Here's what Ninja eats when he's streaming 300 hours a month

July 1, 2018  /  United States  /  News
Ninja is teaming up with Uber Eats and we couldn't be more thrilled!

When Uber Eats teamed up with Ninja for an exclusive partnership there was one thing everybody wanted to know - what exactly does the hottest gamer in the world right now eat when they’re streaming for 300 hours a month? It sounds like hungry work to us so we sat down with Ninja, who has 8 million followers and counting, to find out the answer to this and more. Don’t miss Ninja sharing his love of food with his followers and unlocking surprise discounts and giveaways for his fans along the way.

“I’d already been using the Uber Eats app for a long time – and it’s super simple to use,” Ninja said. “That’s just what I look for when I go into partnerships. If something comes to me that I’ve never used before for a potential partnership, then it doesn’t feel real or natural. This one is a match made in heaven.”

The feeling is mutual! We sat down with the Ninja, aka the man who is living the dream, to talk about his favorite eats and how he stays fueled for hours of gaming.

What do you like to eat to stay fueled during marathon gaming sessions?

I usually try to go for meals that aren’t heavy when I’m playing for a long time, I’ll try to stay away from carbing up too hard – so I avoid pastas. But there’s a local place with grilled cheese that’s delicious, so I get that with some tomato basil soup to dip it in – it’s fantastic. Sometimes I’ll go for some Panda Express or a light margherita pizza.

Pizza is the light option?

Well, a margherita just has sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil.

Is there any meal you like to treat yourself with when you’ve clutched an epic victory?

Oh yeah, a massive steak – the biggest steak I can find.

Any particular cut?

I’ve been fiending for anything wagyu lately, it’s just fantastic. Anything bone-in nowadays – just a big, fatty steak – always cooked medium rare.

Do you ever feel awkward eating while streaming?

I never feel awkward ever when I’m eating! If someone doesn’t want to watch me eat? Dude, they can leave – I gotta get my fuel. My justification is, would you rather me end my stream and come back two hours later cause I went out to eat, or just eat real quick in between a match?

Any tips for how you do it without making a mess?

To keep it clean, I have a pretty big desk so I always have a paper towel roll next to me. I’m a fast eater, so I just destroy everything, do one quick little wipe, and I have a garbage can next to me so I throw everything away and keep it nice and clean.

You’ve got a whole meal strategy.


We’ve gotta ask, what is your favorite thing about using the Uber Eats app?

I would say the variety. I live in a pretty nice suburban area with surrounding cities and there are a lot of good options. I think the simplicity is also one of my favorite things – it’s not very hard to find a nice restaurant or to just decide, “Oh, this looks good.” Click, place order, boom, it’s on the way. Especially when I know what I want, I can order food in less than 30 seconds.

And since we have dogs, the tracking is always nice. They bark a lot when the doorbell rings, so if I know my wife is sleeping, I can send the delivery person a text and say, “just leave the food at the door,” or I can just go up there and meet them before the doorbell rings and before the dogs bark, because the tracking is so accurate.

Speaking of your wife, what’s your favorite date-night dinner?

I used to have a lot more free time to cook, so I would make us a nice pasta dinner with Italian sausage, a little tomato sauce and some cream. Now I like to take her out to dinner for whatever she wants. We eat sushi together, we eat everything together. I don’t think we have a specific meal, because we like to get something different wherever we go. She loves seafood, and we also have a local barbecue place that has the best mac and cheese EVER.

You stream over 300 hours a month. Do you ever worry that streaming will stop being fun? How do you keep from burning out?

I definitely do not worry about that because I love video games. I love video games SO much. I’ve been doing this for seven years, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Once I stop enjoying video games, that would be when I stop enjoying streaming.

I get to share my passion with millions of people every day, I definitely won’t be getting burned out anytime soon.

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