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March 29, 2019  /  United States  /  On the Menu

Spring is inching closer (about time, am I right?). And with it, a renewed focus on fresh, seasonal dishes. Find those, plus plenty of comfort food for good measure, among the newest Uber Eats partners from coast to coast.


From shawarma to shrimp and grits, Houston’s Uber Eats partners can cure your cravings for popular food trends close to home and from across the globe. Rockfish Seafood excels at blackened and fried fish, while Pacific Poke is all about raw and roe. Shrimp is met by heartier options including brisket and skirt steak at new American Dish Society. Burgers made from fish, turkey, bison, beef, and beans can be found at Hopdoddy. And we’re not forgetting about the aforementioned shawarma—it can be yours from Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill, as can killer kabobs and kibbeh.

San Francisco

Hand-crafted burgers and hand-pulled noodles—it’s all about recipes made with love this month in San Francisco. Build your perfect Asian-inspired bowl at KoJa Kitchen or Urban Bowls, or delegate the decision-making to the team at Hang Ah Tea Room (they’ve been open 99 years!) and opt for one of their sampler dim sum platters. Craving a refresh? Dine and drink light with a RA Sushi roll and an Earthbar smoothie. Then, since life is better in balance, indulge in some poutine and a PB&J burger from Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.


Comfort food and carbs reign supreme as the Windy City battles the final days of winter chill. Start your day with a tower of pancakes or biscuits and gravy from Meli Cafe, then score a pasta party from RAMEN-SAN and The Pasta Bowl for lunch. Come dinner, the choice is challenging: Pie (Chicago’s Pizza) or Patties (Busy Burger, BRGRBELLY)? We say, why choose when you can have one of each?

New York City

No need to fight over reservations. A couple of NYC’s coolest and most crowded restaurants are now delivering to your door through Uber Eats. Food from TAO—yes, the TAO that’s hosted the hottest celebs for sushi—and The Wayfarer, a seafood and steak spot situated inside a luxurious Midtown hotel, can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch. Everything from bao to bonito can be found at a trio of Asian delights (MIGHTY Bowl, Tipsy Shanghai, and wagamama), and all deli desires are now covered by Lenwich. You can’t go wrong by selecting any of the above…unless you don’t wrap up your order with a warm cookie (or 24) from Schmackary’s.

Los Angeles

LA’s diverse food scene shows no signs of slowing. Diners, detox drinks, and dumplings are joining the eclectic Uber Eats lineup this March. Our dream California day now looks exactly like this:

  • 10 a.m.: Hydrate with a juice from Kreation Organic Juicery or It’s Boba Time
  • 11 a.m.: Hike
  • 1 p.m.: Spicy Szechuan snacks from GuYi Restaurant
  • 3 p.m.: Bike on the boardwalk
  • 4:30 p.m.: Refuel break a la Tacos Gavilan
  • 6:30 p.m.: Soak under a nice long shower as NORMS delivers a cheeseburger
  • 9 p.m.: Devour the chocolate cake that somehow 🤷 found its way into your NORMS order


It’s an Asian flavor celebration this month with a delicious crop of new Seattle Uber Eats partners. Start your taste bud tour in Japan with some fresh fish at Ten Sushi or FOB Poke Bar, then hop over to Korea for bulgogi from BOPBOX or Old Village Korean Bistro, before a trek to Vietnam via soup from PHO HUY. As you head closer to home, don’t forget a pit stop in Mexico for Taco Del Mar. Their Baja bowl will surely keep you full for the final “flight.”

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