The Eats Guide: 31 must-try restaurants this month

April 16, 2019  /  United States  /  On the Menu

Ready for a spring refresh? We are, too! Which is why we’ve added a new Uber Eats partner restaurant for you to try every single day of April—and beyond. Sample your way through some of the best bites and beverages from coast to coast.!!

San Francisco

Alternate between java and juice to start your day with plenty of energy in San Fran. You won’t be able to stop buzzing about Black Sugar’s “clean” (no artificial ingredients) Cold Brew Float and Jamba Juice’s fresh-squeezed fruit drinks offer a preview of summer freshness. In other fresh news your lunch options are full of them: Pizzeria Delfina tops all their woodfired pies with farm-to-table produce, Poke House builds their protein-rich bowls on a bed of veggies, and the unique, fresh Mexican meals at Tacolicious were originally sold at a farmers market stand and now continue on at five locations—and now via delivery. Come dinner, Saucy Asian brightens up several dishes with one of the most popular ingredients of 2019, kimchi (see: Kimchi Fried Rice and Kimchi Quesadillas). Read more!


California cuisine, Chinese creations, and totally-creative uses for carbs have made their way to Philly.Go sweet and savory with a pineapple-al pastor Tacos California Burrito from Los Hermanos Burrito. Then for the ultimate Pinch Dumplings experience, opt for their Dumpling Sampler (a combo platter of two of each of their four signature hand-pinched dumplings that are stuffed with local ingredients). At Pineville Tavern, don’t miss the Pickle-Brined Fried Chicken and Polenta Fries. And if you’re more the choose-your-own-adventure type, build-your-own bowl or customize your Poke by the Pound at Poke Brosand Roast+Chop. Read More!


The diversity of Chicago is more evident than ever on this month’s new Uber Eats line-up. We’ll translate the highlights for you:

Read more!


Asian and Italian flavors find a welcome home in Atlanta at these hotspots that just got hotter as Uber Eats partners. The indecisive among us will delight in URBAN Wu Chinese Cuisine’s 107 menu options, as well as the customizable pies at Crazy Dough’s Pizza and Hawaiian-inspired bowls at Poke Bar. Smoothies and slushies join the namesake sip at Boba Theory, and AZN Sandwich Bar shares “taste bud thrillers” such as healthy soul bowls and savory steamed buns. Read more!

Los Angeles

Ditch your diet for the day (or for longer #YOLO) and indulge in all of your now-non-guilty pleasures. At Nexx Burger, you can take your ⅓-pound beef burger to the nexx level with avocado, bacon, and chili, and G Fat Station’s ½-pound burgers go above and beyond with mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fries, right on top. If meat’s not your thing, Califlower Pizza (try the Shroom with a View!) ensures vegans can partake in pizza parties again. Keep the carbs coming by asking for a soft pretzels alongside your Jamba Juice smoothies, then wrap it all up with dessert: Warm Cajeta Churros come in at less than $2 at Tacos El Unico. Read more!

New York

Cakes, cheese, and other common cravings are now just a couple taps away in the Big Apple. The tots are tough to top at Melt Shop—especially when said tots come topped with Nashville hot spices and ranch. People have reportedly waited in line daily for two decades at Bella Blu, and with Uber Eats, you can get a fastpass to the front of the line for a taste of Grilled Prime Black Angus Steak or Chicken Piccata. Jamba Juice has your midday energy boost with a Blueberry Strawberry Blast-Off Smoothie + Kale Boost. Later in the day, delight in deli grub (plus a grin) from Smile to Go. Something new will always be waiting for you at Dell’anima, as the Italian bistro adjusts their pasta-rich menu daily based on what’s harvested locally and available seasonally. And celebrations will feel more festive than ever one with an array of rainbow-hued, bite-sized Baked by Melissa cupcakes. Read more!

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