The Local’s Guide to Uber Eats SoCal

January 4, 2018 | Los Angeles

SoCal is a gigantic smorgasbord of mouth-watering eats. From authentic pizza that transports you to a rustic town in Italy, to epic burgers, to #fitspo friendly dishes, SoCal really has it all. And since Uber Eats delivers hundreds of these local restaurants, it goes without saying that the possibilities for food delivery also seem endless!

We’ve got the inside secrets on the SoCal foodie scene, thanks to a little help from the experts: local foodies. With that in mind, we asked our favorite SoCal influencers to weigh in and help us curate a list of the must-try spots to order Uber Eats from.

Cafe Gratitude

Local’s Pick: @cultivatewithkruti

Kruti Shah

There’s almost nothing worse than the feeling when you’re ready to brunch your heart out, and all you discover on the menu is some variation of eggs. To save SoCal vegans from being left out of brunch, we got the scoop from plant-based foodie Kruti Shah. Her favorite vegan-friendly delivery spot? “Cafe Gratitude! I absolutely love their plant-based vegan meals. My favorite items are the I am Mucho, I am Humble, and I am Glorious!”


Local’s Pick: @stirandstyle


Remember when you thought life couldn’t get any better after the miracle of McDonald’s announcing all-day breakfast? And then they topped it by announcing McDelivery? June Quan, an LA-based foodie and TV Host (among many other things) understands us, with McDonald’s taking gold for her favorite place to order on Uber Eats. “I’ve been waiting all my life for McDonald’s to deliver and you guys made it possible!”

Chris’ Ono Grinds

Local’s Pick: @girlnextdoorhoney

Local @girlnextdoorhoney shares her favorite food to order on Uber Eats

While preparing and cooking meals for your family and friends is something lots of us enjoy, there are times when we just want someone else to do all the work. For beekeeper and Instagram-star Hilary, Uber Eats is the perfect alternative for a convenient and delicious meal, without the hassle. “My favorite Uber Eats restaurant is definitely Chris' Ono Grinds. I always get the poke bowl with mac salad. My whole household is obsessed with it. I especially love that they put macadamia nuts in with the poke. If you add Sriracha to the mac salad, it's perfection.”

The Halal Guys

Local’s Pick: @paulsfoodhaul


If you think the most beautiful words ever uttered are “Hot sauce? White sauce?”, than you’ll understand why The Halal Guys is foodie-blogger Paul's, from Paul’s Food Haul, favorite restaurant on the app. Can we blame the guy? Well-seasoned, crunchy chips, flavorful meat, and ridiculously delicious sauces - this NYC-transplant restaurant is definitely high on the must-try list. “I love their food and I eat it at least 3 times a week. I can make it healthier by ordering no rice, extra lettuce, and just chicken, or I can treat myself to a combo platter. They’re always so generous and consistent with their portions that it never fails to keep me full.”


Local’s Pick: @cookingwithcocktailsrings


The situation: Hunger pangs are hitting hard, you’ve been listening to your co-worker talk about her cat all day at work, and the idea of slaving away in the kitchen to make dinner just ain’t going to cut it. Cook, writer, and photographer behind Cooking With Cocktail Rings, Kylie, knows that scenario all too well. That’s why she loves tapping into Sweetfin on UberEats. “It's always so quick, and when I'm too busy working I love that my favorite poké bowl is delivered right to my house with minimal effort. Their salmon poké bowl with creamy togarashi sauce is so fresh and delicious I order it almost once a week.”

Perhaps the best way to find your foodie inspiration is to take advice from these locals who know the foodie scene and are truly enjoying it. Be sure to tag @UberEats in your next sticky-fingered Instagram snap, so we can see what’s on your plate too!

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