kenneth is able to go offline when he has meetings, and can answer calls and go to networking events without having to worry about a specific schedule. Working the hours he chooses and being his own boss has always been a priority for Kenneth, which is why being a courier partner works best for him.

Apart from the flexibility UberEATS brings, Kenneth says driving is an “eye opening experience” - he’s constantly being inspired by the city. Additionally, driving has allowed him to enjoy his city at ground level and he feels more in tune with the streets. “I get to see interesting buildings, or nooks and crannies of the city that people commuting would not normally see”, he says.

What are his tips for new driver partners? Create a personal strategy when driving to maximise your time and performance. Kenneth explains how you’ll discover areas that are reliable, and understand where is best to drive for you. He also recommends having water and snacks while on the road, and knowing where you can stop to fuel up.

Kenneth is just one of the many drivers who partner with UberEATS to have more flexibility in their schedules, and to balance income with their other passions. Learn more about driving with UberEATS here.

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