College Hack: $2.99 Booking Fee on McDonald’s, with Uber Eats

January 11, 2018 | Orange County

With school back in session, there’s nothing worse than being limited to questionable cafeteria food or taking a chance on expired leftovers in the back of the fridge. Instead, use Uber Eats to bring your McDonald’s favorites to campus, at Uber speed. As an extra credit treat, enjoy $2.99 booking fee on late night orders to select campuses between 10pm-3am!

Simply apply promo code* MCDLATENIGHT1 at checkout to redeem this exclusive offer. You'll see a $2 discount off your order!

In case you needed more convincing, we predicted the 4 times you’ll need McDonald’s and Uber Eats this semester:

Late Night Study Sessions

Midterms, finals—you know they’re coming, yet they always seem to sneak up on you. For delicious snacks to help fuel your study sesh, tap into Uber Eats and have McDonald’s delivered to your dorm, library or anywhere in between.

Football, Friends and Food

Chicken McNuggets? Got ‘em. World Famous Fries? Check. Big Macs? Absolutely! No college football game is complete without game-changing grub. Bench the cooking and order a McDonald’s feast delivered to your couch, so you can get back to cheering on your team in no time. No matter how much you order, you pay the same booking fee!

TV Trade Off

We all know that Wi-Fi is a precious commodity. How else will you stream all your can’t-miss shows? (And submit that homework, of course.) No one wants to be a mooch, but your Wi-Fi isn’t working. How about ordering McDonald’s on Uber Eats for you and your neighbor and catching that episode with them? Because going into class tomorrow without knowing how the show ended is not an option.

Sticking to a College Budget

Living on a student budget can be tricky. But with $2.99 booking fee on McDonald’s for a limited time, you can get the quality eats you love, without breaking the bank. Even sweeter, tap into McDonald’s Extra Value Meals, like the Quarter Pounder Meal and 10pc. Chicken McNuggets Meal, and you can enjoy more of your McDonald’s favorites for less. Now give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to that budget like an old college pro.

Keep your wallet and your belly full this semester with $2.99 booking fee on McDonald’s. See what’s on the menu when you tap into the Uber Eats app today!

*$2.99 booking fee only valid on orders to select college campuses in LA/OC areas. Busy Area Fee may apply. Must be in delivery radius of a participating McDonald's location listed below. Offer valid daily from 10pm-3am between 1/8/18 - 3/4/18. Promo expires at 11:59pm on 3/5/18.

*Participating Locations:


  • McDonald's (219 S. AZUSA)
  • McDonald's (Azusa-Alosta)
  • McDonald's (L.A. - Sunset/Fountain)
  • McDonald's (Los Angles-Wilsh)
  • McDonald's (La - Western)
  • McDonald's (4166 Melrose Ave.)
  • McDonald's (La-7Th & Western)
  • McDonald's (L.A. - 3Rd & Vermont)
  • McDonald's (La/Crnr Temple)
  • McDonald's (L.A. - Wilshire/Union)
  • McDonald's (14871 IMPERIAL HWY)
  • McDonald's (Sn Fe Sprngs-Val)
  • McDonald's (La-Washngtn&Hill)
  • McDonald's (Central/Mlk)
  • McDonald's (L.A. - Mlk/Vermont)
  • McDonald's (L/A-Figueroa)
  • McDonald's (La - Mlk/Figueroa)
  • McDonald's (Los Angls-Olympc)
  • McDonald's (L/A-1800 Western)
  • McDonald's (L.A. - Venice/Vermont)
  • McDonald's (L.A. - Washington/Hoover)
  • McDonald's (L.A. - Pico & Parnell)
  • McDonald's (La-Century City)
  • McDonald's (W L/A-National)
  • McDonald's (W. L/A-Wilshire)
  • McDonald's (Northrdge-Reseda)
  • McDonald's (Northridge - Balboa & Lassen)
  • McDonald's (Northridge-Resda)
  • McDonald's (22725 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY)
  • McDonald's (Marina Del Rey)


  • McDonald's (Placentia/Chap)
  • McDonald's (Placentia-Kraemr)
  • McDonald's (Irvine/Alt-Jeff) *
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